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My empathic abilities are stunted. It is a joke amongst my friends, I am good at sympathy, but not empathy. It wasn’t always this way, when I was young I was overly sensitive to others’ emotions and internalized the negative emotions towards me (middle school is rough y’all, so even perceived negativity of others).

I have specific memories of focusing my energy on blocking out the negative thoughts and energy of others throughout school and the first year of college. This was also a period in which I relied heavily on hematite and amethyst protection amulets. Eventually, I designed and created a protective pendant that helped shield out or ground excess energies but also helped me focus to “read the room.”

Life happened, the chain on the necklace broke, I stopped wearing it and all those emotions kind of went away. I guess I trained myself to be dependent on the amulet. Which has left me relatively oblivious to the emotions of others unless there are verbal or physical cues.

So today I went and pulled out the amulet. The new moon is a good time to cleanse and reconsecrate it. Now I just need to get a new chain and start working on opening myself back up again.


Feel like this is a good one for me it’s very often that I’ll go out somewhere and I can read the room I personally just maybe a week ago I went into the dollar store at night around maybe 7:00 or 8:00 and I walked into the store and usually out you know I’m comfortable being around a lot of different people but for some reason I walked into the store and I instantly started like shedding tears not busted out crying or anything but I started setting tears as I walked around the store and as I walked out the store it was this lady and she was just standing there and you know I kind of felt like it was something wrong so I approached her and she was just telling me about how she was having a bad day and everything like that in her family was in the store and they also knew what she was going on so that’s just one thing I can share in our their multiple instances when this happened so and I also want to thank you for sharing that. Thank you for sharing that protection rune cuz I really feel like I needed it at times so now that I know I can use it now I’ll be using it more often


Although I don’t feel like an empath really, I’m excited to try the shielding spray.


Challenge Entry

I have been taking some time to research and learn as much as possible about empathy. Mom called herself an empath, but couldn’t read me to save her soul. Thus I dismissed the idea until this past fall. If I am one, I am very new at it.

That said, I have to admit I am getting very confused about what I am finding. I’m torn between three types… yet they almost seem like the same description.

I have noticed my mirroring ability is a problem. People see the mirror and expect it to continue indefinitely, but get mad at me when my own personality shows through. It feels like they can’t be friends with someone who is even the slightest bit different than themselves.

It also saddens me when people do not recognize themselves. A mirror can only do so much to help. If the person looking doesn’t want to see some truth, that’s their problem, not mine.

The term “narcissist” has taken on new meaning in the last 20 years or so. We used to say such people were playing games, and those games weren’t acceptable. Social pressure seems to have kept people in line in the past, but doesn’t work anymore. At any rate, I learned the rules of the narcissistic games early on and built up a resistance to them. The really bad ones know what my reaction will be and keep coming back for more. They get three chances to straighten up their act or I’m outta here!


I’m sorry for what you went through I was bullied till I fought back getting suspended then expelled for protecting myself. So I know how it feels. Anyway
I was just reading your message and I think maybe your heart chakra is blocked.


Thank you. I think your right, heart chakra or throat. I have always been overly sensitive about my throat. It hasn’t really bothered me, I think unless you think about it you don’t realize there is a gap. But it is something to think about and work on just to keep energy in balance :slight_smile:


Yeah of course.:grin: Don’t worry keeping chakras balancing properly isn’t easy. It’s something Ifeel take constant work.


For this challenge, I wanted something simple that I could use to protect myself from any energy sent my way. Since I use my smart watch daily, I created an image with a charm and sigil to use as my watch face. I worked the spell as I created it using Canva’s AI image creation with some other magical pieces in it. It’s now my watch face!

Green Snake Empath Protection Image


@MeganB Oh :open_mouth: that’s freaking sick! I love it so much the idea of it, then adding it to a watch, and the image itself it stellar. I love the green snake. Green is my favorite color


Thank you! :blush: I love it and so far, it seems to be working well!



I have been an empath as far back as I can remember. I always knew when someone I loved or was very close to me was hurting, whether it be physical or emotional pain. I don’t always know exactly who or why but can always tell when something is wrong with someone I love.

I wear this necklace in memory of my son. He passed when he was 21. We always told each other “I love you to the moon and back”. So for my entry I put a spell of protection on my necklace. To protect my empath energy so that those who are trying to send ill will or harm my way will not be able to.


:star: Challenge Entry: Empath & Empathic Abilities :star:

Although I wouldn’t classify myself as a classic empath, I can usually read a room pretty well or notice when someone feels out of sorts when no one else does. I’m not one to take on or experience others’ emotions though. Where this becomes difficult for me is in large groups of people where I am required to interact. For example, professional conferences. For my job, I at times need to “work a booth” at a conference and greet and converse with many people each day. This is draining work, both emotionally and physically, even for a not-really-empath.

So I was curious about the Shielding Spray:

I figured I could bring this with me to conferences and do a quick spritz before interacting to help protect me and my energy levels. I followed the recipe from @SilverBear

Some small edits: I used new moon, moon water for clarity and intention. I used dried rosemary instead of essential oil because I had it on hand. And I substituted lime essential oil instead of lemon. Also Thayers Witch Hazel has a bit more stuff added other than just witch hazel, like alcohol and aloe vera - but hey that’s nice for the skin too.
The shielding spray smells SO GOOD. I may use it more than just for conferences!


Challenge Entry

I do not feel I am an Empath. I do sometimes feel energies from elementals and animals. And sometimes the energies in a room, but I am not “in tune” with other peoples feelings or bombarded by other people. Probably just my Goat mind wanting everything orderly and organized. I wish I were more sensitive and am working on opening this area up, but not much progress as yet. I have much to learn. :fire:




Personally, I don’t class myself as an empath. I do show empathy for others (I think we all have a bit of that) and I can sometimes read the room, but I don’t necessarily take on or feel the emotions of others.

I didn’t know how to tackle this at first but then thought about my good friend Astrology. I have decided to describe the placements that could indicate heightened empathy or even an empath. Here are things to look out for on a birth chart:

Moon in Water Signs
The Moon represents emotions and empathy. If someone has their Moon in a water sign (Cancer, Scorpio, or Pisces), it could mean that they have a strong emotional connection and empathy for others. Water signs are known for their emotional depth and sensitivity.

Pisces Rising
Pisces is associated with empathy and compassion. They have heightened sensitivity and can read a room. They often feel the emotions of others. If someone has their Ascendant (Rising sign) in Pisces, it can indicate a heightened ability to understand and connect with how others are feeling. Others will view them as an empathetic and nurturing person.

Strong Neptune
Neptune is associated with spirituality, intuition, and empathy. It is also the modern ruler of Pisces. Look for positive aspects (conjunctions, trines and sextiles) between Neptune and:

The Sun - this indicates that empathy is part of their core essence
The Moon - this indicates increased emotional receptivity.
Mercury - this indicates compassionate and empathetic communication, as well as intuitive thinking and understanding of others.
Venus - this can indicate a positive, compassionate and nurtuting nature, especially in relationships.
Mars - yes even the red planet can indicate a drive and desire to help and support others.

Venus in Pisces:
Venus represents love, relationships, and connections. If someone has Venus in Pisces, it could suggest a strong ability to show empathy and a tendency to soak up the emotions of others.

The 4th house is the house of home, family, and emotions. It represents our feelings, sense of security, and the home environment. Look for the Sun, Moon, Venus or Neptune in the 4th house. Also, the North Node here would suggest that emotional security and empathy are part of your karmic journey.

Chiron in the 4th house would suggest past hurt or wounds based on home life and emotions. Perhaps a lack of emotional security or empathy as a child. However, Chiron represents our wounds and how we use them to help others, suggesting you may have the empathy that you did not experience as a child. Also look for positive aspects between Chiron and Neptune.

Also look for planets in the 12th house as they mat shoe hoe you display empathy to others. The south node in this house would suggest you have brought empathetic tendencies with you from a past life.

The 8th house is not directly linked to empathy but is about emotional depth and intense connections. Neptune in this house could indocate heightened sensitivity and connection to others.

I took a look at my own chart to see if any of these placements were present:

Moon is not in a water sign🙈

I am not Pisces Rising :see_no_evil:

Neptune is not in a water sign🙈

My Pisces is empty :see_no_evil:

My 4th house is empty :see_no_evil:

Neptune trines the Sun and Mercury :heavy_check_mark:

I have planets in the 12th house :heavy_check_mark:

I have Neptune in the 8th house :heavy_check_mark:. However, it is within touching distance with Saturn which brings challenges and boundaries when expressing these energies.:see_no_evil:. My Capricorn rules this house (and Saturn rules Capricorn) so they are definitely working against Neptune here.:see_no_evil::see_no_evil:

Chiron does not form any appropriate aspects.:see_no_evil:

Definitely not an empath here🤣

But I do have some empathy as part of my core essence (Sun) and will listen (Mercury) when needed.

Blessed be



@Cosmic_Curiosity Very enlightening!! I loved reading all of this and I now want to find out all the rest of my astrological info! I’m a cancer but that is all I know. Thank you!


Challenge Entry: Empaths and Empathic Abilities @TheMuslimWitch

After taking a day or two to decide, I decided to improvise on the shielding spray since my supplies didn’t agree with me.
So I used clarysage instead of sage, cedarwood in place of sandalwood, lemongrass instead of lemon and lavender in place of frankincense…

As you can see for now I have mixed it in a cleansed jar just couldn’t’ find an empty spray bottle I will pick up next time I am out


Tapping back in is not impossible, but similar to experiencing a trauma, experiencing something that is very overwhelming can cause our psychi to completely rewire itself with the sole purpose of doing whatever it must to protect you from feeling that way again. Just like your empathic abilities (I’m sure) did not go away immediately, once having realized how overwhelming and uncomfortable it was, your abilities will not come back immediately or all at once either, unless you did some sort of third eye opening, but I wouldn’t suggest that as a way to ease yourself back in!
Some way to begin slowly enhancing empathy again:

  1. Begin taking note of all your interactions. How did you feel before you were around or talking to this person? Do you feel different now having come in contact with or interacted with them? Do the emotions you are feeling truly make sense for the situation and circumstances you are in currently? If you can, write this down, so you can really take a look at this. You might actually be feeling emotions that are not yours, even if just slightly, without realizing it.
  2. Practice feeling changes in emotional or energy frequency when walking into different rooms, around different people and even by interacting with different objects, some being objects that have barely been handled by others, and some that have been handled by others A LOT and for a long time (antiques)
  3. Once you notice you are picking up on emotional frequencies, even if just slightly, practice regulating shared energy spaces with people who are experiencing intense emotions. Empaths naturally make the energy around them less chaotic by being so understanding and compassionate, but the incredible thing is, we are actually regulating and changing the emotional frequencies of others and changing how they feel in a positive way :purple_heart:

Just a few techniques I have discovered myself through enhancing my own empathic gift.


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Challenge entry!

I am going to use meditiation to slowly chip away at the tower I’ve built around my empathic abilities. I am not going to break it down all together right away, just enough that a trickle of emotion comes through. That way I’m not overwhelming myself all over again, and take the time to sit with each emotion that comes through. Feel what it is, where it comes from, what it’s trying to tell me. Then learn to let it go instead of holding on to it.

I may even reach out to an energy healer for help if im not successful. This is going to be a loong slow process, but it will be worth it! My own emotions got tied up into the rest when I built the tower, I don’t want to feel numb anymore.:heart:


My entry got out of control. sorry… it’s here