Weekly Witchy Challenge - Catch-up XII Entries

Hello All! I am combining my three entries into a single post to make it easy on @TheTravelWitch_Bry. :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:

Entry #1: Dream Magick

For this challenge, I decided to make a new dream pillow as my current one needed a refresh. I found a “recipe” for Hecate’s Pillow. Hecate provides protection at night as well as psychic enhancements. This pillow is to allow you to journey safely during your dreams and/ or appeal to Hecate to block nightmares.


  • 2 parts dried lavender
  • 1 part dried mullein
  • Lavender Essential oil
  • Black cloth or bag
  1. Blend the lavender and mullein together in a glass bowl.
  2. Sprinkle a few drops of the EO over the dried botanicals.
  3. Allow this mixture to dry thoroughly then use it to fill a black pillow or bag. I used a bag b/c laziness, lol.
  4. Place under your pillow or in your pillowcase as you go to sleep. Saw a quick prayer to Hecate to protect you during your dream journey.

Goddess Hekate, Great Witch Queen
Infernal host of things unseen
Hear my prayer before I sleep
That my safety and protection you shall keep
As I ask, please make it be.
Queen of Good and Queen of Ill
Blessed be thy name, and blessed be thy will.

Entry #2: Dealing in the Divine

For this challenge, I decided to take inspiration from Rowan on the original 🙏 Weekly Witchy CHALLENGE- Dealing in the Divine - #26 by Rowan) and create BOS pages for both my deities (Hades and Hel). This was a fun challenge in creativity that I actually enjoyed. I think I’ll add these to my shop!



Entry #3: Moon Magick

As last night was the full moon, I performed the Drawing Down the Moon ritual here on Spells 8. I forgot to take a picture last night and now it’s really cloudy. :unamused:

By the flowers of the field, O Lady of delight. By the crops thy blessing yield, O Maiden clear and bright.

We evoke thy presence in kernels and sheaves. We see thy face in the moonlit leaves. Come now to us; extend thy grace. Come into our circle within this holy space.

Daughter of the Earth, drinking sunlight. Queen of plants, sister of night, by leaf and twig, by root and bough, by water and earth, come to us now!

Bring us your grain, the staff of our lives. Bring us your fruit wherever it thrives. Mistress of herbs, unlock your power and lead us into your leafy bower.

In love and joy, we call your name. With comforting hope, you ease our pain. We see thee in the swelling bud We feel thy stirring in our blood.

O Lady clear, we feel thee near: In spring a maiden with flowers crowned; In summer and harvest, the Mother renewed; In fall and winter, the Hag holds sway, Yet, the Maiden remains but months away.

Great Triple Goddess, the seasons flow and ebb to thy will as you come and go. I call upon thee!

Weekly challenge



Im gonna have to bookmark your drawing down the moon. I always wanted ti try it, @Amaris_Bane


Awesome challenge entries @Amaris_Bane :clap: Your Book of Shadows pages look great!


Apologies for the late reply- I thought I responded yesterday, but it looks like I got swept away in counting entries and didn’t get around to actually replying here- just want to say that these are lovely, @Amaris_Bane! :heart:

Dream pillows are amazing and I love that you dedicated this one specifically to Hecate. May She watch over you at night and help you find safe and happy dreams :sleeping:

And look at those BoS pages- wow! It’s clear you brought out both your love and appreciation for these deities along with your creativity, the pages turned out gorgeous :scroll::blush:

As for the moon pictures, I’ve yet to take one I like. Between cloudy weather and a really lackluster phone camera (especially in the dark lol) I empathize that it’s a real challenge haha. Lovely work with your ritual, though- I hope you had a blessed full moon! :full_moon_with_face:

Thank you for sharing your lovely entries and for joining in the Catch-Up Challenge this week. Great work! :star2: