🕐 Weekly Witchy CHALLENGE ~ Catch-Up!

I like seeing things out of the corner of my eyes, but it’s been alot lately at work. I think the old ghosts know the building is about to be torn down. What scares me is when it’s a real person that I thought was a ghost. Lol!


Weekly Challenge #3

Sleep and Dream magick

I have never been able to astral travel while awake, but in my dreams I do it all the time. I love sleeping. I wake up early and have no problem going to sleep at night. My dreams are recurring and I can go back to them or avoid them if they are not so good.

I keep a amethyst on my nightstand to ward off nightmares and if I have one, I cleanse the amethyst and they go away.


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Tuesday, April 18 at 7:00 AM CET (Central European Time)

So many amazing entries! :star_struck: Catch-Ups have a special place in my heart, because although it’s true that the coven tackles every challenge with creativity, there’s something especially delightful about seeing so many different magickal themes on display at the same time! Thank you so much to everyone who has shared an entry (or two, or three) so far! :star2:

If you haven’t already shared an entry but would like to join in, this is your friendly reminder that you still have a bit of time left to do so!

Blessed Be! :clock1::sparkles:


Challenge entry- trying something new

I’ve been working on bone magick. Bones are physical echoes of creatures who use to be here and by keeping bones I consider myself the guardian and steward of these spirits. My neighbor brought over some chicken so I started by putting it on a plate lighting a candle and taking a moment to pray over the chicken. I acknowledged the life the chicken had and the trauma it likely suffered then I thanked it for the nutrients it would lend to my family. I boiled the meat off the bones scrubbed them and let it soak in soap and water over night to get off any grease stains then the next night I let them sit in half peroxide and half water until the bones are the color I want. I made a circle of salt placed them in the center and lit candles to consecrate them. Glad I could share this with you all. :sparkles::crystal_ball:


Challenge Entry

Creative Crafting :hocho:

I finally started to color the pages of the adult coloring book my best friend gave me for Yule/Christmas.

On Saturday, I had done a ritual with Bast because, as you may remember from a previous post, I used to have a horrible fear of fire when I was a child and would awaken at night, thinking that there was a fire and that I had to get out. Well, Friday, I woke up with the same feeling, but it’s been a while since that’s happened (I believe now that this is a memory from a past life). My kitties must have sensed something was off because they came in and cuddled next to me.

Anyway, the next night, I asked Bast if there was anything that I could do to completely stop this from happening. According to my fantasy cat oracle reading, I shouldn’t completely forget about this; past lives can hold many important lessons for your current life. However, the reading also suggested that in order for any emotions I have felt from this past life seeping into my current life, some self-care and some activities in warm spring/summer weather. Since it feels more like April with temps about 30 degrees cooler than it has been, I thought coloring something to remind me of warmer weather would do.

These coloring pages will serve as a talisman against bad dreams.


This is a great informational Challenge, with detailed knowledge. I Love using the Elder Futhark Runic system. I lost my cash app card so when I re-ordered one, I used the Runes with my Witch name… ᛗᛖᛞᛖ (Medea). I, for some reason, have never had something resonate with me the way the Runic System has.
Blessed Be,


I have never heard of Bone Magick. It sounds fascinating to me. I need to put this on my list of “topics” to research. Blessed Be,


Hi! I did it. I was able to post my Challenges on time. :partying_face: :partying_face: This needs to be a trend that I will follow. I am making a Morning and Evening ritual to get myself organized. I really feel as though I am missing so many opportunities here at Spells 8. I also need to start doing my lessons.

Blessed Be,


challenge entry pt 2
Just a little extention so far on my 1st challenge entry :grin:

magic in the dark
So i looked up spreads i can do Thursday during the new moon in relation to past life and i think i have between two that look like would work well based on the cards ive pulled for the month.

divining differently
The conchomancy which is divination by shells. Ive founds some great udeas on pinterst and while i dont have the shells to do a proper go as most of my shells are same type but ivw got an idea of the different types and meanings and i think i could use that theme for one of oracle d3cks want to make when i get time

cosmic witch
Ok so my looking at correspondances of the astrological signs, omg its been pretty cool, but a bit overwhelming as well as so much info, it would take more than time of challenge to take all in and learn, but one that have bevome curious with is, well firstly learning more about characteristics of each sign and the elements but also ive found resources relating to tarot cards that relate to astrological signs and the different decans. I think i said that right. My apologies if ive said that wrong. But i also know from my green witch cards and exploribg that more that herbs and vegetables n fruit also have correspondances to astrological signs too. I am wanting to learn more which will obviously continue past this challenge but its been a great start to the journey


Challenge Entry #1 - Of the Element Water
I have to admit I don’t think of myself as having water element tendencies as I am not exceptionally comfortable in water which is a bit ironic as I am a good swimmer and have done over 100 scuba dives.
However looking at the correspondences of the element water

If you’ve seen any of my past challenges, you’ll know that I often create items or use my oracle/tarot cards or work with plants (rebirth/nurture/fertility).

