🔥 Weekly Witchy CHALLENGE - Of the Element Fire

Absolutely beautiful, @Stephanie- may Venus help you to rise from the flames of past sufferings and celebrate the fiery beauty you have! :fire: :heart: It sounds like the Flower Fire Spell went wonderfully- congrats to you, very well done! :blush:

A huge congrats to you, @praecog29 :pray: I imagine it was challenging to take a difficult period in your life and ignite it- letting the ashes form the foundation for wonderful new things to come. I’m so glad the ritual went well and you are experiencing a new sense of freedom and peace- bigs hugs to you! :hugs: :two_hearts: Your ability to both face and overcome the darkness is always inspirational to see.

It is so exciting to delve deeper into the fire horoscopes- nicely done, @Siofra! Thank you for sharing them and also for sharing the links. Enjoy your horoscope studies! :grin::milky_way:

Beautiful, @Christina4! Nice choice with the fire agate- may the ritual bring you many fiery blessings :pray::hibiscus:

You are very welcome, thanks for sharing your stunning work, @NickWick! I am in awe of all of those beautiful candles :heart_eyes: And you chose such lovely colors and scents as well :rainbow: And the herb and stone candles- I love them so much! Your efforts really paid off- everything is so beautiful :candle: :blush:

Lovely, @Robin77! That’s a great idea to charge your charm bag with the energy of the flame :candle::blush: It really is beautiful- may your charm bag bring you much luck and many blessings! :heart:

A chant for each color- fantastic idea, @Amethyst! :heart_eyes: Ohhhh your beautiful writing is always a pleasure to read, and this is an extra special treat! :candle: Thank you so much for sharing- I’ll keep these in mind while working different colored candle magick :grin:

A beautiful meditation, @Jeannie1- it sounds so peaceful :blush: Apollo sounds like a great god to work with- thank you for the helpful info on the deities! And you chose lovely candles with symbolic colors and dressings too :candle: :rainbow: May your lovely spellwork bring you increased confidence and inner peace- you are such a beautiful soul, who deserves to be proud of the light you bring! :sun_with_face:


Friendly reminder time!

:grey_exclamation: This challenge will close TOMORROW :grey_exclamation:

If you would like to participate and haven’t done so already, please post about your fire magick experience by the deadline: Tomorrow: February 9th, 7:00 AM CET (Central European Time Zone)

Blessed be! :heart: :fire:


Beautiful altar there @Jeannie1! And you learn by doing! Making little mistakes happen sometime but it’s the intent that matters. You did a fine job!

I’m thinking of adding chants for Orange and Brown, it’s just that they didn’t have a mediation for me to get inspiration from. But I like orange candles, I use them a lot for success.


So I’ve always been into candles and light 100 a day (it feels like) lol. But this night was different’ I was listening to “Seasons of the Moon and Flame” and I was in my new greenhouse (just got for Christmas :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:) and I was setting up for my Full Moon ritual and getting ready for Imbolc. I love just sitting with my plants doing yoga and listening to audiobooks (nerdy) I know ‘ but looking up onto the Full Moon well y’all know what I’m saying. But when it was time to finish I couldn’t believe what happened. I went to put the fire out with my wooden spoon ‘ Every candle went out no problem except for which one? The Fiery RED One. I said out loud ok’ I’ll stay with you for a while ‘ I guess you want me to. And at that very moment I heard a laugh or giggle ‘ a very manly deep giggle. It at first startled me and I went out and looked around in the dark’ and nothing nobody around . At first I was a lil scared but then when I went back in with the plants… ‘ the candle flame was out and smoke was going straight up to the Moon ‘ it looked like. Then I felt a sense of well something’ & I think that day has changed me a lil ‘ In a way it opened me up to so much and that passion will always be with me.
So Fire’ I Thank You for igniting something in me that is just unexplainable. :cupid:


I really :heart: love this @Amethyst love the way you put the words of poetry to the candle COLOURS, that was really creative of you, and it rhymes too :blush:

Since I now have :rainbow: coloured candles :candle::candle::candle:from my fire challenge, I will give this Candle Magic Spells and Ritual a go!!

Great job!


I’ve discovered I have a strong affinity to Fire as well as Water, so I wanted to make a personal map of correspondences for Fire too! :smiley: :fire:

I’ve been continuing working with Brighid, if you can call it that yet. I have an altar for her in my living room, the same one I used for my Imbolc ritual, and I have been giving her offerings. In return I’ve been able to take a lot more practical steps in my shadow work and self improvement… facing those fears head on instead of just picking them apart in my head!

Also… one night I was feeling very tired and down, and I was writing a particularly self-deprecating message to my girlfriend, when… just before I could hit send my computer lost power! I giggled out loud and gave Her my heartfelt thanks. How I was feeling right then could be compared to the feeling after a thunderstorm… like the air itself was so much lighter and fresher! I took the opportunity to get into bed, and fell asleep almost instantly.

Yet another Fire discovery I might have missed if not for @MeganBenergy work with fire! I’ve been feeling like I’d like to look deeper into energy work and energy healing especially, like I’m being called somehow. I’d love to hear your recommendations if you have any! Feeling energy with my hands especially feels natural to me.

Okay, here comes something slightly sexual, just as a warning if you’d rather not read that… :joy: My first girlfriend who also is a Cancer-Leo cusp, was often told she had magic fingers, and what that meant was that she could make people feel really good just touching wherever! Not necessarily where you’d expect. In a special, sensing kind of way, finding some really sensitive spots you had no idea were there. And from her I kinda learned it too… or learned that I do that too? She was the first I could use that kind of touch on after all… :joy: Now, trying it on a candle flame… another fun lesson, the “magic” part in it was more literal than I thought! :grin:


Absolutely beautiful, @steph! It sounds like you had a very meaningful experience- fire unlocked something within your magick that night :candle: :blush: And congrats on your new greenhouse- what a lovely Christmas gift, that makes a perfect place for spellwork! :christmas_tree: :heart_eyes:

Hooray for a Fire Correspondence chart, @CelestiaMoon! It is a delight to see :smiling_face_with_three_hearts: :fire: And congrats on your developing bond with Brighid- it sounds like She is watching over you :blush: Thanks for sharing your fiery experiences!


:exclamation: This challenge is now CLOSED :exclamation:

Great job, everyone- it’s been a delight to read about your delightful fiery magick :fire::sparkles:

A Props and Presents post will soon appear with shout-outs and prize details. Please keep an eye on the main page of the forums.

Note : This post will remain open for continued discussion for a few more days, but no additional prizes will be given after today.

Blessed be! :sparkles:


For my challenge i did the red candle meditation. I invoked the spirit of fire alongside Brigid. ( I had to use a white candle because I thought i still had red candles . But when I went to start the challenge, i realized i was out)

I wrote on several pieces of paper all the things I wanted to banish from my life. Can’t remember how many i wrote down. However, there were plenty.
I burned the pieces of paper over my dollar store bought kettle, that has a long handle to hold on to, so you don’t get burned. After i finished burning all my pieces of paper, i flushed them down the toilet.
I meditated for awhile and concentrated on the visual flames and my candles.

I’ve always been drawn to fire, and i think it’s my favorite elementht. I’m a Leo :leo: sign so maybe that might be the reason as to why I’m drawn to fire?! Even as a little kid i remember just having this fascinated with it. ( Of course nothing like a pyromaniac lol)

Question. Can you use fire to attract for what you want? Or is it only for banishing? Example can you burn the pieces of paper or bay leaves with intentions of what you want ? I’m a little confused as how to work with the element.
(That’s my little assistant. She always lays on the couch next to me by the altar, while I do my spells or meditation @TheTravelWitch, can you give her a badge too? Lol)
Thank you all,
Blessed be

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Cute baby!!! :smiling_face_with_three_hearts::heart_eyes::heart_eyes::heart_eyes::star_struck::star_struck::star_struck:


@christina4 , thank you!


Aww, thank you so much! I’m wanting to put more candle magic into my every day life and thought this would be fun. I hope you find it useful!


A very beautiful (and fiery!) ritual, @walter :fire::blush: Your strong connection with fire could definitely be enhanced by being a Leo, but it sounds like your attraction to this element goes even deeper than your horoscope- it sounds like an element where you are at home! :candle:

It looks like this was posted after the challenge closed, but I glanced at the time stamp and it looks like it was really, really close! I think you posted within an hour of the deadline. Since it is such a fantastic entry and you were so very close to the challenge, I’m going to add you into the Props and Presents post. Fire is clearly your element- you’ve earned the badge (and your cute little assistant too! :dog:)! :raised_hands:

Different practitioners will likely have different opinions on this, but I believe that the elements are all very versatile.

Fire in particular is the heat of life and the warmth of the body- while also capable for destroying entire civilizations (I visited the volcano Vesuvius and the ruins of Pompeii- the lasting damage is life-changing to experience :astonished: )

As a force of creation and destruction, I say it is absolutely possible to use fire as a force of attraction! :fire: The key is in visualization- flames can burn things to ash, but a small spark can ignite a wish into being :+1:


@TheTravelWitch , thank you for the badge. I wasn’t sure I thought it had uploaded? But somehow stayed in the draft. I happened to come back to it and noticed it had not sent. (I was man, looks like I missed it now!) Therefore, I hit submit again. Thank you for accepting it! Jersey loves her badge too. She’s used to me cleansing her with incense, sage or whatever I have on hand. I think she feels comfortable sitting by me while I’m doing a ritual or simply meditating.

I’m also fascinated by Pompeii. It’s amazes me how they were frozen in time by the pyroclastic blast. (Also can imagine their terror while it was happening! )

Thank you for the advice. I will be doing more fire magic now. I really enjoyed it!

Blessed be.


Robin- Excellent I see you did a charm bag and used candle for the south realms of fire! I love your sacred place! Looks really sacred! I love the fire element. It’s a beautiful color you chosen!


I like how you decided to use the red candle. And how you used the toilet its like flushing the **** down the toilet.!! “So cleaver” indeed. I joked too, how I love fire, and I was a piro! One of my first spells, I did automatically & I knew in my heart that I could just burn something that bothered me not even knowing I was doing a banishing spell! I just watched the piece of paper burn in my heart too. I like to do banishing spells too! So it did come naturally. I am realizing that I am falling in love with all the elements. They all have there own uniqueness. Cute doggy she looks like a chuwawa but I am not sure what kind.
My son is a Leo too! Leos have a heart of gold, and they are loyal friends!
Thank you for sharing!!
Blessed be


So glad you enjoyed the challenge- it was a pleasure to hear your experience and I’m looking forward to seeing your fire magick shine again in the future, Walter! :fire::smiling_face_with_three_hearts:

It sounds like you have quite the “apprentice”- she sounds like a very patient and well-behaved spellwork partner :laughing: :dog: :two_hearts:

Blessed be! :sparkles:


Thank you Jeannie! Yes, I agree all the elements are awesome! Like you mentioned, they are unique in their own way. Hahahah, yes just flush everything down lol…Weather has been pretty bad here and everywhere is full of ice. Just seems like the easiest thing to do, without going outside. Plus, I imagined the flush taking all my banish emotions far, far, away. Thank you! I am pretty loyal when I care about people. If someone is in my life, I will always be there for them. I try to follow, don’t do unto others what you wouldn’t want done to you. Since becoming Wiccan I feel I’ve grown more of an empath, I think. However, i tell people don’t mistake my kindness for weakness. Because, my purr can become a roar very rapidly. I’m also very protective of my loved ones. .

Thanks Jeannie, shes actually a Papillon. But everyone thinks she’s a chihuahua. My other dog that passed away almost 2 years next month was a Chihuahua. Everyone thought they were related lol…

Blessed be.


@TheTravelWitch thank you! Yes definitely want to incorporate more fire-magick in the future. Hahahaha, yes Jersey is pretty well-behaved. I think she knows the routine already lol…She doesn’t mind that I douse her with florida water and incense. Should get her a little Witches hat lol…

Blessed be


I know this is over but I thought this would be nice to add here.

This is an Aquarius New Moon tarot spread.