🪔 Weekly Witchy CHALLENGE - Light 'Em Up!

Thanks, love!


Please know that I have read every entry & I am so sorry if I miss anyone because I have loved everyone’s so far & it’s helping me with what my entry will be for the challenge

I use candles & as we are discussing the topic Candles :candle: History, Materials, and My Adventure? I use them in different ways with different styles of candles.

@Jessica72, I may actually do a version of this spell for myself… it is wonderfully written & where I am right now, I think it will give me that little extra gentle push forward. So thank you for that wonderful entry!

@Torista I love that you spent so much time on finding what was right for your entry & adding it to your grimoire! I am currently using meditation a lot in my practice & healing. I have learned to trust what comes forward more without resistance. :smiling_face:

@Rowan I know that candles & Hekate a large part of your practice & this is a wonderful look into how you work with them on a daily basis. I recently learned & started dressing candles as well! I think it adds so much more to the intention behind the work coupled with the energy from the candle. I have seen that book mentioned a few times now in the past week, so I am going to check it out & see what else I may be missing from my candle practice.

@Phoenix_Fire wonderful entries that you have put a lot of thought into & finding what works for you in your practice.

@JollyStar, I love your altar & that you are using more personal items for your cloth & such. It’s okay to set it up how it feels right & absolutely if you love it then it’s perfect! I think it looks beautiful! Thank you for sharing!

I’m sorry if I missed any entries, they were all great & influenced what I am planning for my entry later today/tomorrow morning. There is some good questions & answers in these topics as well as they relate to the subject of this week’s challenge:

Quick candle question

Question about candles


This is how I use the chime holders - with a ceramic saucer. I usually dress my candles, but for some reason I never thought of circling them with herbs. I mean, duh. Learn something new today - check!

But seriously, why isn’t there a chime and saucer holder out there as one product? Wouldn’t that make sense? …and if it makes sense, it will make dollars… I mean yeah, I can do it this way, but it would be more convenient to not have to.


@Undomeher I’m just going to leave this here


From the beginning, candles have always been a huge part of my practice. I started with a free ebook, Lisa Chamberlain’s Wicca Little Book of Spells. If there were a Little Golden Book of Witchcraft, this might have been it. At least for me it was. Candles were and have been a part of pretty much everything I do. I got a box of colored candles from Amazon, and learned about dressing them. Now I go through candles faster than toilet paper (well, I am a guy Edit: this intended to be funny, not offensive). Mostly I use 4" chime candles, but I also now have two pillar candles, one for Danu and one for “general magic success,” but I feel like this one is becoming associated with Brigid (though I don’t generally work her [yet?]). I might need separate box just for storing candles, and I am looking into making my own candle holders. Even if it is just Gorilla gluing a chime holder to a terra cotta saucer - but I have ideas about how to customize this without a kiln - stay tuned!

Lately, my pillar candles have been flickering - suggests change, but we’ll see?

@christina4, so sorry to hear things are difficult for you now. Please know that we all love you and you always have our support, no matter what. You are explosively awesome, C4!


Today is Saturday so Fenrir and black candles. I also set up some sticks and feather I’d found yesterday. I set up today’s candle before left for family gathering.

Got to end of gathering and I could of cried. My sister gave me a bag of candle making stuff. Id been wanting to make my own candles esp as a part not only my own practice but a buisness I’ve been working on for years. I finally got an ABN and buisness name and paid for website n logo but because of work n all the workload n study load my buisness ( which was a part of dream n passion and also a way to supplement pay until I could get it off the ground and then take over as my job role. But it had been put on hold, though I’ve tried to make it a priority cause I’ll be at get anywhere if I’m not still making time to work on it, I’ll never get unstuck if I let everything else push it to the side all the time. I’d done alot of planning for it when I could but I felt discouraged that i couldn’t get much done cause of all the work I was doing even when I was only supposed to be working 3 days. But so excited I was n cause of this week’s challenge I thought I’d share my bag of goodies to make candles. My sister had got the stuff to make candles but said it had been too much effort and wanted to give the bag to me. I really wanted to cry cause I was so touched and also I’d really wanted to make my own candles but I could afford to go get candle making supplies. Now I have some. I’d had so much being taken or expected of me and my resources and energy and time drained, but to be gifted a bag of candle making stuff was just such a beautiful gesture and sooo appreciated. I said I’ll make her a candle :grin: it’s even soy was as well which his cool .


It’s time for a friendly reminder!

Thank you so much to everyone who has shared their warm and shiny candle magick so far! If you want to share but haven’t done so already, please know that you have one more day left to do so:

:exclamation: This challenge will close TOMORROW :exclamation:

If you would like to participate and haven’t done so already, please post about your challenge experience(s) by the deadline: Tomorrow: April 12th, 7:00 AM CET (Central European Time)

Blessed be! :diya_lamp: :sparkles:


Totally had it planned to do this over the weekend, but the weekend had other plans :laughing:


I definitely agree :smiling_face_with_three_hearts: so nice of you @jessica72 you really made me smile when I read your spell work. Good job.