My tarot and oracle decks.

My plant shelf with houseplants, orchids, terrariums, and seedlings.

My work bench for crafts.

While I am surprised that water is one of my elements, I do see how it fits in my life and will work to include and honor it in my work. :water_element:


Challenge Entry #2 - Catch Up!
The element of air is in my birth sign - Aquarius :aquarius:. I was hoping to find more of the elemental correspondence graphics like the one for water, but I didn’t see others if they exist.

What I did find is that the element of air corresponds with

  • Season: Spring
  • Zodiac signs: Gemini, Libra, Aquarius
  • Plants: Lavender, jasmine, mistletoe, frankincense, myrrh
  • Animals: Birds, butterflies, flying insects
  • Qualities: Intellect, communication, creativity, ideas, inspiration, mental clarity, travel, movement

I am a bit of a thinker (and at times an incredible overthinker! :laughing:), love being creative and making things with my own hands, and love Spring, birds, butterflies, and frankincense!


Challenge Entry #3 - Catch-Up!
Of the element earth - This is the least surprising that I enjoy working with this element. I garden, hike, love growing plants and harvesting crops, getting my hands dirty in the earth.
A few correspondences I associate with:

  • Plants: oak, ivy
  • Animals: wolf
  • Qualities: Stability, grounding, abundance, manifestation, fertility

(Me with Sitka wolf as a yearling pup at work)

(My ivy plant)

(Acorns from the oaks in my backyard)

I chose to try out the Earth Invokation to ground and center myself. :earth_americas: :herb:


Enteries number 2 and 3
Inviting Abundance

Moon Magic

2 in 1? Yes 2 in 1.
I planned on doing Inviting Abundance from the start but about 6 hours ago I decided to switch my 3rd entry to Moon Magic.
As I was exploring Moon Magic, so many choices, it dawned on me the the the Moon phase was with me for chosen spell for Inviting Abundance.

Moon Magic
Doing a spell type in accordance with the current Moon phase. Description and pictures to follow

Inviting Abundance
The timing is so perfect for this, I should have thought of it myself.
We very much have to get out of this tiny apartment with no outside space. There is a possibility of a house in my husband’s family being a thing. The house and the person who’s house it was safe very important to him. I look at that house and I see all the work it needs but I said I would love for that to happen because of how happy it will make him. I just want a bigger space with a yard and ample kitchen.
The house belonged to my husband’s Uncle. I will never forget the night in our first try together that his best friend came tearing down my very step driveway doing like 80mph and did a 180° spin before running screaming toward the door. As soon as my husband heard his friend’s truck tear in he said “Something happened. It’s my Uncle, I know it’s my Uncle, I know it’s my Uncle” and started gathering his things. I yanked the door open and his friend was screaming “Your mother called. Get in the truck” he and my husband were running to the truck by the time the friend finished the statement with “It’s your Uncle. There was an accident”. He was never the same after that.
Ok, no more rambling. Maybe
So I decided to do a slightly altered version of a spell that I can’t remember the name for or even find at this point for finding a new house. Nothing I search is working. It’s very much not a good brain day and stress is making it worse. A couple bad brain days, I started this post since yesterday about this time.
I decided to first do a spell to clear out negative energy. I figure I shouldn’t be inviting Abundance with a bunch of negativity hanging around.
It was an incredible spell experience. As I was saying my chant, different words started flowing. The words fit but nothing I wrote it thought of. And the flame kept changing and then while staying the same in every other way it started getting bigger then smaller and the room felt different. After a few times I started chanting louder and the flame got bigger and I chanted louder… It didn’t flicker at all. The flame got smaller and went back to looking like a regular flame as I was feeling like I was done.
I stumbled through the whole thing and at one point I felt that I should extinguish my Lady and Lord candles but then I wasn’t sure, like I said bad brain days, and I began saying something and both flames sharply tilted to the left, went back and got almost as big as the candle itself then went back to normal and then a bit smaller. I felt at peace. The flames moved identical to each other. I finished and went on the the abundance spell.
Like I said it was a spell for a new house the the Moon phase was perfect which I did put in there somewhere as well as gratitude. It’s a good thing that I wrote down my wording because I can’t remember it all exactly.
I wrote down the things that I wanted the new home to have while keeping it within the possibilities of my husband’s Uncle’s house, including him being happy to be there and proceeded basically as written.

I know I should be writing the name of the spell, I knew what it was an hour ago but it’s gone now
Then I made a home protection bag to hang above the front door. I chose partly by properties and partly instinct.

I figure that after I had chased out the negative I should have protection in place


So very cute! Love the tin!!! I made mine from Altoid tins but this is perfect. Great work!


I love Sylvia Browne. She was an inspiration to me when I did not understand somethings that was going on with me and no one to talk to. I did a paper in school on ESP and Solving Crimes when others were doing papers on Star Wars and Barbie…lol.
Blessed Be as Always :black_cat: :tree_of_life:


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