🔗 Weekly Witchy CHALLENGE - Magickal Correspondences

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A big round of applause to all those who jumped in to talk about magickal associations and swap correspondences this week- goodness, there sure is a lot of wisdom in here! Thank you so much to everyone who shared their notes, books, ideas, thoughts, and information. It is a blessing to see, and will help all those who come here to learn about correspondences in the future- thank you so much! :heart: :pray:

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I see the face! A little creepy :flushed:


I agree that’s why I did a protection spell!


I really enjoyed that part of the correspondence book as well! I just used it to look up Hekate. :key:


Ohh, that’s really cool! :astonished: Thank you for sharing the link!

I can’t respond to each person individually, but please know that I have read everyone’s entries! :smiling_face_with_three_hearts: :herb: :crystal_ball: There are so many amazing entries - great job everyone!


So happy you love it as much as I do! It’s my witches bible. Lol!


When I first got into learning about Runes, I had Blum’s book. I was scared Mom would have me punished for having something like this, so I took doll house shingles and made a set of my own to carry with me. Then I took a mini book and wrote out the meanings, but instead of using Blum’s definitions, I used Bible quotes, hoping that if I were caught, someone might say they were ok just because the Bible was referenced. Then if something upset me, I’d go to the restroom for privacy and draw a rune to help me understand my experiences or get advice on what to do next. It was a good introduction to this form of symbolism and got me used to using staves.


Thank you :blush: so much for this website I’ve been checking it out and I love this website! Go Nixi we love you so much.


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