💯 Weekly Witchy CHALLENGE - The Hundredth Challenge

I was raised to believe spiders :spider: were good and to leave them alone because they eat a lot of bugs. I talk to them… but if they bite me I kill them :headstone: which makes me feel sad. I love the large spiders that protect my home, and I’m so thankful for them, and I tell them so.


That’s beautiful Marsha


Your sigils look great! And I’m happy I could inspire you :blush: :heart:


Thank you so much @martje


Hubby just came home from work and asked why the bathtub looks like the wings were plucked off a pixie fairy. Oops, before I went to the cemetery this morning I took a bath with sea salt and chamomile flowers. I put a strainer in to catch the flower petals so it wouldn’t mess up the drain, but there were some lingering and I figured I would wipe them out later and forgot. Lol! Anyway, it gave me an idea “Rub a dubb dubb magic in the tub” challenge entry. :smiling_face:


Hello everyone :blush: @TheTravelWitch_Bry I’d like to use the late entry I submitted for last week’s challenge: Solstice Festivities of Light. :pray:

Thank you so much! Blessed be.


Haha, I’m the neighborhood " Spider Lady." :spider::woman_supervillain:Whenever there is a spider on/in someone’s camper, they call me. I go catch it and bring it to my house. Unless it is a brown recluse or a black widow. Those unfortunately die of I come across them. I apologize to them but I can’t risk my or my pets life to save a spider.


I don’t mind spiders, but I go the opposite direction if a snake is involved.


Same!!! Me when a snake shows up → :fearful::fearful::fearful::fearful: :running_woman::running_woman::running_woman:


For the challenge, Try Something New :memo:, I worked with The Morrígan for the first time last night. I wasn’t sure what to leave out for an offering, so I settled on some cloves. The music Three Ravens (The Twa Corbies) from the Celtic Charm, The Enduring Legacy of the Celtic Harp album helped to set the mood.
I have to admit, I was nervous approaching her. I reached out to the dragons, asking for one of them to accompany me and they all said that I’d be fine, that I didn’t need their protection. I asked The Phantom Queen to help me confront one of greatest anxieties and how I can handle it: how time is going faster and faster the older I get. She told me to remember one of the lessons that the dragon Father Time had for me: sit still, lose all essence of time, and just live in the moment. I laid down, without falling asleep, and asked The Morrígan for a sign when to get up. I took a single random firecracker going off as that sign. :firecracker::laughing:
About an hour had passed, but it actually felt longer than that. I was tired; confronting your anxieties is draining. :sweat_smile: But I’m happy that my first encounter with The Morrígan was overall pleasant.


That is beautiful @Kasandra!


All right, all right, all right! Five. Five elements (Earth, Air, Fire, Water, and Spirit). Five challenges.
For my third challenge, Cosmic Exploration :compass:, I did some research to learn if there were any stars named after dragons (or any constellations that resemble a dragon) and I stumbled upon Orion’s Dragon!

Image from NASA’s SOFIA observatory

Image from NASA’s SOFIA observatory

Discovered in 2019 within the Orion Nebula, one of the brightest, the closest to Earth (1300 light-years) and the most studied nebula (the birthplace of stars).
The blue bubble is rapidly expanding gas from a star in the center of the dragon, which is stifling the birth of stars in the nebula’s region. Some say they see a seahorse, others a pterodactyl, but most say they say a dragon. :wink:


May I please submit three entries for:

:yarn: Of Spells and String - Weavemaster

I found the inspiration for this on Pinterest so i decided to have a go. I cannot take credit for the woven circle.(I was wandering around the crafty boom boom section of Kmart here in Aus… as you do and I found them on clearance… so I was like yupsies yes please i know exactly what I want to do with you…) Ok so weaving the pentagram made my brain have to work harder than I expected it to have to do lol. I don’t know how many times I stopped and drew a pentagram in the air with my finger :woman_facepalming: for something very simple my brain seemed to short circuit and there was a lot of ummm-ing going on. But we got there in the end. We’ve hung it in the hallway by the front door.

:person_in_lotus_position: Meditation Magick – Magickal Meditator

I have been really trying to practice my mediation techniques. So I have been bit by bit buying myself a few guided meditation cds. I have heaps saved on my Spotify playlist but I just wasn’t really connecting with any. So far with these I have learnt about the Earth Star Chakra and Soul Star Chakra. Mind blown. I am trying to make time once a week to find the time to meditate or just have some mindfulness. The more I do it the easier and more natural it seems to be becoming. So I am getting there slowly but surely.

:prayer_beads: A Healthy Dose of Crystals – Crystal Healer

I do have to end on a little bit of a sad note. Friday last week, so the 17th I had to say goodbye to Miles. My companion of 13 years. I had a day where I just knew he wasn’t very well. This all started on Thursday the 9th - The only good thing about me being home in isolation with covid was I was home with my animals. That day I saw him have a funny turn. After consultation with the ‘come to the house vet’ we think he had a mini stroke. So we ran a whole set of bloods. His heart was good, his kidneys were good, his liver was good. Whatever it was it was in his brain. So the vet prescribed him some anti-fitting medication. Then it was, see how he goes with that, then of he’s no better it might be off to the neurologist and an MRI to see what is causing it.

He was supposed to stay in isolation away from my other cats so I could get a wee wee sample. He hates being cooped up in one room. He loved stomping around the house. I kept him in the spare room for one night. He wasn’t eating, he wasn’t drinking, he wasn’t going to the toilet. I managed to get 2 of his doses of medication into him -

I’m sure many of my fellow coven members that have been owned by a pussy cat that trying to give a cat medication when they are too smart to eat it disguised in food is hard. I knew he hated me at that point so I decided to let him out of isolation on the Friday morning. I know it was against what the vet wanted - but he wasn’t happy, I couldn’t keep him like that. First thing he did when I let him out was he went and had a big drink. So I thought all was good until he decided that he hated me that much as mum and I were bringing in the shopping - he ran out the front door. Normally he asks to come back in after 10 minutes. This time he didn’t.

