🕒 Weekly Witchy CHALLENGE ~ Catch-Up!

I picked 3, now I can only remember one :woman_facepalming:t2: When am I going to learn to write things down? :laughing:


It gives you a chance to pick another two, and if they’re the same, great. But if they’re different, also great. :joy: :black_heart:


@Medea ooo… I remember that one! Thank you! & You’re Welcome! I’m happy that it is something you are able to reference! :hugs:

I just have to write this out, so my brain is working on that right now & I will be able to post the first 1 I chose & see if I can do any others today. :blush:


Challenge entries(x3)

Challenge entry 1 - Weave master
Here is were i got creative and did (forgive me is spelt wrong) a macabre?? and as i worked on this knot work based magic craft i put in positive energy and cleansing and protection for the home as the intention and it now hangs in my home in the path of the front door but also facing all doors as well. ive taken photos of the process and the final product. i was nervous as never done before , worried id mess it up but i also felt a sense of building self confidence and as ense of healthy pride that i had given it a go, even if its not perfect. its making me cry a bit at that, but i think thats just the shadow work side of challenge and having to face my own fears and a sense of accplishment when i wasnt sure i would suceeed but i wanted to put positve energy so that it could help bring cleansing and protective postive energy and also a reminder of accomplishing something even when it was a challenge. to do and help me to face future fears and challenges reminded that i am more capable to give things a go and face things than i had come to believe. ( i also did the same with a paint by numbers i completed, spurred on by my new macabre and hence why i finally finished that at 4.45am lol by autism and adhd at it again lol)

Challenge entry 2 - Crystal collector
Ok for this one, i have been doing a crystal healing course and came accross a section about chakras and a chart about how it looks like if your chakras are balanced and when they are blocked off or unbalanced. lol ok i had to admit i printed off that chart as i felt all my chakras where at least a little out of whack…
ok i know what your thinking, this is crystal collector challenge not chakra or energy work… allow me to explain where i am going with this. … i love crystals and while i have to resist the urge to buy lots and lots of crystals and spend more time than have or that is helpful studying every single crystal that exists, lol i can be a curious Alice to be sure. i want to see whats around the corner or learn more. but that can spread me too thin, so i figured that better to look at crystal for a purpose so that its more helpful, so for this challenge i looked at what crystals can be used for helping to balance my chakras. i found my crystals and made a check to see what crystals based on the chakras that they would help
Clear quartz, Amerthyst, Sodalite, rose quartz, citrine, carnelian, blood stone ( had no red stone but this was listed by one video on chakra healing as alternative to the root chakra crystal. i also have hematite for the earth chakra

Print out chart from course on chakras and my crystals all lined up :grin:well chakra crystals anyways lol

Challenge entry 3 - Moon witch
With this challenge i decided to use the energy of the Dark/New moon and doing some shadow work. I had another challenge was going to do but while preparing the crystal collector challenge. i had considered it in a different way previously but decided that my inner journey tarot/oracle process wasnt ready to share yet so i went back to another challenge has looked at. But coming accross a video by Teal Swan ( some might be aware of her within the spiritual or alternative mental health arena and even has a few oracle decks which i have even used one of these decks before. i thought that after coming accross a video on Parts work by this presenter i became interested and she spoke about it being a form of shadow work.

and then i started to look more at other videos on shadow work and learning more about this form of shadow work and ways to do shadow work and she has some great videos to explain this more

i just love that my moon cycle app tells me the cycle stage and today is new moon which thought was such an appropriate time to look at shadow work. ive even sent the first video to my psych as it had an exercise i considered trying with parts work aspect of shadow work. sometimes i can feel a little bit like i have opposing forces at war inside like cats and dogs fighting, so this appealed to me especially with my history of severe trauma and the need to work on this before i go back from my long service leave. i feel i need to go back fixed, but ill admit nervousness trying the exercise, but learning more about it has been helping me to understand more. if its safe to try the exercise i will give it ago. otherwise, its a learning experience and can try when i am ready.


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It has been a delight seeing the diverse collection of challenge entries shared so far! Catch-Up Challenges are always so much fun because there’s such a wonderful assortment of creative magick on display. It is really something special to see :smiling_face_with_three_hearts: A big thank you to everyone who has joined in so far! :heart:

If you haven’t already shared an entry but would like to join in, this is your friendly reminder that you still have a bit of time left to do so!

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Challenge Entry 2 :witch_broom: Blessed Besoms – Broom Keeper

I bought this cute little broom from a local queer artisan witch during Pride month and this finally motivated me to hang it up! :broom::purple_heart:

It still smells like cinnamon and lavender. Lavender is my and my partner’s favorite scent. :smiling_face_with_three_hearts: I want to get a bigger broom to hang above the front door but this will work for now!


Potion Making

My potion to-do list is getting shorter but I’ve been procrastinating Love oil, I can’t seem to carve out that much quite time. I’m working on a body oil but there’s an ingredient missing and I can’t figure out what it is but it’s missing something.

Then :bulb: my morning coffee.
I’ve been putting cinnamon in just about everything because of the theory of it helping rebuild brain cells, I’ll try anything and everything at this point. My husband said he draws the line at pasta sauce. I’ve been putting a dash of cinnamon in my pasta sauce for years :shushing_face:

Back on track. I changed up my morning coffee ritual to include cinnamon.

I make the coffee then stir it with a cinnamon stick while saying

Help me function
Help think
Bring me back
Now I drink

A little silly but so am I. I’ve taken to having a sip then setting the cinnamon stick on the edge of the cup while I clean up.

Coffee brings out the cinnamon smell better than anything and it just feels magical


#Weekly Witchy Challenge - Catch-UP!!

I was wondering when we’d have another challenge Catch-Up but this one unfortunately caught me by surprise as I had my eye on a few challenges for education and completion, but not this time - and that’s okay! Although, I do want to share what I have with all of you -

challenge Entry #1 - Blessed Besoms -

First, I have to say that I love all the brooms here - but my favorite goes out to @Phoenix_Fire for that besome creation! Something about the materials called out to me in the crafting of yours :heavy_heart_exclamation:


Here is my besom - I purchased it at a mystic event in my neighborhood from a local small vendor. Can you see the crescent moon?! I hadn’t really thought about this, but it so symbolic in how I think I am going to use my besom going forward - most likely spells to draw things or increase certain things in my life. Love it!

challenge Entry #2 - Amulets & Talismans -



I made a rowan cross which is hanging in my car and is not shown.

Back in October, I went to a local mystic shop for a class in making amulets and talismans. The person that teaches the class is awesome and is a major history buff - I never considered just using what have laying around the house. In the early ages, life was very hard for many people, hardships were extreme and harsh. Not only were people dealing with outliers stealing their livestock, et al, but there was also none of the medicines, conveniences that we have today - child birth, disease, illnesses were significant. People used whatever they had laying around to stop thieves, protect themselves, etc - hence “warding” with symbols, amulets and talismans.

The evil eye carries a universal meaning across many cultures and in short, is used to ward off variations of evil intentions - I carry this with me and it was given as a gift!

The next, I created a little prosperity spell to go with my charms - I used the key to represent unlocking good fortune and it is also a symbol of Hecate, The Bearer of Keys, green thread for balance, prosperity, renewal; Job’s tears for protection and abundance, and I put in a little evil eye to fend off negativity, and a poppy for possibilities and because it makes noise! :laughing:


Chaos Magic

My entire life is chaos. Ask anyone to describe my life or house in one word and Chaos would be it

For this challenge I did a meditation https://forum.spells8.com/t/group-ritual-oct-7-chaos-magick/14745?u=nixi

I have an image flash that makes me feel like I’ve done something like this before but either way I’m doing it again. I felt so light when I was done. Absolutely incredible

I found the way they landed a little interesting I’m just not sure in what way


Challenge Entry: Celestial Exploration!

I decided to learn more about my Chinese Zodiac Sign and here is what I learned!

