:consecrate_spell: Weekly Witchy CHALLENGE - Consecration

@Phoenix_Fire We also discussed the order we’d do these in and why over here:


That might prove helpful for giving you an idea of how they’re separate. :smile:

But what @Susurrus said is correct. :+1: You’ll see dedication and consecration as separate tasks in the thread I linked, however.


@starborn… thank you! :heart: :hugs: I was trying to simplify it the best I could for her… Dedication is separate from Consecration… in terms of their :thinking: functions? (Goodness I need to stop while I’m ahead :laughing: I’m going to make this worse…) similar but different… although I believe there are practitioners that use them interchangeably :thinking: Okay, I’m just not going to keep this one going :rofl:

Thank you @starborn… I’m kind of losing my ability to say what is in my head but the words are like… no, we don’t want to do our job today so we are letting your brain go off the rails.


Challenge Entry

Not to confuse things, but… in my personal belief and the path I have taken I cleanse almost everything. Usually by placing them on my altar. Daily as I do my “Devotional” White Sage is lit and the cleansing smoke is allowed to clear any unwanted energies. Sometimes Palo Santo or incense is used and candles are almost always lit.

I don’t remember where I read this , but “Everything South of the North pole is sacred and everything North of the South pole is ordinary” So for me consecration is “automatic” and just becomes part of my practice. I consider all things sacred in their own way… animals, plants, stones, etc.

Occasionally I might give an object a job to do (dedicating), but I usually find it knows better than I.

Charging I do by being with the object in question, or leaving it with my crystals for a time

Sooo… with that being said I did consecrate something this morning for the Challenge. I am getting a new car at the end of this week and am greatly looking forward to it. It is my first new car since 1972. There have been other new cars, but they always were for the SO, so she and the kids had something safe and reliable. Even that didn’t happen as often as I would have liked. Anyway, the new car is a Kia Soul. A rather unique looking car with a boxy look and a flatish tail. So I named her Wren. So the talisman I consecrated for her is

and will be hung from the rear view mirror. I charged her and dedicated her to my new car and asked that she protect and bring Joy to all that ride in her and see her.

Now as usual this is not something most people do, but I being the contrary I am, it seems to fit and I hope it protects and brings me as much Joy as having a new car can. :flamingo:



Weekly Witchy Challenge for Amethyst:

I consecrated my lovely Persephone statue this morning. It seemed kind of fitting for this time of year. I used Palo Santo and the video above from the lovely @SilverBear. Here’s a pic, you can even see the screen on the computer as I watched and worked along with @SilverBear.

It worked out really well I think.


For my Challenge Entry
I would like to share with you, :smiling_face_with_three_hearts: my lovely witches, my routine of consecration for new objects that go on my Altar. I recently bought a pack of keys :old_key:.

In order to place them on the altar, they have to pass through a process of cleansing and cleaning. So, if the materials allows me, the very first thing is cleaning them in moon water :full_moon::bubbles:, if the object is not supposed to be dipped in water(paper, feathers, wood) it can be sprayed a little.
After drying them completely, the next step is cleansing them with incense smoke :smoking:. The very last step is offering the object or setting a purpose for it on the Altar.
And that’s it.
As a Moon worshiper :crescent_moon::sparkles:, Moon water is essential, and the procedure usually takes place on a new moon phase. The incense I use is sandalwood incense , sometimes musk.


Oh, @Shadeweaver oh lovely :heart_eyes: & I have a similar practice… EVERYTHING gets cleansed & consecrated. I have a few things dedicated, but those are more for my deities or ancestors. Absolutely not confusing anything more than I possibly did… I also have the same type of beliefs about all “things” including everyday “things” & kind of a… the earth :earth_americas:, nature… will provide me with everything I need & that in itself is sacred. :smiling_face:

Oh lovely :heart_eyes: @Amethyst! I love to do quite a few things that the lovely @SilverBear has shared with us. Whether as they are or work them in my practice in a way that is comfortable for me & makes sense or feels right. :hugs:

@EvaCVM ooo… I do this too, its a process but anything that I use or that goes into my witchiness in any way gets cleansed. I always do it with things such as your pack of keys. I have things like that because I love to make things & will use different charms & such to do so. :blush:

I really have to get into my room & do a something… but I can’t decide what I would like to do or to what… especially with my space in such disarray at the moment :flushed:


Maybe consecrate something that will help you get things straightened up in your mind. A talisman or sigil that you doodle.


Ooo… I’m leaning more toward a talisman of some kind… I’m not really confident or sure of myself with sigils yet. Now to go find a something… goodness knows I have many things to use for this…

It’ll be like my very own scavenger hunt! :laughing:


I love that pack of keys. :heart_eyes: They’re so intricate and beautiful.

What an adorable little bird! :black_heart: I love the idea of hanging something in the car. Perhaps I should do the same, considering the fate of our last car… :thinking:



I have a tendency to consecrate everything including the finished product. Think regular consecrating mixed with OCD.

I had big plans for this week.
Consecrations of my Altar and everything on it, find the box that is missing and consecrate, get everything the way it’s supposed to be and do 1 of 2 others.

