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Challenge Entry:

I chose to consecrate an amulet (my necklace)

This necklace I haven’t worn in a long time, and honestly I haven’t worn jewelry in a long time other than for very special occasions. But why shouldn’t I wear necklaces that I own, and make them meaningful and important to the goals in my life? This necklace is on a long silver chain and is a pendant with a labradorite stone. My intention for the consecration is for good luck, strength, and transformation.

This consecration used the cardinal directions and the elements to activate the amulet. I will be wearing the necklace non-stop for at least five days as the ritual suggests.

My previous seven day career spell has already been bringing me some luck (some future side work), so I’m hoping for continuing luck, strength, and transformation with this amulet. :four_leaf_clover:


I love Money Trees @Jeannie1 ! Here is one of mine (I have two).
It’s been doing especially well and healthy this fall and winter. I’d say it’s about 3-4 ft. tall and about 3 ft wide. I repotted it this summer. I did a full cleaning because it was getting really sick last spring and summer and lost many leaves and became yellow and sickly. I removed all the soil and washed the roots down and gave it a bigger pot, fresh organic soil with some fertilizer and kept on top of watering. And six months later, it has really bounced back! Now it just has to bring me that money luck! :money_mouth_face:


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Feels like good luck is in the air, thanks to all of these lucky entries! :four_leaf_clover: :star_struck: A big thank you to all those who have shared both their lovely challenge entries and the energies of good fortune with the Coven so far! If you have a lucky charm or luck magick that you’d like to share about but haven’t yet had the chance, know that the door of opportunity to this challenge remains open for just a bit longer.

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Blessed Be! :four_leaf_clover: :sparkles:


I decided to look into luck lore and here is what I learned!

:rainbow: Unlocking the Mysteries of Luck: A Dive into Luck Lore :star2:

Luck, that elusive force that seems to weave its way through our lives, influencing our experiences and outcomes. :four_leaf_clover: Whether you’re a firm believer in luck or view it as a mere coincidence, there’s no denying the fascinating lore that surrounds this concept. Join us on a journey as we unravel the tales, superstitions, and cultural beliefs that make up the intricate tapestry of luck. :nazar_amulet:

Chapter 1: Origins of Luck :earth_africa:
Luck has been a companion to humanity throughout history, and its origins are as diverse as the cultures that embrace it. From the ancient concept of Fortuna in Roman mythology to the Norse belief in fate and destiny, the threads of luck are woven into the fabric of our collective consciousness. :classical_building: Explore the roots of luck and how different civilizations have interpreted this mystical force.

Chapter 2: Symbols of Luck :four_leaf_clover:
Symbols have always played a crucial role in luck lore. The four-leaf clover, horseshoes, and lucky charms have become iconic representations of good fortune. :rainbow: Delve into the symbolism behind these objects and discover how they have become timeless talismans in various cultures around the world.

Chapter 3: Superstitions and Rituals :crystal_ball:
Superstitions are the quirky rituals that people perform in the hopes of attracting good luck or warding off bad fortune. :woman_mage: From avoiding black cats to knocking on wood, these rituals have been passed down through generations. Uncover the stories behind these superstitions and how they continue to shape our behavior today.

Chapter 4: Luck in Different Cultures :earth_asia:
Luck is a universal concept, but its manifestations vary across cultures. :globe_with_meridians: Explore how different societies perceive luck, from the intricate beliefs in Feng Shui in Chinese culture to the significance of number 7 in Western traditions. Gain insights into the diverse ways luck is woven into the tapestry of global beliefs.

Chapter 5: Modern Interpretations :rocket:
In the fast-paced, modern world, luck takes on new meanings. Explore how luck intersects with concepts like serendipity, chance, and opportunity in contemporary society. :briefcase: Whether it’s the luck of landing a dream job or stumbling upon a life-changing opportunity, discover how luck continues to play a role in our lives.

Conclusion: :milky_way:
As we wrap up our exploration of luck lore, one thing becomes clear – luck is a timeless and universal phenomenon that transcends borders and generations. Whether you’re a skeptic or a firm believer, the stories and symbols of luck add a touch of magic to our everyday lives. So, here’s to embracing the mysteries of luck and welcoming the unexpected with open arms. :star2: May fortune smile upon you! :stars:


Wow. i cannot do better than that. :heart_on_fire:



I chose my lucky number from what everyone else rejected. It has served me well. Maybe I was good luck for # 13.


Challenge Entry

My lowly acorn is to be my Lucky Charm. I have not put much faith in Luck or fortune or fate in my life, but looking back on my life I find it may have had more influence than I had first believed. To leave ones life to fate make one apathetic and lazy. Not taking responsibility for ones future. Luck is like waiting for fate to show itself. Fortune however is what one makes it. My lowly Acorn may bring me some luck. I cleansed and made it sacred. Did the Prayer to Fortuna. Added my Jade for health and it being green perhaps a good omen for increased prosperity.

Who knows, maybe Luck will grace this old man. I will do a jar in a bit to help with my fortune in general. :pray: Love to you all and may good fortune find us all. :silver_heart:



Thank you for the tip, I look forward to repotting my money tree! I want to bring it back to life, I’ll just go and buy some fertilizer for her! I appreciate the advice about washing the roots I’ve never heard about doing this before. You really have a green thumb :+1: I saw a sighn it was funny it read “I’m excited to wet my plants” :potted_plant:
I hung my horseshoe up! It’s in front of door for good luck :four_leaf_clover:



So I decided to go with telling y’all about some of the luck related things I remember from my Grandmother and the mostly crazy things I do to directly bring good luck or to avoid bad.

Things I learned from my Grandmother before I knew anything about anything.
Always keep bells on the front door.
If you cut a fresh Christmas tree and there is a bird’s nest in it, you will have good luck and blessings for the coming year.
There was something about Cardinals and good luck but I only remember that she told me, not what she said.
She also felt that her street number being 77 was very good luck.

Now some of my bits of craziness.
NEVER run out of salt.
Shoes are not to be ANYWHERE but the floor. A good rule in general but I truly believe that bad things will happen if shoes are anywhere else. If I find shoes anywhere but the floor I frantically put them on the floor and almost subconsciously do a deep breathing, all is calm kind of thing.
It is good luck to put your right shoe on first. I’m a little obsessive about that one.
Drinking glasses are to be rinsed 3 times before use and if you go over then it’s 9. I’m pretty sure I’ve been doing it longer than I’ve known the numbers meant anything.


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Good luck and good fortune- in the air and all around! Fantastic job to everyone who chimed in for some lucky magick exploration this week. Through the lucky lore, fortunate spellwork, charm exploration and more, you’ve all welcomed in positive energies into this space. Thank you for sharing your lovely luck magick with the Coven this week! :pray: :sparkles:

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I need to find my list of missed challenges for the next Catch-Up :joy:


I like your rainbow acorn! Cool! Did you color it, or did it come that way? I bought a set that open like that, too, in memory of an ABC After School Special- Cinderella- style story. So far, I haven’t done anything with them.


It came that way. A 4 piece set from Amazon. I thought an acorn would be appropriate for my Earthy type practice. :sweat_smile:



I missed the deadline by 20 minutes :weary: :laughing: I had spent an hour typing as I am :snail: slow! Good thing it’s catch up week!


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