Unveiling the Mysteries: Exploring the Chinese Zodiac Sign of the Dragon :dragon:

:dragon: The Dragon in Chinese Culture: A Symbol of Power and Majesty

In Chinese tradition, the Dragon is a symbol of strength, power, and good fortune. Unlike its Western counterparts, the Chinese Dragon is not associated with malevolence; instead, it is a creature of great benevolence and wisdom. Those born under the Dragon sign are believed to inherit these auspicious qualities.

:star2: Key Traits of the Dragon:

  1. Charismatic Leaders: Dragons are often considered natural-born leaders. Their charisma and magnetic personality draw people toward them, making them natural influencers in both personal and professional spheres.
  2. Fearless and Ambitious: Just like the mythical creature, Dragon individuals are known for their fearless pursuit of goals. They are ambitious, determined, and unafraid to tackle challenges head-on.
  3. Innovative and Imaginative: Dragons are heralded for their creative minds. Their innovative thinking and imaginative approach contribute to their problem-solving abilities and a flair for the arts.
  4. Loyal and Supportive: While Dragons may exude a powerful exterior, they are also deeply loyal and supportive friends. They value relationships and are often the first to stand by their loved ones in times of need.

:spiral_calendar: The Dragon’s Place in the Chinese Zodiac Cycle:

The Dragon is the only mythical creature in the Chinese Zodiac, and it holds the fifth position in the twelve-year cycle. According to Chinese mythology, the Jade Emperor organized a race to determine the order of the zodiac signs, and the Dragon, despite being an excellent swimmer, finished fifth. This folklore explains its place in the cycle.

:tada: Celebrating the Year of the Dragon:

If you were born in the Year of the Dragon (which occurs every 12 years, the most recent being 2012), you might share characteristics with this mythical creature. People often celebrate their Zodiac year with customs, festivities, and traditions believed to bring luck and prosperity.

:crystal_ball: Dragon Compatibility:

In Chinese astrology, each sign is associated with certain compatibility traits. Dragons are said to be most compatible with the Monkey and Rat, while they may face challenges with the Dog.

:globe_with_meridians: Exploring Further:

Exploring the Chinese Zodiac has been an incredibly captivating journey for me, offering a unique glimpse into the rich tapestry of ancient Chinese culture and philosophy. Whether I’m uncovering the traits of my own sign or delving into the characteristics of friends and family, the Chinese Zodiac has become a fascinating lens through which I gain deeper insights into personalities and relationships. It’s like unraveling a cultural treasure trove that not only connects me to the traditions of the past but also enhances my understanding of the people around me. Each sign tells a story, and through the Chinese Zodiac, I find myself weaving a narrative that intertwines the mystical with the personal. It’s a journey that not only adds a touch of magic to everyday life but also sparks a profound appreciation for the wisdom embedded in this ancient astrological tradition.


Challenge Entry

Knot Magic :thread:

So, I had these from a while ago, but wasn’t in the right frame of mind for how I wanted to put them together.

I put together my own meditation :woman_in_lotus_position: beads. I used blue & yellow Tiger’s Eye beads & small silver spacers.

I also used a thin wire folded in 1/2 to make an open needle to get them onto the string.

I tied a knot in 1 end of the string then thread a spacer on with 3 yellow Tiger’s Eye beads after with a knot after them. I repeated this 2 times.

I tied the knot & then did 1 blue Tiger’s Eye 1 spacer 6 times & a knot at the end of those. I then did the 3 yellow Tiger’s Eye with 3 spacers, 3 more times with a knot after each set of spacers. I tied the final knot then I put 18 silver spacers & another knot.

With the portion that is 18 silver spacers, I made a small loop with them & tied a double knot to keep it there. I used a dot of glue to kind of hold the last knot. I put another dot of glue on the first double knot.

I will use these for strength & grounding when I’m definitely in need of it: anxious, stressed, combination during meditation. Usually with my meditation beads afterward I hold them for a while looped around my finger as I get through things. Once I can’t do that I put them in my little pouch I carry with specific items for whatever it is I need to help me through my day :hugs:

I remembered to take a picture as I was making them, about 1/2 done… then finished & put them away to eat :plate_with_cutlery: but because my hamds no longer work with me all the time, they actually took me a lot longer to make than I expected or than it would take anyone else :laughing: So I had to rest my hands after I put them in my room & then eating.