After the issue with my Tarot deck I decided that it needs more than a simple consecration so I took a closer look at the deck I got after the original issue to see if I could connect with it.

I must not taken much of a look to begin with. Much of the imagery is very different, including one of my key cards. I can’t work with it.

So… I spent most of my Samhain budget on a new deck :sparkles: :grinning: I pre-ordered it a while back but I had to cancel it. I shopped around for days and ended up not able to stay away from that one. And I love everything about it. Apparently it’s had to have a waiting list several times, I guess I shopped at the right time.

So that will need consecrating but I have started the beginning of a lengthy and timed consecration ritual for them.

Having that going I guess that would be the main part of my entry. I did however do a small consecration of something else as well, but that’s a little too personal to share.



Each morning, I rub a tiny amount of oil between my fingers and apply to the heads of my statues on my altar to awaken them. My little verse:

With this anointing, a sacred rite,
I awaken your spirits, shining light.
Triad of Abydos, eternal and true,
In reverence, I commune with you.

5 drops Frankincense
3 drops Myrrh
2 drops Rose
2 drops Cedarwood
2 drops Juniper

Why these oils?
Frankincense is believed to enhance spiritual connection was used often in Egypt during ceremonies for deities.

Myrrh is associated with purification, protection sacred spaces. Myrrh was also used often to honor deities.

Rose essential oil symbolises love, beauty, and femininity and can therefore be linked wirh Isis.

Cedarwood is grounding and protective. It can be linked with Osiris.

Juniper is known for warding off negative energies.it can be linked to Horus the Protector.

I mixed these oils with a teaspoon of carrier and keep in a little bottle.

It is after this point, I “dress” my statues by applying the cloaks I made for them. The reason for this is that the priests of the temples would awaken the deities by placing oil on their ststues and then adorning them with clothing of some kind. This was because they beleived that the statues were physical representations of the Gods and so needed comfort, protection and nurture.

At night, I remove the robes and cover the statues, again mirroring the Ancient practice of providing the statues with rest. The next day, they are awakened again


Everyone has such beautiful altars. :black_heart: It’s so inspiring to see them all. :sparkles:

I can’t wait to set my new one up after we move. :smile:


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What a pleasure to see the many forms and manifestations of consecration in everyone’s practices! No matter what form consecration does (or doesn’t!) take in your magickal practice, a big thank you to everyone who has jumped in to explore and share about this theme so far :grinning:

If you haven’t already shared an entry but would like to join in, this is your friendly reminder that you still have a bit of time left to do so!

Blessed Be! :consecrate_spell:


**challenge entry **
Ok so firstly thanks to those who have tried to help me get my head around the difference between cleansing charhing dedication and consecration. Ive so appreciated it. Ive followed links given and even trird to look further to see different ways it is explained. Ive avoided christian references, not having a problem with christians or christian witches but purely because of my past experiences i focused on witch based explanations of consecration.

I have found this is perhaps an area i lacked in knowledge and i hope its ok that as i feel i need further understanding before i try actually consecrating that for this challenge i was looking more at educating myself on the topic and reflecting on how i could do this, what i might like to do this with and how this might impact my practice and how i use things. Would i need to make adjustments or make sure if had one thing for magic workings ie sonething like an ordinary object that if only used in magic workings but i might use that sort of object for other things that i have another of that object to use for normak tgings. The example in my head right now might be a spoon. Say a spoon used for magic could be consecrsted. But id make sure i had other spoons for say like eating or cooking unless im using kitchen magic n the wooden spoon is being used in magic through cooking. Its been less a practival experienve but more a reglective and research n learning experience for this challenge but once i have my head more around this topic n how to use n what to use for i would like to try. But for now for this challenge i am mearly setting myself to fill in a gap in my witchy knowledge :grin:i hope that is ok


That sounds perfect to me! :black_heart:

I see the challenges as guides, promoting us to explore a certain topic within a certain timeframe, to help us get it done. How far we go is entirely up to us and while it doesn’t seem as “practical,” I assure you that learning is a very valid and valuable way to approach it! :smile:


I hope you had fun finding something!


Beautifully said and I couldn’t agree more! :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:

Yes, that is absolutely okay! Learning more about the topic is a great way to take on the challenge :+1: Your entry is awesome, Phoenix- thanks for giving it a go!


Oh, you are so sweet! :purple_heart: :blush: :purple_heart: I have to admit my altar space is my desk, which is a glass top adjustable desk that lends well to easy cleaning! I do admit I get piles of things here and there that I have to clean up every couple of days as I’m an out-of-sight, out-of-mind kind of person and leave things out so I remember to take care of them! But rituals and challenges are a nice opportunity to get my desk/altar space under control a couple of times a week. :grin:


Challenge entry - I’ve been reading a lot about Lilith lately so I decided to consecrate my Lilith necklace I put a charcoal tab in my cauldron and lit Vesta powder in it then passed the necklace through the smoke.

Have you all heard about the British Museum “Feminine Power: The Devine To The Demonic” ? It’s a beautiful museum that covers all aspects of Lilith! :black_moon_lilith:


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