☁ Weekly Witchy CHALLENGE - Hedge Magick: Into Other Realms

A huge congrats to you, Amethyst- that is so exciting! :star_struck:

If you’re still unsure or are curious about digging deeper, perhaps spending some time with your tarot (or another divination method that calls to you) can help you sort through what you experienced? The cards may have some insight (or, even better, encouragement!) for you! :heart:

It’s my pleasure, Medea! :heart: :blush: Blessed be!

Your Stang is absolutely gorgeous- all of the details you’ve included really make it a masterpiece :sparkles: I don’t have a Stang but I do have a forest walking stick I bring when we go into the woods to search for mushrooms- I’m feeling inspired to add some decoration to give it more character! :grinning:

I really enjoyed learning about the Stang, it’s traditional and cultural importance, and how you use it so wonderfully in your practice- thank you so much for sharing this amazing entry and your wisdom, Ashley! :heart::pray: Wishing you a very blessed Samhain!

That sounds like a blast- even if it’s possible this month, perhaps you can do a rain check for when you’re feeling much better! :heart: And if anyone can claim the title of the master of making the most of things, it would go to you- you are so creative, Jan! I am sure you will find something wonderful you can do in the comfort of your bed. If you’re feeling adventurous, I’m with Amethyst- perhaps give astral travel or projection a try? :blush:

Whatever you choose to do- good luck and blessed be!


Love this ointment haven’t made it trying to work out what is the best and easiest way to obtain the ingredients… Has it worked for you?


Weekly witchy challenge hedge magick into other realms: Entry @TheMuslimWitch

I am so glad this challenge came up as just before I saw this challenge I decided to make an offering to the far as I had noticed a mushroom :mushroom: circle in my backyard so wanted to make an offering. After doing some research I found that they like fruit and beads among other things. This is my offering apple :green_apple:, water, and some beads with a little letter with some beds inside the envelope to them close to the faery :woman_fairy:circle>>>


I found two interesting tarot spreads to get to know your spirit guide, I think I’ll use them, see what they say. One Sunday and One Saturday. I’d do one Monday too but I have doctor’s appointments and won’t have time to get into them. Thanks for the idea, love!


Ok, I think I got this. I am going to incorporate Hedge Magick and Astral Projection. I am reading one of the books from one of our awesome covenant Witch Sister, Spiral Dance by Starhawk. I’m reading some things that are absolutely amazing and put my whole world into a totally different perspective. I love Spells 8 everybody in it! Thank you all.

Blessed Be


Thank you for the warning, Christeena! In my research, I read another warning tip that I will be incorporating into my Challenge. It is regarding Astro Plaining and what could be on the other side that we must be prepared for. You might enter right in the face of your fears, something your defense mechanism might have tucked away because the guilt/fear could have been too much for you to handle. Anyway, thanks again and Blessed Be,


117 - Weekly Witchy Challenge – Hedge Magick: Into other realms

Challenge entry - Garnet

The point of the challenge is to stretch ourselves and explore or learn about other realms.

I’d like to address Astral Projection, also called Out of Body Experience (OBE) Much of this information I got out of one of the many notebooks I’ve written about everything from Astral Travel to Zen.

In the art of astral travel, the human body does not leave the physical body, rather it is the spirit that leaves.

Don’t misunderstand me the experience is different for each person. Once you are in the OBE, you may “see” moving shapes or lights, even when your eyes are closed.

As a beginner, much of the process involves deep relaxation. It’s like starting at the chakra at your feet and slowing moving up your body until you reach the crown chakra. As you rise up your body, consciously relax each muscle, and release any cell memory from perhaps a past life (I’ll get into this in another paper.), by the time you reach the Crown chakra, you should be deeply relaxed.
At this point you may leave your physical body, But don’t worry if you don’t, it takes time and practice.
What to wear? Just something loose and comfortable.

As you ‘float’, you keep your senses. This isn’t dangerous.
Should something unfortunate happen and your physical body is in danger you will return immediately to your body and be instantly awake.

FYI, it is your spirit that floats in astral travel, not your body although sometimes it feels like it. Your spirit will or might open its eyes, and it may cause your physical body to open its eyes. It’s just a reflex OBE is the beginning of wonderful adventures and journeys.

Don’t rush it. Keep your mind open and you’ll reap the benefits of mental strength and a calming of your spirit.

  1. OK, so you’ve decided to Astral Travel. Find out as much information as you can about it. So you will totally understand what it is, how it’s done and the both good/bad aspects of it.
  2. Find a guide to teach you. This is a skill and, as with any skill it takes hours and hours to train both your body and mind. Be patient and tenacious.
  3. Don’t expect immediate results, it doesn’t happen that way. Much like magick, you say the spell and then you wait. Unlike the pretend magicians who pull rabbits out of a hat. (I never understood why they wanted to put the poor bunnies into the hat, to begin with?) With magic you say the spell and wait, it really isn’t instantaneous, and it doesn’t always work.
  4. There are aids you may need. Audio tapes help and there are some great videos on Youtube. Some people like to use incense, and or oils, maybe an ointment as they prepare. Again, do your homework.

I have astral traveled, although it’s been many years. I was in such anguish when my dad died that I was performing my life but not living it. I was listening to a medium on audio tape and she talked us through an OBE.

From there over several OBEs, I discovered my sacred place or sanctuary. I met my dad and he told me to tell mom that he was fine and she would be too.

A few years later, my favorite uncle died. My Aunt was distraught and asked if I could talk to my uncle. My reply was there’s no guarantee, “I can only try”.
And I did. He said to tell Gerry, my Aunt, “he had no more pain and all would be well”.

I was with him in the hospital when he died and he wasn’t in pain.
Anyways before I said much to her about it I asked if Uncle had any pain.
She said, “Oh yes, his one shoulder was very painful.” I told her about my journey and seeing Uncle and we both cried and cried but the relief for her was profound.

The trip to my sanctuary was wonderful. I flew, just like Peter pan, over mountains and valleys and great fields of corn. Plains full of cattle. It was joyous. It also was difficult to come back. Let me make that clear, it wasn’t that I could not but I didn’t want to.
And that’s my story of Astral Travel and as I remember it was late fall, maybe early winter, it could actually have been Samhain.
Wouldn’t that have been something?

I thank Kassandra and all those involved in this unique challenge.

Stay well and be kind to each other.



Weekly witchy challenge hedge magick into other realms: Entry @Francessca

Greetings, hope everyone had a great day!

Not sure if this would be considered an entry or just a story; I now realize (I wrote this on Friday the 28th) that this challenge is closed, so I’ll just post it I suppose…Sorry in advance if I’m posting this wrong, and for sending this directly to you @TheTravelWitch_Bry.

As a precursor, I’ve always been a rather intuitive person, seen stuff in dreams, have occasional premonitions , know when someone has passed away before being told (was visited by the Angel of death at a young age, he was with my grandfather I’ve never meet) etc. But never really looked into or allowed my self to be open to it, too much. Mostly in fear of dabbling with something I didn’t truly understand.

Around this time last year, we (my family and I) we’re getting ready to move to a new home that my husband and I purchased. Prior to us moving out I had this vivid - odd dream that involved a Native American woman in full dress sitting crossed legged in my shower with my shower on almost like rain - waterfall mist coming down around her, but woke up before I could figure out what or why she was there.

Fast forward to last weekend, on Sunday I decided that it would be a good idea to take a cleansing - meditation bath to see if I could find - meet my spirt guide (prior to this I was going to look or create a post about Faeries, so to see your post today was highly interesting to me). So I showered first, cleaned my bath tub after, I lit a coal in my cauldron and added a sage, mugwort, lavender, clove and dandelion root mix I made. Waited till my bath was half way filled then added a cup of Epson salt mixed with eucalyptus, and sipped my morning black tea from the black tea meditation I did; while I waited, for my bath to finish filling. Once filled and ready for me to hop in I popped in my ear buds and turned on the guided meditation to find my guide.