Wholesome Healers

I’m always coming up with little remedies or using ones I’ve picked up from here and there. I have made a few over the past few and here is a list of some of my favorites

:sparkles: Vinegar on a sunburn
:unicorn: Mud on a bee sting
:rose: Thick baking soda paste for stings or bites
:leaves: A drop off clove oil on an ingrown toenail before I attack it
:black_cat: A drop of clove oil on a cavity or abscess
:hibiscus: Clove oil, maximum 2 drops, for teething
:peacock: Coconut oil, a couple drops of tea tree oil and several drops of clove oil applied lightly to a bruise helps with the pain and faster healing.
:dizzy: Coconut oil, a few drops of tea tree oil and a couple drops of lavender oil.

I made that one as a possible eczema treatment but after surgery one of the incision sites hurt and itched really really bad so I decided to put a tiny bit of coconut oil on it. I accidently grabbed the skin ointment. It felt so good and it looked so much better by the next day. I decided to use it on just that one as an experiment and it healed faster and the scar is lighter.

I made the same mistake with horrible chaffing on my granddaughter. I make it light on the oils, luckily, and in a desperate hurry I didn’t notice the faint smell. She’s chubby and has rolls at the top of her leg, 2 of them made a deep crease and my daughter didn’t notice so it was never cleaned. It was horrible, raw, gunky… I literally cried when I saw it and my husband yelled at our daughter that night at a volume as close to his Drill Instructor voice that I’ve heard.

When I realized what I’d done I scooped her up and headed for the sink then I realized that she not only stopped crying but was actually smiling. Amazingly it looked significantly better by the end of the night


I love this. You are so creative. I can’t wait to let myself out of my shadow box and bring my creativity back. It’s a lot. I had no idea about shadow.(but that I’ll save for when I learn more. And on another post) But I’m actively trying everyday . My grandma taught me to put meat tenderizer and water, mix in a paste and apply to stings. It does work. I’mma definitely save your post. Thanks for sharing. Very :sunglasses: cool my friend :smiling_imp::angel:


Challenge entry 3

Tomorrow starts my work week and I needed to recenter and expel negative energy to start the week off right! I did a New Moon bath ritual and listened to a wonderfully peaceful playlist. :relieved::bath:


Excellent job on this Challenge! I am going to look up your Moon app as the Moon has suddenly become intriguing to me. I wanted to make Moon Water last week with my son’s girlfriend, but her son became quite ill. Maybe over the weekend.

Mote It Be


For Ghost and Spirits
I made a alter for my dad who recently passed, and he made a car out of wood in prison, and anyhow, his ashes are here, and I just put some trinkets that he had up on the altar to remember him. Unfortunately, I didn’t really time to do more.

These are some of his things he loved!
For the Witchy Challenge of Besoms I chose to honor my Tree Topper that has a magical broom that is sacred to me!

For the Witchy Challenge of the Divine Feminine
this is a spell that I did that cosmic curiosity and Alan suggested, and I am devoting my time tonight to Isis and for 14 days I am going to pray to her for healing and to pick up the lost pieces along the way! Helping me to heal from the pains of my grief and pain.
I put a coffin down and laid 14 different crystals inside and used a green cloth in binded all Any profane! The green cloth represents prosperity! I will work on the loss and grief praying for healing for - 14 days and I will journal. journal
Thank you Alan Cosmic Curiosity for this spell and most of all are beloved Isis! I just need to find the link :link: for Statue of Isis: I’m feeling unsureyou guys!

Thank you to all the post all of the entries!
Love and Light


Thank you @Devenne I think it’s something I’ve always done. I had a memory flash of making a mixture to help my bio mother, I was probably around 6. It had leaves from something in the garden,bmost likely dandelions and probably marigolds. She always had marigolds and I have flashes of dandelions at lot, I think I put them in everything :laughing:


I love this. Today i am on day 11. Three more days before Osiris cab be uncovered and thus reborn. I am pleased to see you ise this to connect further to Isis. May it bring peace and blessings.


Weekly Witchy CHALLENGE - Blessed Besoms - ENTRY #2

Why do witches have brooms?
The broom is used to open the sacred space, drawing a circle almost as if it were a compass. It has the function of protection, purification or attraction. It is often placed next to the front door, outside or inside to manifest different purposes. If the sorghum is facing upwards, it indicates protection, if placed downwards, on the other hand, it eliminates heavy energies.

“As in heaven so on earth, as above so below” reads the emerald table. This statement indicates a natural law according to which everything follows a specific order that is repeated at every level of existence in a sympathetic way. The broom is used, in everyday life, to clean the house, remove dirt, and take it away. Here then, even on a mystical level, its task is the same: to clean the environment or people from dirt. To do this, the sorghum, of course, must be placed downwards. The fact that the sorghum is facing upwards to indicate protection reminds us of the image of a maid chasing away a victim with the sorghum.
In order to be used as a magical and ritual object, the broom must be consecrated and activated. It is possible to do this with sacred (or blessed) water and fumigation with specific purification and protection herbs. Subsequently, the wood will be activated with a special oil through which to charge it also with our intentions. At that point, it can be presented to the 4 elements and directions.

The Broom As a Fertility Tool
The broom is indeed a phallic symbol, but according to Judika Illes, it’s both male and female. The stick is the male of which is inserted into the twigs/plant matter, which is representative of the female. Interestingly, a slang term for a dildo centuries ago was a “broomstick”. And to have intercourse it was said you were “riding the broomstick.” Some traditions claim witches anointed their broomsticks with flying ointments and inserted the broomstick into their vaginas. This topical ointment contained hallucinogens which resulted in witch’s visions of “flying” or potential astral projection. This could also be the origin of the phrase getting “high”

How to Make Your Besom:
⦁ Gather your materials.
⦁ Set the mood with incense and music.
⦁ Start by tying the raffia/twine around the bottom of the stick a few times, hot gluing it in place, and leaving the ends loose to tie around the plant material.
⦁ Take 5 or 6 pieces of plant material (or more) and place it circularly around the stick, then wind the raffia/twine around it a few times (use the hot glue to adhere the raffia/twine to the plant material). During the process, visualize purification in the form of white light radiating from your besom stick and bristles.
⦁ Then repeat the last step by placing more plant material over the others and then tying the raffia/twine around it.
⦁ Repeat until you feel your besom’s bristles are full enough. Then push the loose raffia/twine under the last few loops and tie it tight. You can hot glue the raffia down again, if you’d like.
⦁ Now decorate your besom with ribbon and charms, if you feel called to do so.
⦁ Hold the besom between your hands and close your eyes. Visualize using the besom for purifying your sacred space and dedicate the besom in the name of your god/ancestors/universe, etc.

You should NEVER sweep on a Monday, else you sweep all your money away! Also, never sweep at night, lest you disturb the spirits who walk the floors while a home’s human inhabitants sleep. ~ Scott Cunningham, The Magical Household.


Find out “Why do Witches have Brooms?” (Symbolism)

The Witch’s Broom: Magic for Everyone - Llewellyn Worldwide

Witch’s Broom: A History, Uses & How to Make a Besom

What Does a Magical Broom Over the Door Mean? – Spells8

The Witches’ Broom and its uses - B.M.W


This challenge is now CLOSED :exclamation:

Great job to all of the challengers this week- what a wonderful assortment of magickal workings! No matter which area(s) of magick you explored and put on display for your Coven this week, thank you so much to everyone who jumped in to partake in the 170th challenge! :clap: :heart:

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Note : To avoid confusion, this discussion will be locked until the Props and Presents post appears. At that time, this thread will reopen for discussion for a few more days- comments are welcome during this time, but please note that no additional prizes will be given.

Thanks again for joining in the challenge! :partying_face:

Blessed be! :clock3: :sparkles: