Weekly Witchy Challenge: Empaths and Empathic Abilities

Hello there!
Red here, your fellow eclectic chaos witch!
I am super excited to write about my experience with this challenge, although I know I am a bit late to the party! :balloon:
I have used a very simple daily energy cleansing and protection practice since I found that I do have very strong empathic abilities, which include:

  1. Intuitive empathy- I can tell a lot about a person just by being around them and focusing my attention on them. I typically can tell if they have good or bad intentions, how they are feeling, sometimes even why they feel that way, and I typically get a pretty good idea about the persons lifestyle and personality, even if I just met them.

  2. Animal empathy- I can feel the emotions of animals, as well as if they are sick in some way. I can tell if my cats have an illness in their body, even if I cannot see proof of it. I knew my cat was very sick recently and quickly did a very powerful healing spell for her, and she quickly improved, but we had to feed her water through a pipette until she was able to drink on her own again. You should never replace your pets vet care with magick. While magick can be life saving, we never want to assume that it will do just that. Please take your animal to the vet if they need to go.

Now, back to my daily energy cleansing and protection practice. This is something anyone can do daily, but it is VERY good for empaths, because it symbolically clears all the negative energetic muck that we accumulate throughout our day. It also can be great for protecting yourself from future energetic invasions, if you add a simple protection visualization technique with it.
Here is how to perform this simple spell:

What you will need:

  1. A small bowl or mini cauldron
  2. Salt
  3. Incense cone that you associate with cleansing, purifying or protection. Any incense cone will do, though!
  4. Lighter
  5. White candle (optional)
  6. Any crystal(s) you want to use to assist in cleansing your energy field. (Optional)

*I do this every day after work, so I don’t normally use the candle because I would be using a ton of candles! But I typically always use some sort of crystal(s) to add to the salt in my mini cauldron

What you will do:

  1. Fill your bowl or mini cauldron with some salt
  2. Light your incense cone and place it on top of the salt in the center of the bowl.
  3. Place your crystals throughout the salt
  4. Light the candle if you use one
    5: let it all burn through! You can meditate and visualize a glowing light surrounding your energy space, cleansing and purifying it, or you can just let the burning incense do its work! Up to you!

I had a video of me performing this, but it wouldn’t let me upload it here for some reason.
But this is my very short, very last minute weekly witchy challenge! I hope you like it :woman_in_lotus_position:t2:


Very nice, @Wandering_free . Thank you for your work and enthusiasm.

Is your video on another site, like YouTube? Link it by copying and pasting the address.


No love it’s just in my phone.


This was a beautiful and thoughtful exploration of intuition and empath powers, and I really enjoyed hearing about your energy cleansing and protective spellwork too! Although the Empath challenge is over, it’s a very important and relevant area of the Craft that is worthy of attention. These spells and wisdom are very helpful, and much appreciated! :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:

Thank you so much for sharing this, @Wandering_free :pray: :heart:

Apologies, the forum isn’t currently able to upload videos directly in the same way as pictures. But Georgia is right- for any videos someone wants to share, YouTube links work wonderfully! :grinning:


Wow nice work. I love this! You wrote it so well too. :rose::rose::rose::rose::rose:

Thankyou for sharing
. blessed be lovely :rose:


You can upload videos to YouTube. You can set it to private. Then you control who sees it. Then you can share it here. @Devenne I believe has done this and she might be able to help more.


I suggest clicking the other option in between. Which is viewable to those with a link. Because I tried to set it to private but then u can’t share the videos with anyone here. It won’t create a link.

It’s easy to upload but it takes a while to download.


This one should be called “Unlisted” when you get to it, @Wandering_free. It just means that people can’t find your video by searching or browsing YouTube – they can only get to it directly via the link.


Thanks @Devenne @starborn I wasn’t exactly sure! :purple_heart: