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challenge entry
Sorry ive been off the grid, its been a bit of struggle lately financially , physically, emotionally and just in general. I missed a weeks challenge but wasnt sure id get this one…But that is why i thought a recent thing was relevent. I wont go into long story but i was at point i wasnt sleepung for days then id go days i could barely move or ve conscious long, was rationing food abd toilet paper and findung alternatuves when it ran out and barely eating much at all. Since the 22 dec it’s bren the worst and i knew i needed food and toilet paper and shamppoo and conditioner, i needed dish soap and laundry liquid. I kept hoping id ve able to hold out and i tried to stay as positive as i could especially as i couldnt tell anyone. I also had to wait till craziness of christmad and new years was over cause leaving the house had been a struggle as it was without thr craziness of holiday crowds. My christmas present from family secret santa ( which i laughed when realised my little brother seemed yo of missed the point, hes 27 not a kid, of secret santa abd signed his nane on the card) was money. Supposed to go to clothes or things for house but that went to me finally buying food and toiletries ( just essentials) that needed wuth that money. I still do my daily blessing prayer tryung my guardian’s/ clan would protect and guide me, i mentally tried to stay positive and hold on while i struggled with even badic thungs like food and toilet psper or sleep or showers or even leavung the bed cause i was so weak and in pain. Avoiding too much water cause of the toilet paper situation. But when i walked home from that first shop in ages with things i had gone without or had to ration for week’s. I had my secret santa request to be money and while some people in family go with something else * meaning well) i had hoped that who ever i had would give the money than somethung else, because i was so desperate. Even medicatiin run out. But wgen i realised that $100 my brother had givrn me for secret santa gad been enough to cover the shop that i hoped could keep under $ 100 if possible to help financial situation not get worse. . I cried my shopping was a few dollars under a hundred dollars and i knew that it had worked out ok. Id kept positive and pusged through, i trusted my deities to watch over me, but despite none of famiky knowing my struggles, my brother had given me the gift i needed most, enough money to buy food and toilet paper and toiletry essentials. Im left that receipt out as a reminder and to help me be grateful that my clan, my brother ( unknowingly) and the universe gave me exactly what i nedded to survive. I think me also staying positive as could and holding out that things would work out helped to send that message to the universe to show what i needed. And it did. I know its tempory relief, but thats why left receipt out so i walk passed it and remember even tgough it looked bleak, it worked out and if i keep going it will be ok. So mote it be


Weekly challenge- manifestation entry:

  • What have you manifested?
    I have managed to manifest happiness in my life through centring my energy through balancing my mind, body and soul to achieve my desired outcome. I will say it was challenging to bring myself to a positive state of mind, but I would say that is the key to what prompted my positive outcome.

  • Is there something you would like to manifest?
    Continuous happiness focused on positives and learning from negatives in my life.

  • How do you manifest?
    I manifest through meditation firstly and also through spell work which are my main sources. Other methods are offerings to deities, prayer and rituals.


i have been sick lately so i am just going to write on a piece of paper for better health and burn it. May this year will bring us all happiness :blush:


I have been indulging in cookies and cream ice cream goodness quite a bit recently. :eyes:

My excuse is that I’m using a lot of energy with physical activity. :crazy_face:

For my weak @$$, it is. :face_with_peeking_eye: :laughing:

I’m uncomfortable once it passes 25. :sweat_smile:


Maybe the rain will cool it off?


FYI: to all, I’m back from my travels. And for the first time in a long time, my flights were uneventful. There were no delays or cancelations. My flight was not diverted to another city or taxiing endlessly on the runway. My bags were not lost. No other passengers had tantrums and had to be carted away by security. Travel just went smoothly as it should. And this hasn’t happened for me since way before Covid. So I’d say the travel protection bags and this manifestation challenge was a huge success for me personally! :baggage_claim:

I’m glad to be safely home. :house:


I have loved :heart: reading everyone’s entries so far :star_struck: I’m sorry that I haven’t been able to comment on them all. They are all wonderful & unique as each one of our members :hugs:

Challenge Entry

I started this last week, but I went through, removed, organized, & rearranged my space over 4 days, then again over the weekend… Mostly. It’s absolutely :100: so much better and lighter. I have very little left to do, but I have made it a habit of making bed every day again. That was a part that somehow got left behind during 2023. It’s made such a difference, though, since I have been able to do it each day.

I also made it a thing to write out my goals, what I want to do, what to let go of, what I want to do more of, and actions to get toward those. In a way, it helped me to get more organized to find my best routine. I have a list of things I need and want to get done. So I’m making much better practice of doing what I need to do to get different things done. It’s definitely a step at a time, but it is a step each day in the right direction.

I am not feeling good, so my momentum has slowed, but I work on whatever I can each day. I am taking breaks, but I’m completely spent by the early evening and need to lie down. So I do what I can when I can right now. Some days the things I need to address are more pressing, such as meetings or visits to a doctor with my child. Then I need to take the time to rest or recharge before being able to continue with my own things to do in my space or for myself. I’m rolling with them as I can, then trying to roll with it and into the next day or thing to do if I can that day.

I’m manifesting a better year than last year. So I’m not in such chaos and so many things at once. I’m not stretching myself too thin for others and then getting nothing of my own done or even started. Making sure that I am more organized and in tune with what I need to do so I’m not taking on everyone, everything, and their added energies and feelings as my own. I am re-learning to use my protections and boundaries best for myself. Even when they are being challenged, to keep them in place without giving in no matter what I am picking up on feeling, trusting my intuition again, which actually came in very handy on New Year’s Eve for me! I was very happy when I learned it was the right thing to do.

Today, I received 2 new altar cloths that I am very excited about to complete the re-organization and set up of my altars. Since each altar has a home for my deities, the cloths represent the deities on those altars. Also, the one for my ancestor altar is where Brighid resides in my space, so this will be perfect.

I’ve also been able to go through and reorganize my current BOS on my laptop. It’s easier because of my interests, information, setups, and research on the topics I still use in my practice or reference. I still have my written journals for each of my deities with their specific prayers, rituals, recipes, & practices. Also, my regular practices are in their own journal-type book. I keep my Book of Mirrors in the nightstand drawer next to my bed, along with the current book I am reading.

Then I did this small spell for manifesting:

Whisper the following spell over a bowl of water, a well, or another sacred water source. For the final line, state your desires in the present tense - I am instead of I wish I was

My words are wands,
Reality a spell,
I whisper my wishes into the well.

Then state your desires and the situation/emotion/thing you’re manifesting
→ Actual spell from: Small Spells Deck by Tamed Wild

I continue each day to work toward how my life and practice will look going forward this year. I’m taking the steps to regain feeling better in all areas of my life. So far, I’m doing pretty well and feel confident that it will continue. :revolving_hearts:

I had tweaked this spell to make it more specific to me. While I used most of it, I changed the wording and wrote them down as I stated them to keep them in my intention tin. I open it to see them throughout the year. I also have a planner that helps with this each day to remind me of what I’m manifesting, how I’m getting there, whether there’s anything to adjust, or if things are doing fine for now.


Weekly Witchy Challenge for Amethyst:

I keep forgetting to post about this! I keep reading everyone else’s entries and have been loving them. Especially the spell jars. I don’t have a jar to do one, however. I’m a bad witch, I don’t buy many things in jars.

I did however find this great meditation to manifest your desires. I’m trying to manifest better health. Not sure if it’s working yet or not, but we’ll see. I hope you like the meditation too!


After the mundane life actually hit me relentlessly with burnout and illeness during the holidays, here is my challenge entry:

On New year’s eve I wrote a letter to my future self following this Law of Attraction: Letter From Future Self Method | Leeor Alexandra
Put it under my pillow and slept on it the first day and now I put it in a drawer forgetting its existance.
Let’s see what 2024 shall bring us


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Thank you so much to everyone who has jumped in for some manifesting work over the past two weeks- it has been a delight reading about your magick and intentions for the new year! I hope 2024 is off to a bright start for you and that any and all wishes you set will come true (if they haven’t already)! :star2:

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Challenge entry- for this challenge I took out a pillar candle along with my full moon oil then I said out loud everything I wanted to manifest this year followed by a drop of oil for each one and I lit the candle. I also took out some herbs that correspond with my manifestations and I grinded them up and sprinkled them on the candle so that I could send my wishes up to the Gods. :consecrate_spell: :witch_pentacle: :pink_heart:


This challenge is now CLOSED :exclamation:

Bravo to those who make things happen- the manifestors who make their dreams come true! Everyone in the world has wishes, but it’s one thing to want and another thing to take action to make it happen. Your manifestation work this week has been a pleasure to see- may all the intentions set by Coven manifest in wonderful ways! Thank you for sharing your work with us! :raised_hands: :heart:

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Excellent entry! Thank you so much for the indepth descriptions. It’s beautifully created. May all your intentions manifest. So mote it be! Blessed be :sparkles:


Thank you. Jars and bags seem to be my thing :sparkles:


Thank you so much, the power of generates feels like the strongest yet. I really hope it does the same for someone else :sparkles:


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