🫶 Weekly Witchy CHALLENGE - HandCrafting

I added the picture of my wand to my first post. :slight_smile:
I have also been inspired to craft a bag for my cards. I am going to add some beads to the crocheted bag (I hope, I have never done that before). I am also going to enchant it as I go - will see what comes to me :slight_smile:


This challenge is now CLOSED :exclamation:

So many exciting projects! So many beautiful crafts! :heart_eyes: Thank you so much to everyone who shared their talents this week- I’ll be tallying up entries and will be sending out badges to all entrants soon! :sparkles:

A Props and Presents post will soon appear with shout-outs and prize details for everyone who submitted an entry. Please keep an eye on the main page of the forums.

Note : This post will remain open for continued discussion for a few more days, but no additional prizes will be given after today.

Blessed be! :heart_hands: :sparkles:


@maudot7 that was a lovely wand & crafting a bag for your cards is a great idea! I really need to find some projects to make use of some of this yarn I have hanging out in my house. I kind of ran out of things or people to make things for… plus I don’t know that my hands will be able to keep up anymore :laughing: I think I am going to try something simple though, thank you for the inspiration to see what I can do for my practice!


@Siofra_Strega thank you :slight_smile: I do find my hands like the crochet hook far more than the knitting needles as I get older.
I am trying a variation of the bag below that I found online. I don’t have a pattern. First time without a pattern. Exciting and invigorating and thought provoking. Probably time consuming too as I will likely have to redo it a few hundred times! :joy::joy::joy::joy:


It looks lovely! Great job! I will see if I can find a way to start it again, just will have to start slow :smiling_face:


Don’t mind me just slowly making my way through responding to entries! :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:

@Martje That mandala is gorgeous! :star_struck: You chose such warm and comforting colors- it feels like a hug looking at it :people_hugging: :two_hearts:

@Crystal5 Your Goddess figure is so beautiful and I love your collection of charms :sparkles: As for who the Goddess of Creativity is, I believe any Goddess associated with creation (and many of them are!) could be considered a deity of creativity :blush:

@katnabis You were crafting and learning at the same time, and all that you learned will help you with future projects! Congrats on your beautiful deck bag- I love all the details and how you used the different fabrics!

@WitchOfTheForest You’ve stolen my breath away with all of your beautiful masterpieces- goodness, Elisa, you are one talented witch! :woman_mage: :sparkling_heart: Thank you so much for sharing all your crafts- each one of those is amazing to see. I especially love how you’ve incorporated elements of nature and the forest into your pieces :deciduous_tree: :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:

@Christeena You’re a master at potions and healing blends and it looks like you’ve unlocked yet another talent- look at you go with your painting! :heart_eyes: No need to compare to Bob Ross- these are special because they are yours :heart: I think you have a knack for colors and making things pop, which is really fun and lively :art::blush: Great work and thanks for sharing!

@Amethyst I want to give you extra props for overcoming any unfortunate past experiences with crafts and giving this challenge a try despite your hesitation about the theme- you’re amazing, Amethyst! :people_hugging: :two_hearts: Like Crystal said, floral arrangements and decorations are absolutely areas of artistic pursuit- some people go to school for years for ikebana and interior decoration! It looks like you’ve got a natural knack for it- everything looks so lovely, and perfect for the coming Sabbat! :sunflower: Beautiful work, Amethyst. I hope everytime you see a bright sunflower in your space that it makes you smile :sun_with_face:

@amy58 Amy, those are lovely! :sparkles: A set of earrings and a necklace to match- may I ask what beads you chose to use? I really like that nice deep color- is it a type of stone or crystal, or another type of bead? :star_struck: Thank you so much for sharing them!

@AileyGrey You found the yarn and ribbon right when you needed it- I think the Universe wants you to keep on crafting, Ailey! :grinning: The hanging moon display you made is beautiful- the golden ribbons flowing down make me think of moonlight falling from the heavens :crescent_moon: :sparkles: So lovely! :heart:

@Jessica72 Look at that mirror! :heart_eyes: The mirror on its own is gorgeous, but paired with those affirmations and the ability to reflect love and positivity is really something else- this is amazing, Jessica! May your beautiful new mirror serve you well and always help you see the beauty and strength you have within :heart::mirror:

@jan_TheGreenWitch You most certainly passed with flying colors- bravo to you, Jan! :raised_hands: That is such a lovely travel altar- it’s clear that you put a lot of thought into choosing meaningful and powerful things to bring with you. And you managed to pack it all so nicely into the bag too- as a fellow traveler and packer, I consider that a big accomplishment to pack so well! :grinning: :+1: Beautiful work- may your travel altar serve you well! :luggage: :two_hearts:

@Satu_TheGreenWitch Each and every thing you breathe life into is a work of art, Satu- it’s a delight to see your beautiful crafts! :smiling_face_with_three_hearts: I hope that they continue to serve you well and that everytime you see them they bring you joy. Thank you for sharing! :heart:

@Jem1 The crocheted hearts are adorable, Jem, and what a great protective decoration they will be on your altar for the upcoming Sabbat! :sunflower: :sparkles: They’re so adorable, though, that I think you should keep them up year round! :blush: Beautiful work- thanks for sharing them!

@IrisW Perfect timing indeed- your candle turned out beautiful! It’s absolutely perfect for the upcoming Sabbat too :ear_of_rice: :two_hearts: Lovely work and thank you for sharing- may your candle serve you well! :candle:

@maudot7 Congrats on your beautiful new wand, Maudot! :partying_face: It sounds like you crafted it with love and care and made it exactly as you wanted it to be- I know it is going to serve you well. May your wand become a trusty casting partner that will help you through many spells to come! :magic_wand: :blush: Enjoy it- and thank you for sharing! :heart:

(Still making my way through all the amazing entries- this is to be continued!)

The Props and Presents post for this challenge is now live and badges have been sent out to everyone who shared an entry :trophy: Thank you again to everyone who shared their amazing crafts (seriously- you are all so talented! I can’t say it enough! :bowing_woman: :heart:)

Congrats to the Handy Witches! :raised_hands: :sparkles:


@TheTravelWitch_Bry I so impressed that you respond to each post! Thank you for taking the time and thought to make a personalized response.


I think it looks great! I’ve definitely used a gingerbread pattern to make a poppet :laughing: You did a great job!

Look at you go with the deck bags! I love the colorful fabrics you chose for both bags. They really speak to your personality :hibiscus: amazing job!

I hope the oils help you in whatever ways you need :pray: I’m glad you were able to make it around to this challenge!

You’re welcome!

I love all your little projects that you did! :heart: That little bench is absolutely adorable :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:

Hooray for crochet inspiration! :yarn:

That’s a really pretty bag! I hope you’ll show us when you’re done :blush:


@TheTravelWitch_Bry is all kinds of amazing :heart: We are certainly blessed to have her!


So true!! @AileyGrey @TheTravelWitch_Bry


Thank you @MeganB.
I was really surprised that the bench turned out that good. I’m thinking about putting some moss on it to hide some of the glue.

:boom:Your crochet oracle bag turned out awesome. You are really good at crocheting.

So many great crafts this week made my idea list grow! I bought a couple sets of knitting needles at an estate sale a few weeks ago so I’ve been trying to learn knitting. I think I still prefer crochet :wink:

Have a great day :rose:


Thank you, they actually help keep me grounded & present because I don’t put them all in one area, so every time I move one scent is stronger than the other or the one scent is stronger in some areas & not as strong in others areas at other times. It’s hard to explain, but it keeps me from floating away so I’ll take it! :laughing:


@Sarall – I think moss would be a good addition to the little bench :blush: and thank you for the compliment on my bag! It’s nice and soft and fits perfectly! I’ve always wanted to knit because I feel like there is so much more that can be done with knitting but alas I prefer one hand over two :joy:

Interesting! I kind of get what you mean :thinking: I might have to try something similar.


I’ve learned a lot in the last 6 months. It’s just finding how to use what for the best results in different situations. If I think of any other things I’ll let you know!

Also sometimes tweaking things so they also work with my practice is always a benefit :smiling_face:


Thank you so much! I’m glad I tried this!


Look at Tunisian crochet! If knitting and crochet had a baby, it would be Tunisian crochet. I tried it recently and it was kind of fun. Alas, I have it up because the project was huge and it was frustrating, but I’d like to try it again on a smaller scale soon!


Honestly I didn’t have much time but I started thinking what I would like to conjure up in my life and used some symbols that are magickal!



I made a spells 8 candle awhile ago and I push out all the negative energies out while I turn the candle counter clockwise direction then I say clockwise bringing in all the light and bringing prosperity and protection to all of my spells 8 family and infinite roots family

You can do it with tissue paper too here is how to do it!
Transfer candle for spells 8 candle
Spells 8 transfer paper techniques for candle
I just wanted to say u all did beautiful work and you all inspire me so much! With love and honor I honor all of you!
Love and light :high_brightness:

Blessed be!


I agree! :sparkling_heart:


I’ve made a few things with Tunisian crochet! I just haven’t ventured too far into it :sweat_smile: I feel like I would need to work with finer yarn and that’s not something I’m used to. I generally work with a DK or worsted weight, usually never anything less than a 4 :laughing: