🔍 Weekly Witchy CHALLENGE - Interpreting Signs & Messages

And the skeletons head looks as if it’s looking to the sky as well


I see what you see now. There are all kinds of things in this smoke. Where you put the red is where I see the goddess figure. She doesn’t have a head, but I see her shoulder, her arm, waist and hip. I just want to keep studying this image!


I see what u see now. Took me a minute


Challenge Entry

Signs. Loki does alot of this. How do I interpret them. Well, mostly I ignore them, cuz I’m a didst :person_facepalming::rofl:. This then makes him mad so he slaps me in the face. :rofl:.

So what does he do? Initially he started showing me signs in nature. Subtle things, like a bird, a feather etc. It didn’t work, I noticed nothing. So he stepped it up a gear and started messing with me in blatant supernatural ways.

My radio is his number one tool. He’s turned my ghetto blaster on when it’s not been plugged into the socket and not had any batteries in it, clearly indicating this is a supernatural event! It still took awhile for me to click, and several ghetto blasters later (yes, quite a few went in the bin cuz I thought it was the devil :flushed::rofl:), I get the message and now I listen to the song, and think on the lyrics. He’s even turned my phone music off whilst it’s been plugged into my aux in my car, put his radio on, cuz he wants me to listen to his song. His signature is he always starts with travel news, from anywhere in the UK, to prove it’s him. Then he plays the song. Sometimes it’s a message, sometimes it’s for a laugh. :rofl:

He uses synchronization alot. I’ll hear the same song, or same theme from a song, multiple times throughout the day. Or I’ll see the same YouTube video being recommended over and over until I watch it! He’s even used emails, and sent me advertising emails from a language company I’m not subscribed too, over and over, day after day, for nearly a year to get me to finally learn Icelandic (and it’s the only language company that so far, has Icelandic on its list of languages within my affordability, and he even got me a discount! :partying_face:).

He uses dreams. I tend to follow a simple principle on dreams. If I can’t forget it, and it keeps haunting me, it’s a sign. If it’s reaccuring, it’s definitely a sign.

So I think Loki and I have a pretty good communication system. He messes with my tech and dreams and doesn’t bother with the more subtle signs as he knows I can’t see them anyway. :rofl:

Hail the beasty :drinking_horn:


I love that Tracy! Hail Loki!!! I hope nothing turns on by itself. :open_mouth:


@Ostara Thankyou. :green_heart:

As long as it’s not the cooker, I think we’re good. :flushed::rofl:


I see the goddess and also see the skeleton that @Devenne sees.


That is some cool looking smoke isn’t it? I love how @Devenne drew the lines on it and described it.

Now looking at again it looks like the goddess is embracing the skeleton.


Ok, now I have to tell what the candle spell was about. I have been feeling off lately with the new job and the thing that happened with my daughter and trying to go to sleep during the day and being up at night. I feel myself falling into a depression, so I did the blue candle spell for healing before I go into a downward spiral. The universe is definitely looking out for me with this smoke.


Yes it is! Do you work with a particular goddess? Or have you had any signs of one lately? Perhaps one is trying to reach out to help you before you spiral


@Ostara Sorry to throw a spanner in the works, blame the way Loki has distorted my brain (and obviously my vision :rofl:) I see:

A Fish.

A face sitting on top of a voluptuous woman (kinda a Gaia shape)

A ghost.


Thanks @tracyS you just gave me chills!:open_mouth:


@Ostara I just looked up the meanings and it’s interesting.

I’ll do it in order of how I see them appear.
The ghost: Something is unsettled in your life and causing you anxiety.
The goddess: possibly Mother Earth (Gaia). You have the power to overcome this, draw on the energy of your goddess to help.
The fish: Rebirth, higher self, change and health. By calling in the power of the goddess and trusting your higher self, you will achieve the qualities of the fish and the element water, stability, balance and tranquility.

Just my intuition of what I see, could be totally wrong. But it looks positive :sparkling_heart:


Love all the entries shared so far! :star_struck:

Just chiming in to try and help answer a few questions that came up…

I think a pendulum reading would work! :+1: Another option could be to do a tarot or oracle spread where you draw cards for specific things and see which one resonates. For example, three cards for work / school / home (or whatever you feel is most relevant). And see what the cards say. If one card aligns with change, then that is probably where the chance is coming from. Just a thought! :grinning:

Welcome back, Amaris, it’s always wonderful to hear from you! :heart: Congrats on the deity connections, that’s very exciting. Wishing you all the best as you continue to connect with Them!

The smoke swirling around the candle looks amazing - you caught a very special moment on camera! :camera_flash: :candle:

I see a woman and her daughter holding hands as they dance together around the flame :dancer:


Really cool to see - it’s a great shot! :candle:


That’s awesome Tracy and makes a lot of sense with my life right now. I still see the goddess cradling the head of the skeleton, like a mother cradling a child. Everything about feels very positive!


@Ostara That’s great, the skeleton is interesting too as that’s symbolic of transformation, maybe the transformation of your life with your new job, and your daughter’s life too. It’s a good reading. Sending love :sparkling_heart:


Thanks Tracy! :hugs:


Wow @BryWisteria I had to go back up and look at that again. That is beautiful! :heart:


Self care is :old_key: and knowning your limits is a strength. I totally get it. Sending healing energy and :people_hugging:


Challenge Entry -Interpreting Signs & Messages
Divination with Goddess Symbols

I have made a pendulum, and 3 sets of runes. I have purchased a deck of tarot cards. I have used them all, but nothing seems to resonate with me.
I saw a different divination set of symbols designed by D. J. Conway that she calls Goddess Symbols.
The symbols give you the emotional, mental, and spiritual atmospheres surrounding a problem, decision, or event, rather than answering mundane questions.
I bought some wooden butterflies at the dollar store and made up a set of the symbols. Butterflies can stand for self-work, spirits, and transformation.

I typed up some cheat sheets with paraphrases of their meanings.

The full treatment of each symbol can be found in Falcon feather & Valkyrie sword: feminine shamanism, witchcraft & magick, page 179.
So far this set of symbols is working for me.