🕛 Weekly Witchy CHALLENGE - Catch-Up!

Challenge Entry : Catch-Up
The Chakras - Chakra Worker

So if you’re into synchronicities, you’re gonna LOVE this!

A little bit of backstory… I purchased a book on Chakras on Monday. The catch-up challenge is announced… There is one about Chakras… Hello, Universe. I’m listening, right? I dive right into @Siofra_Strega s post with all the Chakra goodness. I meal plan for the next 7 days on Tuesdays and descend on the local grocer on Wednesdays after work. My plan for Friday dinner was beef and lamb stew (with carrots). I study study study and decide that I will start trying to get in a Chakra meditation each morning before the family wakes up. I do a root Chakra clearing meditation Friday morning complete with frankincense oil and smokey quartz appropriately placed. I carry with me all day “I am a mountain. I am strong, I am stable.” As I’m cooking dinner, I realize that the meal has 2 of the foods listed from my studies for the root Chakra. Hello again, Universe! It calls for bay leaf so I double down and write “stability” on it and stir in that intention with vigor. Today… I do my Sacral Chakra clearing meditation with my jasmine oil and carnelian and then pull my tarot card for the day . The Emperor… 4th card of Major Arcana. Today is the 4th… 4 is the number of… drumroll please … STABILITY!!!

My husband and I have a theory. When you have a synchronicity… it’s because you have hit a checkpoint in the video game of life (you’re on the right track). It’s the Universe communicating that you are exactly where you should be.

The idea of this challenge was to show how the Chakras can/do/will play a part in our path and craft. Before this week I had done almost 0 studying on the subject. This week I dove in with both feet and the Universe gave me standing ovation. Not to mention, showed me why I have some of the struggles that i do… (Yeah… Allllllll blocked up over here… All… not one… not two… Aaallllll of these bad boys are locked up like Fort Knox) I’ve heard the phrase ‘Heal thyself, Witch’… The healing has begun and the weight is lifting. I am thankful for these new ears to actually hear the Universe and the heart to understand it.


Challenge Entry - Dual Wielding Opposite Forces
I have been drawn to Goddess Aine both through research and through divination (a mixture of Tarot and pyromancy. Unrelated but I also am working with Brigid and got a sign of them being willing to work together through Tarot and through spotting two swans swimming together :heart:).
Aine is seen as both a goddess of the sun and the moon. She is at her strongest at Midsummer, but I have been working with her as spring comes closer to view. This has involved mixing various elements of sun work (lots of candles/fire magic) with moon/shadow work. I also created a sun and moon goddess representation with clay and paint markers. That one is private, but this is a wire and bead version.


My Challenge Entry #1 : Into The Light :white_heart: (Witch of Love and Light)

Soo, as I had already decided my three challenge entries, the first one is Into The Light Challenge for performing some White Magick! I already have a lovely & lengthy course on Udemy only and especially for White Magick :sparkles: :hearts: As I dug further into the challenge, I decided that I would do a bit of almost all! Like here, I have included some healing or hollistic magick, natural magick and light magick!! Oh how I wish I could have performed some light of the moon magick too but by the end I was quite spent! :sweat_smile: First of all, I set up my altar and started my challenge by initiating the beautiful Healing Meditation :green_heart: :sparkles:

Then, I proceeded further with the Healing of my own spirit and body, I wrote my affirmations on a paper and burnt it in my cauldron…with the faith that every single word, is manifested now!

Next, I jumped into some soothing Natural Magick as I made my very first plant/herb-infused magickal oil!! :heart_eyes: :star_struck: I followed @SilverBear’s lovely recipe as I cleansed my little plastic container, (sorry for not having a glass jar! :sweat_smile:) with sage incense & invoking white sage spirit, I added rosemary to my carrier sunflower oil as I chanted the magickal spell to bless my infused oil! :innocent: :pentagram:

Lastly, I ended the sacred rituals by performing some deep and bright White Candle Meditation :candle: :sparkles:

I also sprinkled three drops of lavender essential oil on my altar before starting to meditate…I personally felt spent nicely :laughing: at the end but I also felt soooooo revitalized like someone literally infused tons of serenity into my whole body and spirit! I looove the guided meditations spells8 provides! :kissing_heart: :innocent: Overall, I felt a wave of pure, shining, white light wash over me like an ocean wave…it made me feel so tranquil that I can not quite word it! :dizzy:
Here’s a short poem on how I felt while meditating, I can only say it was so intense that I literally felt like crying… :face_holding_back_tears:

"A whirlpool of white beams, splashed into my soul,
When I closed my eyes, I saw myself with a new light,
I placed a hand on my heart ever so gently,
For my mind searched for some solace so fervently,
The light spoke to me as I heard my spirit sing aloud,
The tiny sparkles scattered on my existence and instantly I felt at home,
For, home to me or any one who breathes,
Is none but to be Into The Light…"

Blessed be my lovelies! :hugs:

:white_heart: :sparkles: :dizzy:


It’s just beautiful! :heart_eyes: @charlotte2 you did a great job hun! :hugs: :smiling_face:



This week was a hectic and stressful one. Therefore, today i decided to take my little dog and head out to immerse myself in the elements to clear my head and recharge. I took a 2.5 hour drive to the Highlands of Scotland, which unsurprisingly in the cold and weat weather, was pretty scarce of people. This allowed me to walk through the forest, listening to the sounds that nature had to offer me, the patter of rain, the rustling of trees and the occasional bird brought a sense of calmness to me. My little sidekick also reminded me of the imprtantcr of all things living on the Earth around me. The breeze on my face was refreshing and certainly cleared my head of the work stresses of the week, carrying them away and replaxing them with those of calmness and relaxation while the rain on my face acted to cleanse me of the negativity i felt had built up inside. By the river, i splashed some of the water on my face while Ralph (my dog) wanted a full body cleanse and jumped right in. The sights and sounds of the river and waterfalls were mesmorising. Id have sat much longer if it hadnt been so cold

Making contact with the huge tree with my palm also acted as some kind of release valve for my stresses. It was a cold day though so i ended with a pint by the fire in the local pub building positivity and enthusiasm for the upcoming week before making my way home…energised, refreshed and feeling more like me again


For my first challenge entry, I am choosing to do the :technologist: Weekly Witchy CHALLENGE - Technology & Modern Magick. For this one, I was drawing a blank. Like, I use technology every day and I’ve even used it to bolster my own online protection. In this case, I decided to begin reogranization and transfer of my grimoire to Google Drive.

My reason for doing this is simple - I don’t like the way Notion looks on my phone and having my information in Google Drive makes it easy to print and use later. Notion is also really difficult to use on my phone in general. I have a Bluetooth keyboard I like to use with my phone and for some reason it isn’t compatible with Notion’s app and it frustrates me. :laughing: So Google documents it is!

It will take me a while to transfer my information from Notion to Google, and to also transfer the information from my brain to Google. If I’m being honest, most of my information is kept in my brain anyway. It would be nice to have a handwritten grimoire but it just isn’t feasible for me right now :woman_shrugging:



so I choose dragon magick and done the dragon meditation to meet my dragon and was that an experience. While going through the video I could feel everything the dirt the breeze the water, could see and feel the moonlight. When we got to meeting the dragon pet of the video I could sense her (I fed my dragon is a girl) I could see her size color feel her breath.

Image Source - Kerembeyit on DeviantArt

This is a picture of what see resembles. I know she is yellow and I feel like she is an air dragon. Her energy is green and she so regal(if that makes sense) I could feel her face on mine. I’ve never had an experience like this and it was amazing! I definitely will be digging deeper into my dragon for sure! Thank you to all who helped point me in the right direction on how to approach this challenge.


Challenge Entry #2 : Green Witch :herb:

This is one I’ve been working on for a few weeks now and am continuing by learning about an herb a day (or every few days if I’m being honest :upside_down_face:) I’m adding all of the information into my digital Book of Shadows currently and am hoping to eventually turn all of that information into an organized list of certain herbs for specific uses. Whenever I can, I add in an herb I’ve learned about to a spell jar or whatever I’m cooking as well!

Separately, I’ve always been using the substitutions guide (Magical Substitutions: Herbs, Candles and Spell Ingredients – Spells8) to learn more about what I can use when I don’t have certain ingredients (or lose them because I’m not very organized :laughing:).

And lastly I bought an herbal coloring book:

My plan is to use this book to learn more about herbs and also use it in homeschooling my daughter so she can learn with me.

Eventually I also hope to learn more about teas and infusions and restart our Aerogarden with specific herbs that I’ll regularly use in my practice!


I was a little resistant to pick this one. It is one of my current main interests but I am actively in the process of learning and I want to do ones that there is a lot of learning to do that I might not do other wise.
It kept calling to me and I finally gave in. I quickly went through each one in the course, looked through what I have on hand and made sure that I have the page for each of those and made a list of what I need to do some of the bags and spells that I want to do next.
I did the @Francisco Protection Plant Spell Bag because protection is something I am currently working on. Not only is it something that sounds perfect for my situation but it was amazing to do.
The whole process felt so natural and as I held it against myself I could feel it’s powerful energy and felt an incredible connection
I absolutely recommend that everyone make one


Sweetheart :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:
Your entry was so touching that I wanted to try this meditation too :relaxed: :sparkling_heart:

Afterwards I also felt an inspiration to write in verse how it felt :sparkles:

Gentle light, pink and white
Carrying and holding tight
Shining down where my soul entered
Resistance gone, feeling centered
Melting down, making gentle
My body, my beloved temple.
All the stress, all the tension
Is now gone, beneath a mention.
Clear as glass, light as feather
Sink into a bed of heather
Breathe a moment with the light
Here is peace, and all is right.
Carry this feeling in your heart
Open your eyes and make life your art.


challenge entry- Dragon Magick

Hello, for this challenge entry I have done a few things.

I have performed the meet your dragon guardian meditation from youtube, referenced in the original Dragon Magick challenge. It was a large Comodo looking dragon, friendlier in energy and was yellow in colour. As I still need to work on getting deeper in my meditations, I did not get a chance to speak with it.

I also have a dragon tarot deck and I have been using that for a couple of months now. I have a stalker card and I am delving deeper into what it is trying to tell me. It is a mastery card so I feel like I am being encouraged to keep going to get that next bit of information so I can start the next phase of my learning. The super cool thing is that I put my stalker card into my deck to shuffle and find out the cards in front and behind, in order to get more detail on what it is trying to tell me. I shuffled longer than normal as I felt compelled to do so, I thought it would be interesting if the in front card was actually my stalker card as it was what I needed to move towards. And it was! It turned out it was the top of the pile and the underneath was the two of cups, upright. I wondered all day what it mean to release a positive meaning of the two of cups. It came to me that I needed to release the positive image/ideal that I subconsciously have.

I have the Dragon Path Oracle deck and I have asked for a dragon to visit me in my sleep tonight. That Dragon is Balance… This is a perfect card for my life right now. I look forward to my dreams tonight!


I’m not sure if I can possibly put my experience exploring this into words.
I’ve recently been drawn to dragons, something so opposite to my usual interests. I’m more of a Unicorn girl.
There came a point maybe 8 or so months ago that I had seen dragons in enough places, shadows, flames, being drawn to a dragon theme Athame and an incredible stick I found in my yard that looks remarkably like a dragon and shows signs of being struck like lightning that I decided to look up dragon magic
I found a an article of someone describing their first experience with their dragon. It was very oddly written and even now that I know more just feels off. After reading that I was like “Okay, crazy people. Moving on”, thinking about it I think it might have been right after that I found my dragon stick but there was certainly enough before.
I still didn’t know what to do with any of it so I just continued to see dragons and like like dragon stuff for the first time and not think about why. Then I found this challenge. I have been reading everything I can find for the past few days and went to the YouTube playlist recommended by @Francisco and started watching and I do want to know more. I spent a quick 20 minutes researching that turned out to actually be almost 2 hours. My clock is working properly, I checked :joy:
I have looked at meditations and have made a list of things to do first and what I need. Dragons blood incense is first. It’s always been my favorite and I am so excited to make my own.
I’m still not 100% where this is going to fit into my practice but I can’t wait to do more research and find out


Oh My Goodness! @CelestiaMoon you darling girl! Please start writing your own poetry books…such talent should not be kept just for you! :wink: :kissing_heart: I swear I will buy them! After reading this poem, I felt light headed and sooo soo touched! Much love to youu my Moon Girl! :crescent_moon: :sparkles:

:sparkling_heart: :people_hugging:


Ohh my god! Alan, I personally felt like I was walking down the hills and gazing at the serene flowing rivers…as if I was there! Your entry video is just…shit I am not going to cry! :joy: You know I am a person who keeps crying because of beauty!! Because honestly, I seldom cry because of pain or hurt. Things that make me cry is everything about Love, that is your video here! :face_holding_back_tears: :face_holding_back_tears: :hearts: :hearts: I can not explain in words that how much I looved your entry @Cosmic_Curiosity!! :hugs: :smiling_face_with_three_hearts: Also, that now I am really inspired to do something elementally magickal in my home as I, unfortunately cannot leave my house…but hey! I had already planned on doing the Elemental Mastery Challenge as the second catch-up challenge for me! :wink: :innocent: :blue_heart: Tho I am absolutely sure it’s not going to be as LOVELY as yours dear! Blessed be :sparkles: Love & Light to you :sparkling_heart:


Wow @brandy20!! I am myself AMAZED! I feel that yes, she is your dragon! :wink: :face_holding_back_tears: She definitely is your spirit guide or something like that! Reading your entry gave me goosebumps…I could feel how you would have been astonished by this magickal experience! Hmmmm…I guess Dragon Meditation is something I need to try too! :innocent: :thinking: :heart_eyes: :sparkles:


Oooh! Wow Megan! Soo good to see you as a Technomancer! :wink: :heart_eyes: Happy transferring documents to Google Drive! :computer: :sparkles: :joy: Aand…You are a genius! How in the world could you retain sooo much info in your brain!? You ARE a technomancer love! :hugs: :hearts:


Ah! Lovely Green Witchery there! Blessed Be honey…:green_heart: :sparkles: :herb:


@Solasta_Amore Awww love you my sweet! :kissing_heart: :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:
I’ve been thinking about it, especially reading yours! :blush: After everything you’ve given me, I’m not letting you buy one, they’re all on me! :wink: :sparkling_heart:


This is beautiful Nixi!! I pray that your enchanted protection plant spell bag, may guard your mind, body and spirit! Blessed Be! :sparkling_heart: Stay safe and happy! :hugs:


Hey c’mon! I AM serious alright?..Okay, so if you won’t let me buy give me the copy! I just need a book of your poems ASAP! I looooove your expression and the immense love you pour into your words darling! Go ahead, if you need any help with publishing pleeaase tell me! Okay? I would be glad to be a help! :kissing_heart: :kissing_heart: :hearts: