Weekly Witchy CHALLENGE - Chaos Magick - Garnet

[Weekly Witchy CHALLENGE - Chaos Magick] Challenge entry (šŸŒŖ Weekly Witchy CHALLENGE - Chaos Magick)

What an amazing and challengingā€¦umā€¦challenge!
I have absolutely no idea what it was about, so I thought and I thought until my thinker hurt. AH HA! What about a nonsensical and lyrical poem aboutā€¦nothing?

Chaotic spell of nothing

By a Unicorns horn :unicorn:
and the taste of acorn.
With a Pegasusā€™ wing.
I ask for nothing. :innocent:

Sometimes I wish I was a Fairy :woman_fairy:
Gossamer wings & oh so merry.
To have no stringsā€¦
But beautiful wings.

I could turn into a Griffin
or maybe not, just kiddinā€™
What about I become a Genie - :woman_genie:
No, I donā€™t want to be a meanie

Dragonā€™s tearā€™s
An Owl to hear
With an Eagles sight
Well into the Night. :expressionless:

Iā€™ve no tears left
and of wings I am bereft.
Smoke and fog is what I see
thatā€™s just about enough for me. :face_in_clouds:

Well I canā€™t think of a chaotic spell
So Iā€™ll say good day and wish yaā€™ll well. :grinning:

Now chaos is the unexpected, confusion and disorderā€¦
That just about describes me, & so does this poem.



Perfect, @Garnet! Just perfect!


Ohhhh you had me at the title, @Garnet! :laughing: :+1:

Your ā€œthinkerā€ never disappoints- this is such a fun chaos spell, it made me smile while reading it! :blush: It sounds like you have mastered your inner chaos and all the wild emotions it brings- you ride them like a wave, Garnet, and managed to guide the chaos into such a lovely chant! This was a delight to read- thank you so much for sharing it! :clap: