:magic_shield: Weekly Witchy CHALLENGE - Magickal Guardians

Totally agree! My dogs always seem to be able to tell when i am sick ot feeling down. My male dog, Ralph, especially. He sits at my feet and watches me as though keeping guard. My cats are the same. They come up and lie on my chest, purring as if trying to bring a sense of calm to me. Is it love and loyalty that you get automatically from them. It cannot be beaten.


challenge entry

Back again in the big divination spreads im trying a month spread accross all decks. I have the

  • 3 card past present future with present being April
    -3 card situation chalkenge outcome/advice
  • a few individual deck spreads( 4-7cards)
  • 5 card month ahead spreads- tarot decks
  • grand tableau( kipper and lenormand
  • i ching ( trying out after last challenge inspited me- 1 hexagram (present ) for areas such as work, health etc

So heres where the tie to the challenge came in. I was drawing on wisdom of various guardian spirits and guides from angels, mermaids, fairies, unicorns, animal guides and deities. I thought to illustrate id provide a few carfs from ny large month read :joy:dobt worry i wont include all cards. Too many for that

This card was from one of past present future spreads

Angel feather deck from one of situation challenge outcome spreads

Card from one of past present future spreads

another card from one of past present future spread

mermaid - deck specific spread

fairies - deck specific spread

Unicorn- specific deck spread

Animalguides ocean ( in honour of njord) deck specific spread

runes in honour of Freya, njord and Fenrir my norse deities

month ahead- from onr of spreads. I think it was spririt guide deck . ?
I just included a few to show examples of connecting to, honouring or seeking wisdom from different deities, spirits and guides tgtough my divination project. I want to try do it monthly and can add specific spreads for upcoming sabbats. I also have one moon cycle spread in the april reading and tge month ahead has by week cards and an overvuew of month. So its a month read but has so much versatility including topics for that month like health work etc.
I can tailor spreads over time but for now i kept it as simple as could for the large size of reading. I was inspired after seeing a video on YouTube on how to use multipke decks in s readubg for a well rounded reading and of course youbknow me… couldn’t help but take up the challenge and then some :laughing: oh and i stuck to decks had on apps for this one and also i did do i ching as well and foubd an app but i do like the explanations in the divining the future book id shared last challenge but it gave me a way to explore drawing i ching readings as i dont have physical coins and still learning tgat one, but heres a card from one of these as examole. Ive only got free app for this but still useful


Amazing entry my friend!!!


Beautiful work Alan!!!


I am impressed with everyones entries! Thank you all for sharing your talents, insights and yourself!!

Challenge Entry
I have felt that I have not been alone since young child. I loved, nature and animals from a young age. I have always been interested in spirituality and spirits.
I was given a guardian angel picture by my mother’s best friend as a birthday present at 12 and I loved it. I think that is what helped me connect to different realms. I wanted to be fairy at this age too and always looked for them and would image them.

I connect deeply with nature, and especially birds.

I chant almost daily Buddhist chants and Hindu chants. One is the Heart Sutra which is protective.

Before I pull tarot cards or do divination I use this prayer:
Spirit of Source
Spirit of the Universe
High vibrational spirits, guides, well ancestors, elementals, other than human kin, helpers, healers and all who walk with me for my highest good. Please show me what I need to know today.
I thank you, Mote it Be.

I recently added Baba yaga, Bridgit and Hades names before tbe end because they have told me they want to work with me.

I currently am developing relationships with all of these god and godesses. I wanted ro sew them each Sigil but I ran out of time. So I one I created was for Bridgit. I got the sigil from Sigil Athenaeum


Entry: I am so grateful for this challenge! I’ve been dealing with some tough issues in my personal life & family life for a while. This challenge reminded me that I find comfort in turning to Archangel Michael for protection and strength. And that’s what I did: just a few meditations where I asked for his support, and it was just what I needed. It helped me feel whole and at ease. :yellow_heart::blue_heart:


Challenge entry!

For a few years now ive seen the image of a god that i have yet to identify as well as a goddess. I think its about time i do! This will definitely take longer than just this week, but i am taking steps to identify the god first since he has been with me the longest. I have my suspicions, but i am going to do the tarot layout above tomorrow morning! Crossing fingers i finally put a name to the face! Will update/start a new thread with an update!:heart:


Challenge Entry- My magical Guardian is Hecate the Goddess of magick,mist,necromancy the crossroads and Queen on the witches. Every new moon I give her a offering that I leave at the crossroads and every Samhain I hollow out a small pumpkin put her offerings inside and leave it in the woods for her.

Picture by Riordan Wiki Fandom


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Thankyou lovely i love your entry as well beautiful


Oh I forgot about birds! I see cardinals and blue jays which are my grandma looking over me. Hummingbirds for my mom.


Hummingbirds are my grandmother :older_woman:


My Beautiful Sister Witch CelestiaMoon…Thank you for your kind and very helpful words!! I found my answer I was looking for and I am not going anywhere :people_hugging:

Mote It Be


I love Hummingbirds! When my husband was putting a wraparound deck on our summer cottage, I told him he could not cut down this tree because the little hummingbirds would go there and do what they do. !?!

Mote It Be


Awww I’m so glad to hear, love you :people_hugging: :heart:


Love hummingbirds :star_struck:


Phoenix Fire, this is beautiful. This is a great Challenge. I am trying to obtain more Tarot Cards, but I have only found one that resonates with me except this one:

I will know it when I see it.
Blessed Be