:sun: Weekly Witchy CHALLENGE - Solstice Festivities of Light

@stavroula Your altar is lovely :heart:


Thank you @marsha!


Happy Summer Solstice, all! :sun_with_face::sunflower::heartpulse:

Today, my husband made a bonfire for us to enjoy this evening. And soon, I’ll be performing a Litha ritual followed by a “White Magick Success Spell” to bless my upcoming new school year at a new school :slight_smile:

After my spell is complete, I’ll wind down with a Summer Solstice yin yoga flow :woman_in_lotus_position:


Nice! Wish I had the set up to make a fire… knowing my clumsy self I’ll probably light the place on fire :joy::woman_facepalming:


Although I know the challenge is up, I just wanted to share the receipt for a Yule log cake I found and edited… I will be hopefully attempting to make the cake soon and will add the receipt in my book of shadows so I don’t loose it…


Thank you :smiling_face_with_three_hearts: :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:


You know what they say: “dance as if no one were watching”- go crazy and embrace that Draconic energy, @Kasandra! Dance magick is powerful stuff and it sounds like you had a great time with it :dancer: Keep on dancing! :sparkles::grinning:

Good dragon :dragon_face: :+1: :smile:

Beautiful bonfire, Alarm- what a perfect way to spend the solstice! I hope your success spell went well- wishing you many blessings and much happiness for your upcoming year at a new school :heart::pray::school:

I would love to hear about your Yule Log! :heart_eyes: I’ve messed around with a few recipes in the past and I currently have a “franken-recipe” for a Yule Log that we’re using at the moment. Always helpful to hear from what others did to make their logs! :cake: :two_hearts:


This is a most excellent challenge! I LOVE…SUMMER! So for me, the Summer Solstice marks my most favorite time of year. Also, summer is my birthday and this year is a very important one as I will be turning 40! :smiling_face: This year is going to mark many important changes for me in my life. I will be graduating with my doctoral degree - I will officially be a Doctor of Education in Organizational Leadership with a Behavioral Health Emphasis, I also turn 40, AND I am starting on a new and exciting career journey. While it is full of excitement, it is also of course fraught with some anxiety as well. While my change in work is MUCH needed (I have discussed here before about my current toxic workplace and boss), and the opportunity I have decided to embark on is one that I cannot possibly turn down, it is in essence a start up business so of course there is some level of uncertainty with that endeavor.

So for this challenge, I actually did a few different things to harness the power of the sun, light, and energy that will come with the solstice. First, I did a thorough cleansing of my ritual tools and crystals yesterday and I charged my crystals under the sun. Last evening I did a cleansing and protection of my home with herbs. Before I went to bed, I went to my altar room and tidied it up, vacuumed and dusted. To end my evening, I lit a red candle and did a short meditation to the Sun God Ra to provide thanks for new beginnings, bounty, and opportunity for growth. I meditated on the exciting things that are happening and called on Ra to provide me strength, energy, and steadfastness to stay the course throughout it all. :pray: :sun_with_face:

It felt very good to do these things yesterday. I have been quite busy the last few weeks and haven’t had time to jump on the forum here or to really sit at my altar, which has left me feeling a bit perplexed. So it was great to get the time to do that, as well as to come into the forum to check and see how everyone is doing :heart_eyes: BLESSED BE, everyone! Sending warm thoughts, love, and light.


Thank you @TheTravelWitch_Bry , I believe they are leaves… They look kinda feathery too :rofl:


Happy Birthday and Happy Summer Solstice! :partying_face::tada::sun_with_face::heartpulse:


Hi, I’m new here, and I was looking for a post like this yesterday, but could not find it. hope it’s ok to post a day late. I am a newbie witch, and it was very fun to celebrate Litha for the first time! Here’s what I did to honor the solstice:

  • breathwork in the great outdoors! It was so beautiful with the sun shining down on the water nearby, and the blue, blue sky looking down at me.

  • yoga and a bike ride

  • I did some candle magic and a prayer that I found here on Spells8. By the time I took a picture it was dark, but here’s my photo, below.


Everything sounds amazing, @carrie4- the cleansing of your tools, charging crystals, protection spellwork, taking care of your altar room, and the lovely sun meditation :sun_with_face: What a way to welcome the solstice and celebrate the start of summer- and it does like it will be a fun one for you! Wishing you a happy graduation, happy career change, and happy (early) 40th bday :partying_face: So much excitement on the horizon for you! :star_struck:

Leafy feathers maybe? :laughing: Whatever they are, they drew me in- it’s a really pretty decoration :sun_with_face: :two_hearts:

Welcome, Chai Tea! :blush: It is absolutely fine to post late- while the period for badges has passed, challenges remain open for continued entries and discussion for about a week until they are locked (there will be a little padlock symbol :lock:). Thank you very much for sharing your Litha celebrations- it sounds like you had an amazing time! :sun_with_face: :two_hearts:

Your altar space is lovely- is that the Triple Goddess symbol ( :first_quarter_moon_with_face: :full_moon: :last_quarter_moon_with_face:) in the center on your altar cloth? The letters and numbers are a really cool touch too- you’ve got a beautiful cloth! :heart:

Glad you had a blessed Litha and solstice celebration! :tada:


Thank you! Yes, it is the Triple Goddess symbol on the cloth.


Hello! I didn’t realize there was a deadline for this but I will share anyway! I made banana bread and shared with my Mom. I culled my Melissa oficiales and made an oil infusion. On Tuesday, before dark, I anointed and lit a white candle, called corners and did some spell work for personal issues (cleansing and protection). I used juniper, elecampane, devils claw, salt, lapis, citrine and quartz crystal. All was consecrated. After my first spell was complete, there was still white candle burning so I anointed a brown candle and did a justice spell. I melted the bottom and merged it to the top of the white candle. It was so awesome that as the flame met up with the white candle, it kept burning down. I drew cards for each candle color regarding both spells. In the end, before the candle blew out on its own, the flame separated into 2 different flames, one blue and one yellow. The blue went out first and the yellow followed. It was quite magical as the ash in the fire made what looked like a fairy on a juniper berry :laughing::smiley:.


Oh no! @Karma
The pictures didn’t come through. I’m not sure what happened! I would love to see them please post again.
Much Love always!


It looks like that she submitted the entry before the images were finished processing/uploading. I’ve had that happen before.


That makes sense @Amaris_Bane Thank you!


@katnabis i troed to separate the images, but it seems as though those will have to be re-uploaded. I would love to see them also.


@chaitea43 It’s really lovely! :heart: :first_quarter_moon_with_face: :full_moon: :last_quarter_moon_with_face:

@Karma Everything looks absolutely beautiful- and what a lovely candle spell ritual! :candle: Also, banada bread is always a win in my book- I am sure your mother was grateful for the tasty treat :heart::bread: :banana:

No worries at all! After a challenge closes, the discussion remains open over the weekend for continued conversation and late entries- as long as the thread isn’t locked (you’ll see a little padlock :lock: next to the title and no new posts can be added) you are free and welcome to chat away! :blush:

Having said that, something special is happening this week- every 10 challenges there is “Catch-Up Challenge”, where all challenges that had been closed are open again. And that’s happening this week!

Your entry here @Karma (and actually looking back @chaitea43 and @carrie4 as well- @Alarm, I know you already shared a lovely Solstice entry in the new challenge!) although late for last week’s challenge, could actually be counted towards the current Catch-Up Challenge (here is a link to the new challenge if you’d like to check it out: The Hundredth Challenge :100:)

If you would like, please let me know and I will be happy to count these entries- you will receive the badge prize as well as a shout-out when the current challenge closes! :partying_face:

(And apologies if any of that was confusing- I know it is a lot of information all at once! Please feel free to reach out if you have any questions!)


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