Weekly witchy Challenge entry-Earth and Sky,Silence and Sound

I found this challenge quite interesting and exciting.
My first thought was to do a spell using both fire and water,then I thought life and death,finally I settled for Earth and Sky.
For Earth and Sky I did a devotional for Gaia and one for Nyx (since it’s night time) at my windowsill.First I meditated with my aloe vera and thought about all of Gaia’s gifts and then I said a prayer.Then I looked at the night sky and thought about all of Nyx’s gifts and then said a prayer to her.
After that I createda devotional piece on PicsArt

and then I did a shadow work prompt and wrote about what makes me feel grounded.
The idea of silence and sound came to me after I had finished journaling.My idea was to create a sigil in silence and then activate it with sound and it worked really well.The silence helped me focus on creating my sigil and when I activated it with my bell I could feel it coming to life!
Overall this was a really fun topic and it was quite exciting to see what I could come up with.


What a great idea and your art is lovely! Way to go!


Thank you!:blush:


What a brilliant idea to meet the challenge! The artwork is beautiful too :heart_eyes: I really do like how you connected sound and silence, that was a good thought to activate your sigil. Thanks for sharing.


Wow, @jem1- this is beautiful! :heart_eyes:

Earth and sky are a lovely combo to explore, and bonus points for delving into the pair of silence and sound as well- you went above and beyond! :clap: The artwork you made is stunning as well- I really love the addition of the rainbow across the night sky :rainbow:

Thank you so much for this lovely entry to the Dual Wielding Challenge (just adding a link so I can find this post again to give out badges)- you did an amazing job! :partying_face: :heart: