🫥 Weekly Witchy CHALLENGE - Empaths & Empathic Abilities


First I must say that I am so impressed by everyone’s entries! Very thorough and introspective!

I will try to make this brief. I used to be able to type very quickly, but I’ve lost some function in my fingers so it’s easier to do it on my phone, which is still kinda difficult.

I took this quiz:
Are you an Empath?

I’m definitely an empath. I answered yes to all the questions. I’m not going to discuss them in great detail. Just generally.

Taking on the energies of others
This can be very exhausting and those energies stick with me. I also know when something’s wrong with someone else even if it’s not expressed. I can also feel the energies from people around the world. I hope I can have this make sense…I feel the despair of mental illness, homelessness, physical ailments, just to name a few. I can feel and express empathy, not just sympathy.

Love of nature
Drawn to metaphysical

I know when something’s wrong. I know when someone’s lying. I know when someone’s being manipulated.
Public places are overwhelming
Watching violence or tragedy is unbearable
Sympathy pains
Good listener
Needs solitude

Here’s a few other traits I considered:

-I can feel spirits
-I’ve learned to trust my intuition
-I can read auras if I focus
-I love to help others. I’ve always had jobs in helping roles. I have a degree in psychology. I’ve been a helper in relationships, which isn’t always good. I’ve been manipulated and taken advantage of. I’ve had romantic relationships too and you can’t be a “mother” to your partner.
-I also believe I have a higher purpose in life. I’ve recently become an advocate and mentor for ALS.

-Being an empath is very draining. I’ve been quite lax in doing this, but I’m improving.
-I’ve started cleansing myself and my home.
-I use crystals.
-I think self-care is very important.

I want to do some wards. Maybe some ruins on windows with salt water. Some protection jars and sprays.

This was much longer than I anticipated :rofl::crazy_face: I hope you can understand it!

Edited to make it a little easier to read.


We did the same shielding spray! Tell me it doesn’t smell amazing? Although you made some substitutions (so did I) so it might smell a bit different.


Nice job! I really need to get my supplies together and make myself some this week. I think I’m only missing cedarwood :thinking:


Challenge entry

I learned that I was an empath about 10 years ago. And I have had to learn how to practice, grounding, shielding and discerning what feelings are mine and what are other folks.

When I start to feel emotional, weird, ungrounded or sick. I ask myself and put my hands toward myself and say is this mine? And then put hands away from myself and ask if it is someone else’s and then do those two hand gestures until my intuition tells me.

Frequently I have to shield myself when my partner or one of my family members are sick or having a hard time mental health wise. A lot of my time I am cutting cords, washing with salt and returning energy that is not mine to others.

I make my own sprays but did not do that for this challenge but will be doing it soon because I am about to run out!
I use:
Florida Water
Lemon Grass
Black Pepper ( these are all oils)

I decided to enchant a few objects for protection in the lunar new year because my partner and myself’s lunar astorlgy stated we may run into some challenges. And my office door is in the misfortune area for the feng shui flying stars this year.
I enchanted three bracelets, two dragons, and three gourds. See a few of the things pictured here on my altar.


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Thank you so much to all of the kind, caring, and empathically-talented souls who joined in to explore the world of Empaths and empathic magick this week. From the spellwork to reflections, shared experiences and more, it’s been a delight reading the Coven’s entries this week! :heartpulse:

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Beautiful altar! I love that you have a compass :compass: My SO still has his from his time in the military.


Thanks Artemisia! I love having the compass on my altar. It helps me to remember. I can always find my way home. I think I found mine in a thrift store. I am a big thrift witch.


It actually smells amazing :blush: It has a certain earthy smell to it where the flowers can just be picked up so not too earth/woodsy or too overpowering with flowers just the right amount. I followed the measurements just substituted when i didn’t have to same oil etc…


I went through the exact same thing after my near-death experience. I always had a feeling in the back of my subconscious that Hecate came to me and brought me back to the world of the living.


Awesome def bookmarking this entry


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