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@MeganB Moving is always a nightmare! I’ve moved many times and have done cross-country too. It was not fun. But a moment of hot coffee and sunshine can bring at least a moment of peace to the day, right? Right? It will get better day by day and box by box. Just take it one small space at a time. :peace_symbol:


I think you’re probably right :joy: sometimes it seems like the mod team has one hive mind. We’re on the same wavelength a lot of the time!

Thank you very much :heart: This is my motto right now - one day at a time, one box at a time, one sleep at a time :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:


Challenge Entry
full moon water
Today was a double success
I went to the countryside
I lit the candle of Hekate and the incense
I put it in a bowl of water outside on the Moon
I read the Orphic Hymn
Enodian Ekati I close the Triodite Erranin Uranian chthonia te and Enalian crokopeplon…
the light from the moon and the candle was falling into the bowl of water…
the Orphic hymn continued
Tymvidian souls married after Bacchaeus…
the dog next to me was looking me straight in the eye…
persoian phileremon agalomeni after deer…nocturnal dogs bloodless vassals beast-eaters azoton uncombatant kind ehuaia tauropolon of the whole world key-keepers anssan ruler nymph curo-nurturer uresophite lissomena kurein rites osiais parinai bukolons eumaineusan ai keke Happy birthday
The ceremony ended under the full moon… the water is ready full of the power of Hekati and the full moon…
Hi Ekati!


Thank you, @Devenne! I hope she’s moved to a good facility this week. We’ll see.


Challenge Entry

Bless this Coven with Light. With a white candle and a feather I perform this Sacred Blessing spell for all of the wonderful witches of the Infinite Roots Coven. May we all receive these blessings in this blessed time of year.I inserted 'Infinite Roots Coven" where it says name.

I never liked this time of year because it always was a time of layoffs in the construction field. A hard time financially for many and a time of increasing pantry size not spending funds you don’t have. But gratitude is not seasonal and sometimes one just has to let some of the Light seep in through the cracks and brighten others lives. :sparkling_heart:

Hail Father Sun. :pray: May you bring the life we so sorely need in the following months and enrich our lives and the lives of all the children of our Great Mother. Hail Father Sun. :pray:



Alright, I’m just popping by quickly for this challenge. But after this, it’s back to alternating between organising the new place and relaxing. :smile:

Challenge entry

I took photos of sunrise and sunset on the same day to commemorate moving to the new place.


The light at around 05:45, before it rained all day.


The fading light and clearing sky at the end of a day of rain, at about 20:05. (The sun sets so late in summer. I miss winter. :laughing:)

I haven’t been able to set up an altar or burn any candles yet, but I took those moments to appreciate the light and the new place. :black_heart:

This weather is both warm (25°C is about 77°F) and wet, with both storm warnings and high UV warnings. What a rollercoaster.

I appreciate this. We had to do this yesterday and it came with some guilt over disappointing others who put lots of effort into setting things up for gatherings, but we know it was right for us to just not.

Your first entry is wonderful! No need to worry – we do as much or as little as we can or desire. :smile:

That’s so beautiful. :black_heart:

I’m glad everything has turned out well.



You are welcome. Take it slow.

Thanks for the light-filled Sacred Blessing for the coven.


It seems like you just moved too! If so, continue to take that time to relax too.


Thank you for the blessing, @Shadeweaver .

@starborn , your pics look very nice. I’m glad the weather wasn’t too hot for the move. Welcome home.

@BlueAngelite Good job on your first challenge.

@MeganB Welcome home. Your altar is beautiful. With ancestors in France, did they pass down your crocheting? I was guessing at the crocheting code in my book of codes. Do you have any clues as to how they wrote in crocheting in Marie Antoinette’s day? I’m not sure the Cagots did much crocheting, and I have no idea where the Boeuf family may have been, so I learned to crochet as a relative outsider.


Beautiful I love it


I love this and, as one of those people this year, i tgnaknyoy for your prayer :heart:


This challenge is now CLOSED :exclamation:

Beautiful and bright, the lights of the Coven shine, spreading blessings far and wide :sparkles: It has been so wonderful to see everyone’s light magick this week! I know it is a busy time of year for many, so an extra big thank you to all those who stopped by to share some light and love with everyone :heart: :pray: :blush:

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Thanks again for joining in the challenge! :partying_face:

Blessed be! :bulb: :sparkles:


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Yep, we finally finished moving on Sunday. I tried to relax, but now I’ve fallen on my hand and hurt it pretty bad. :laughing:

More effort into relaxing is needed!

Thank you. :black_heart: We were lucky with the rain, too. It didn’t start raining until the very last item was coming off the truck!

The requests for blessings much have worked. :blush:


@BlueAngelite No worries! There’s no wrong way to do a challenge! What a great entry! :blush: :heart:

@Susurrus That’s a beautiful moon :crescent_moon: :new_moon_with_face: and a great use of light! :bulb:

@MeganB I’m sorry it’s been such a difficult move! I’m glad you were able to find the light :sparkles: in the “dark” :heart:

@Devenne I like how you used drawings for the items you didn’t have! :heart::blush: Very creative! I never would have thought of that! :hugs:

@Amethyst I’m so sorry about your friend! You’re such a loving :heart: and supportive friend :heart::blush:

@starborn I’m glad you moved your stuff to the new place! :hugs: That’s half the battle. I hope you are celebrating your new beginning :sparkles: :blush: :heart:

I didn’t get to everyone, but I loved your entries! :heart::smiling_face_with_three_hearts::blush: Very creative and inspirational :clap: :heart::hugs::people_hugging:


Aww, thank you! That’s sweet of you to say!


Thanks @Sivonnah. It was a great first challenge to try out. I’m eager to do more!


Hmm… I’m not sure where my crochet came from! My grandmother on my father’s side taught me, but she’s no longer living for me to ask her where she learned to crochet. My great-grandmother on my mom’s side also crocheted, but I never met her. She passed away before was born.

I must not have come across your book of codes yet - I’m still catching up after being gone for a while during my move - so I’m not sure what you mean :sweat_smile: do you mean patterns?

There’s nothing wrong with that!


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