After all was said and done, on my journey I think I found my spirt animals and guide but it was all in such an odd - interesting manor. At the start I was with a wolf, but when I got to my gate to cross to my cottage I picked up another animal :woman_shrugging:t4: This happened to be a dragon. When I got to my cottage and sat down in my chair and invited my guide to take a seat with me, she came by raven and morphed into the woman I saw in the shower last year. I asked what she would like me to do with the rest of my day - week and it was mostly to spend time with my husband and dog (who looks like a mini wolf) and to keep learning. All in all I’m still not sure if I meet my guide or was just lucid dreaming.

Lol :sweat_smile: so that’s my long story - ritual of last Sunday… I’m still learning-following my gut on stuff. Being sure to read, look stuff up and try my best to not be negative or say negative things. I’m normally very nice, and treat others the way I would want to be treated. However, I have a little bit of a temper (I’m an Aires), so when it comes to my job and dealing with the public I can’t stand when people lack sense or fail to use logic. I’ll never say something mean to someone, but I will vent to my coworkers about whatever is aggravating me so I can move on.

Warm Regards, and many thanks for reading my long tale.


Weekly witchy challenge hedge magick into other realms: Entry: @Amethyst

Okay, so I decided to meet my Spirit Guide for this challenge. I’d been curious about them for quite some time and never really successfully got in contact with them before.

So I did the first of the meditations that the lovely and talented @Mistress_Of_Herbs to meet my Guardian and my Spirit GUide and what do you know but it worked! I did it!

I don’t know too much about my Guardian but I interviewed my Spirit Guide using the first tarot spread on This page. And I actually understood and got where he came from! It was fascinating. I’m not going into the details but I really do feel like I connected to something, you know?

If my hand didn’t shake so much I’d dig out my pendulum and try that again. Just to chat with him. I’m fascinated and will likely do more talking through tarot with him.

Hope y’all like my entry!


Challenge Entry

My interest is lucid dreaming.

  • practice of regaining awareness and taking control of your dream while remaining inside the dream.

  • most likely happens during rem sleep

  • body is not visible to you in your dream it is your point of view.

lucid dream ritual bath
1cup magnesium
1/3 cup Himalayan salts
dried lavender
dried sage
dried chamomile
7 drops of sandalwood EO

I highly recommend keeping a dream journal. This improves your awareness of the dream state making it easier to lucid dream.

my personal experience is dreaming my husband had a head injury and prior to getting to him in the hospital everyone was telling me he wouldn’t overcome it and i knew i was dreaming but i was completely aware. once i reached him he only had a small scratch on his face and completely fine. it was like i made the outcome change in my favor.

insane feeling once i woke up.


Omg @Amethyst thats GREAT!!! Im so happy it worked for u. Told ya so. Lol. Enjoy your guide. I call upon mine all of the time. Even for just communion. U will feel safe with them. Like a hand on your shoulder.

It was my deepest pleasure to help u. Id do anything for u Kasie, just ask. If its within my power to do so, im there.


@lerena thats amazing. Heres u a recipe for a dream tea aswell.

6 tsp. Red Rose petals
3 tsp. Mugwort (USE WITH CAUTION)
3 tsp. Peppermint
3 tsp Jasmine flowers
4 1/2 tsp. Cinnamon



@Medea heres u an astral travel oil

5 drops sandalwood
1 drop ylang ylang
1 drop cinnamon
Fill remainder with your choice of carrier oil. I use a 2 ml roller ball bottle. But u can use whatever u choose

I also have a trance journey loose incense recipe if u want that too.


@TheMuslimWitch oh yes it works love. I refuse to post anything that I haven’t personally tried, or have had feedback from a trusted source.


@TheTravelWitch_Bry thanks for your concern. But ive been ostracized for one reason or another all of my life. Im literally the black sheep of my family. c’est la vie

Im strong, im a survivor, ill always persevere. It took me a very long time to realize that i am special, and that i can do anything, even being disabled. My past made me who i am. I wouldnt change it. But thank u for being a caring and loving sister and friend. That means more than u will ever know.


I will so try this! Just waiting for my little herb kit to arrive :blush:


##Challenge entry

When I was a kid, I dont know how, but I made an astral projection. I was in bed, I know I was awake, but I was in the ceiling, watching my body in front of me, sleeping. I didn’t feel afraid, but that definitely marked me.

I tried to do it again a few months ago. I was meditating and I felt deeply relaxed. Then, I suddenly felt very very light, and how I got up from the ground, but I could feel my body sitting in the floor. I cant put down in words how I feel. I could feel so powerful, so full of live and so much love… I think I could feel the spirit of my ancestors around me, I feel their protection before coming back to my body. I bursted in tears after that!!


Good morning Honey girl.
For most of my life, it was a given…“Everyone gets tired of me after a while.”
I am opinionated, well-educated, and generally a smart ass. I can be fresh and vulgar. (that’s the fun part.)
But in my defense, I was raised to be the perfect daughter, sister, etc. A perfect student in
High School. But although they gave me a basic education, they in no way prepared me for life. Working sucked! So I got married… that just compounded how unhappy I was.
I was a total failure as a wife and homemaker and to top that off, I couldn’t have kids. After I served a 5-year sentence (Marriage), I was released and my records expunged. (An Annulment.)
I went to college and became an RN. The ex. did too and I got better grades, (that was petty but it felt really good)
My whole life was ahead of me, Yee Haw. Then I met a sailor and just for fun proposed… He took me seriously and chased me like a hound after a hair. That was 48 years ago. We’ve traveled, taken cruises, and generally had a great life. He’s the best time I ever had!

Most people are selfish, dismissive, and intolerant.
There’s an old saying, you can choose your friends, but you’re stuck with your family.
In all my years the one thing I’ve learned about people is they are also generally mean.
My favorite sayings are: “What goes around, comes around.” or “Scew them if they can’t take a joke.”
Looking at the broad picture, life is a stage, and all people, are fools. The best thing to do is not to feed into their bitterness. They can and will drag you down into despair. But only if you let them. Straighten your backbone, throw back your shoulder and raise your chin look into a mirror and shout;
“I’m Christeena and I’m Ok. I can take anything you can throw at me because I’m just that good!”
I’ll send you strength and love


@Garnet i just love u, your vulgarity and ALL lol. I just do me. It took me yrs and a damn good husband to make me realize i am important and i matter. My husband wanted to fight every member of my family at some point or another for the way they’ve treated me. And i always made excuses for their behavior bc i was soooooo accustomed to it. Then one day its like i woke up. And said NO MORE. The next day is when hubbg brought home that stack of books. He he he. Now my family says im mean and opinionated. And im like no, now i just stand up for myself and dont take any crap. Needless to say they hate it. But oh well. I mean hell i even have my mom and my sister in the freezer. We only speak if and when i initiate conversation. I was always someones, not just my family, punching bag. My ex husband (he literally made me a punching bag), family, so called friends. Thats why i warn ppl dont ask me a question if u dont want my honest answer. Bc i dont sugar coat anything. Ive always been that way but i used to be soooooo concerned about everyone else.

Even now when i do things or make things for ppl i give too much of myself in them. Ive tried stopping that but i cant. Im loud, opinionated when need be, honest (sometimes to my own detriment), empathetic to just about everything. But this is me. Take it or leave it, its who i am. Just like u said.

I have survived being thrown thru a wall, being raped, being told to abort my son (by my own grandmother no less), being cut in places id rather not discuss and still carry those scars, and alot of more. Ive survived all of that. I even went to nursing school, i was in my final semester (clinicals) when my illness struck and i had to leave. Then i went on to be a 911 dispatcher supervisor. It was the best job ever. I did that up until my doc said no more, im too much of a liability ( due to too many falls). I also cant type for shit anymore bc its in my legs and hands.

Thank u for the strength. I need it to get out of this funk ive been in since i stopped working. I just reallg dont have a desire to do anything, literally. And bc of that it has put a little strain on hubby and i. Bc he feels like he has to do everything.


@Garnet thats so my new mantra!!!