This part speaks volume for me, your work is very detailed as well, your words in this spell is very peaceful and well assured. You did a great job @Ostara


Oh, thank you for such kind words! :two_hearts::pray::two_hearts:
I would love to see how your candle holders go. And I also use chimes.


Draconic Candle Prayer For Manifestation

1 Green Candle
1 Bay leaf
1 Cauldron
1 Marker

  1. Light a green candle on your altar and meditate on what you want to manifest.

  2. When you’re finished, write down what that is on the bayleaf.

  3. Set the bay leaf in the cauldron and light it with the green candle.

  4. As the bay leaf burns, focus on what you wrote and say the following:
    Gneicht, Draconic male facet of Hecate,
    Ruler of the Night, and Opener of Doors,
    hear my plea, for [what you wrote] to be consigned, all in due time,
    safe and benign

  5. Once the bay leaf has burned and cooled down, take the ashes and let them blow away in the wind (or blow them away yourself) releasing your wish out in to the universe.

EDIT: I did a tarot reading with just the Major Arcana afterwards to ask Gneicht about the outcome of the strike and I drew Death (in reverse), The Hanged Man, and The Star. Change is inevitable, and resistance is counterproductive, the current problems are of…someone’s making…but in the end, there will be a chance for healing, forgiveness, and success.

After some meditation, I think the first two cards are about the employers. They have been resisting change (created by the pandemic), the problems they created are not their employees’ fault. I pray that in the end, the outcome will be positive, as suggested by The Star.


Same @Siofra_Strega LOL


I had thought about doing so many things & I will get to those things in time, but for this entry, I decided that I would use my white candle :candle: to honor Brighid :triquetra: this morning when I did my devotional to bring cleansing & healing light while I spoke to Brighid with gratitude & asked for guidance.

One of the first things I did when I got home & everyone was where they needed to be, I set up my altar for Brighid. Then I got ready to do my Brighid Meditation :woman_in_lotus_position: & I felt ready for the day once I was finished.

I navigated okay for quite some time, but since I had been up since 3 AM, I was getting tired & it was time for a break. So I took a nap. When I woke up, I checked the time & got an email. So I checked it & it was from the Circuit Court regarding my mother’s estate, which as of Friday is being handled by a lawyer. However, it still triggered an anxiety response to almost panic levels just getting the email.

I needed air. On my way out the door, I asked Google Home to play Celtic Music then when I came back in I was ready to Tend Brighid’s Flame for today with it still playing. The card that was drawn seemed very fitting for the situation. Even while typing this I have been taking slow deep breaths listening to the softness of the music from the speaker beside me.


I am so very proud of myself! Here’s my first witchy thing that I have ever intentionally done! I am brand new to all of this, so I thought this challenge was a lovely way to begin! I started with candle magick 101 and decided to use a purple candle to set the intention of opening myself up to new spiritual growth and awakening. I dressed the candle with lavender oil (rubbing the oil from top to bottom to bring growth and awakening to me!) and placed it in a tiny bunny holder on what I imagine is going to turn into my altar. I chose the rabbit to remind me of new life and growth. Then I enjoyed the lovely purple candle meditation. I noticed the flame would stretch and grow slowly again and again and found myself reassured that I don’t have to know and do everything all at once… I’m free to stretch and grow as I need to. I felt so at peace, yet energized. It was delightful. How amazing to take just a few minutes and come away with exactly what I needed to hear!


That is Awesome @AileyGrey! YAY for you and for many more Witchy Things to come. :smiling_face_with_three_hearts: :smiley: :star_struck:


So I have final completed my witchy CHALLENGE for this week. After work today I came straight home with the intention of casting this beautiful candle spell.

I have been meditating on this spell for a while now. I chose to do a spiritual protection cleansing spell, cause I have been through a bit from late year :grimacing: still kinda trying to push through. I do believe this spell can help since white candles :candle: brings positive energy for a fresh start.

Since I have not done much meditation spell hence why I decided to use the white candle spell on Spells8 a link to the descriptions are below :arrow_double_down:


While meditating thinking about the positive outcome of my candle spell

  1. I rearranged a little and lit my sandlewood incense for cleansing my space.

  2. I dressed my tea light with olive :olive: oil and I also added a few drops and some cinnamon oil as well in my Chinese defuser

  3. I added 3 small pinch of salt the my glass of moon water that I had left from a few full :full_moon_with_face: moon a back

  4. I then lit my white candle while I say a little chant. I made a 4 line chant which represents the four (4) corners :earth_americas: :fire: :droplet: and :wind_face:

:candle: As I light you up and I light you right,
:candle: I light you good with all my might.
:candle: For all good things may you shine bright
:candle: As I light you up today & throughout the night

Chant Created By:
N :candle: ck W​:candle: ck

  1. As I continue to meditate on bringing positive Energies for a fresh start and a more subtle mind I allow the candle to burn its way out with all good intentions.

A quick pic of my work, I am still in the process of decorating and rearranging a bit. Still have some flowers and so on to it :smiling_face_with_three_hearts: I just try to make it simple and clear base on how I wanted my spell to turn out and how I felt at the moment :heart::heart::heart: I may check out Pinterest for some cool ideas​:bulb:


Blessed Be🪄

N :candle:ck W :candle:ck


I hope your coworkers going on strike stay safe :pray: I think it would nice to do a protection spell over them and even one for communication between them and the employers so your coworkers can get what they need!

It definitely counts! I hope the spell was lovely :heart: and that he will have work at home soon

I think that’s an amazing analogy with the sunset rather than sunrise :sun: It was nice to read you reminiscing on the past with your dad :smiling_face_with_three_hearts: I really like your candle holder setup you have there and I don’t think the black heart means you’re becoming black hearted :laughing: I think it’s a good indication of letting things go and moving on – leaving the darkness in the past, so to speak.

Oh, yes! Many people cleanse candles, especially if they come from a store where a lot of people might have touched them! It isn’t always necessarily and definitely depends on the witch in question :candle:

Your candle setup is very pretty :heart: I love that you’ve personalized your altar setup and used what you correspond with each deity! Also, I especially love the initiative to use what you have before getting more :partying_face: but that’s the sustainable witch in me!

I have that one sitting in my TBR pile and just haven’t gotten around to it, yet! I’ll have to add it up next (after the three (?) I’m currently reading lol) Thanks for that candle magic video, too! :partying_face: Two hours is a really long time and I don’t know if I can watch it all but it looks very informative!

I hope you’re doing much better :heart: I also associate blue with calm energy!

I doubt it, though I’ve never tried. That’s very clever of you! :heart: You created a beautiful spell, too :sunflower:

I hope your head cold has gone away! I know I’m a little late to this post :laughing: but it’s been a few days and I’m crossing my fingers :crossed_fingers: that you feel better!

That is so cool! :crescent_moon: I love it!

Welcome to the party! :partying_face: :tada: I hope you enjoyed your first witchy challenge here in the Infinite Roots Coven :infinite_roots: Even though your altar is simple, it fits YOU and that’s what matters! That doily is gorgeous, by the way :heart_eyes:

It’s a beautiful setup! Everyone has these really pretty trays for their chime candles and I’m just like…melting the end of mine and putting it on a dinner plate :rofl: Thanks for sharing the video, too!

Same! Well, when I have enough candles :laughing: I need to make a trip to my local store for some local beeswax candles, I think…haven’t decided yet! I like your holder, though! It’s really interesting. It looks like a vase that’s been turned upside down? I’m probably way off :laughing:

And may they each be successful! :pray: :heart::sparkles:

I look forward to whatever you have planned!

Slow deep breaths are the way to go :wind_face: :heart:

Congratulations! How exciting! :partying_face: :tada: :heart: I’m so proud of you! (Yes, I know we just met but that’s okay!) I think the purple candle was definitely the way to go and the bunny :rabbit2: was a great addition!

I love this! :candle: It’s good to see you back in the forum :heart:

I have loved reading everyone’s entries so far! If I missed someone, I’m so sorry!


Merry Meet one and all!

Candle majik for me consists of many methods.

All candles are consecrated with anointing oils that pertain the the candle color. (matching elements). I then scribe the candle with a rune symbol that also coincides with element.

During any ritual work, there are five candles at the appropriate placement to enhance the elements when casting my circle.

From there and depending on the spell, I will light my Goddess candle and my specific spell work candle.

Shortly after casting my spell, I will then meditate on the Goddess candle flame to determine whether the spell is working. Sometimes, while gazing I get into a trance (probably from concentrating so hard on the flame) that I am able to see images. Many times they do not make immediate sense, but eventually it will become clearer - days later. I journal these images for reference and research as they are cyphers not quite known to me.

As the ritual comes to a close, I ALWAYS use my candle snuffer to extinguish the candle flame as the “chi” needs to remain and not be disbursed into chaos. I know that some will disagree as the smoke from putting out the candle is needed to send the message to the universe.

It may seem like over-kill, but this seems to work best for me as I am still quite a newbie at this whole thing and until more confidence is gained, this will be my modus operandi. :face_with_peeking_eye:



According to my nurse, it’s trying to move to my chest so I’ve got antibiotics headed my way. Yay. But I do feel better! It’s just a deep cough that’s got me.

Thanks though for being so nice. Hope everything is going better for you!