I called and called and called. The winter weather has been horrible, so cold, miserable and so much rain… Friday, nothing, Saturday, nothing, Sunday, nothing, Monday, nothing, Tuesday, nothing, prayed to the full moon and Bast to please protect him and bring him home - even if I have to say goodbye - please bring him home, Wednesday, nothing, Thursday I come home from work mum said “there’s someone on your bed” he came home. He was so ill. He was skin and bones and so cold. I wrapped him up in bundles of blankets and sat with him in front of the heater. He wouldn’t eat all the different things I tried, I couldn’t get him to drink. Thursday night he slept on my bed, wrapped in his blankie under my arm, he purred all night long. We rushed him up to our usual vet the next Friday morning. As I was explaining the whole story the vet simply just asked… have you decided to euthanize him? I burst into tears and said yes please. He’s suffering. So Miles went to sleep, crossed the rainbow bridge.

Bast and the Moon Goddess answered my prayer and my boy came home so I could help him and say goodbye. I get his ashes back tomorrow, so Monday. So for my entry into healing with crystals I would like to share my Rose Quartz and Chevron Amethyst angels that I bought just for Miles. For peace and love. This is where his urn will sit when he comes home tomorrow.

I was questioning every choice I made, letting him out of isolation, he ran away and came home worse than when he left, did I do the right thing by putting him to sleep? Should I have tried harder? The night I put the angels by his photo he came to me in my dreams and he looked healthy and he was purring. I think he was trying to tell me he was ok.

I was originally going to just share my little growing collection of the crystals that I am obsessing over at the moment: Amethyst, Chevron Amethyst, Lepidolite, Rose Quartz, Rhodonite, Kunzite and Rhodochrosite.

Amethyst - Dispels fears, soothes rage, eases the grieving process, provides clarity and balance. Amethyst balances out highs and lows, promoting emotional centering. It dispels anger, rage, fear and anxiety. Alleviating sadness and grief, it supports coming to terms with loss.
Source: ‘The Power of Crystals: Your Guide to 101 Crystals’ and ‘The Crystal Bible’ by Judy Hall

Kunzite - It boosts your sensuality, and can also help you to overcome resentment or a feeling of loss in any relationship break-up. It’s high vibrational energy encourages letting go of fears and sorrows that prevent you from moving on, and for accepting the here and now. Kunzite enhances free expression of feelings, healing the mind amd heart, and allows you to be receptive to new gifts and opportunities in love.
Source: ‘The Crystal Directory: 100 Crystals for Positive Manifestation’ by Sarah Bartlett

Lepidolite - Helps to stabilise mood and relieve stress and worry, assists with sleep disturbances. Believed to calm the mind and remove negativity, Lepidolite isba greatbstine for restoring self-value. A stone of acceptance and trust, it provides the wearer with a sense that they can let of of the past and move into a new phase or new beginning in their life.
Source: ‘The Power of Crystals: Your Guide to 101 Crystals’ and ‘The Crystal Directory: 100 Crystals for Positive Manifestation’ by Sarah Bartlett

Rhodochrosite- Encourages feelings of love and acceptance, improves self-esteem, alleviats heartache, brings comfort and positivity. Rhodochrosite emanates one of the most tender and loving energies of any stone, soothing the heart and comforting the soul.
Source: ‘The Power of Crystals: Your Guide to 101 Crystals’ and ‘The Crystal Directory: 100 Crystals for Positive Manifestation’ by Sarah Bartlett

Rhodonite- Helps heal the heart after a relationship break-up; promotes feelings of unconditional love and acceptance; encourages altruism, passion and purpose; supoorts personal change and transition. Rhodonite is highly recognised as an emotional healer and for acceptance of one’s own emotional state. It grounds stabilizes and brings self-confidence in all love relationships.
Source: ‘The Power of Crystals: Your Guide to 101 Crystals’ and ‘The Crystal Directory: 100 Crystals for Positive Manifestation’ by Sarah Bartlett

Rose Quartz - Provides support after loss or trauma of any kind, facilities the expression of anger in a safe way, softens the pain of grieving; helps with all personal healing and releasing stress. Rose Quartz is the stone of unconditional love and infinite peace. It is the most important crystal for the heart and heart chakra, teaching the essence of pure love. It purifies and opens the heart at all levels, and brings deep inner healing and self-love.
Source: ‘The Power of Crystals: Your Guide to 101 Crystals’ and ‘The Crystal Bible’ by Judy Hall


Oh @jessica72 I am so sorry about Miles. Our fur babies are our kids. Sending you love and light sweet lady.


Challenge entries
Ive just been adding to this as i went and when id done something. Sorry its a lil long, i thought it might be easier is all my entries were together, not only for keeping track myself but also cause i did a few so that ppl not have to go searching to find all challenge enties as i know that can be a challenge wgen theres obe or two entries for everyone yet alone when ppl like me did a bunch of them. Lol though less than originalky listed, but i did the ones that naturalky came taking the advice to not over do it and burn myself out. Ive also numbered them to help seperate them further, hoping that makes easier to read. Also lol im not even sure how many i ended up with so be interesting for me to see how many i did :joy:

  1. From the shadow:
    Had a card come up in a reading that said to follow the moon cycle which was waning cresent moon and banishing or removal magic is associated to that phase so i did the mirror protection spell
    " whatever evil comes my way, be it night or through the day, reflect it back far far away".

    I read somewhere about the new moon or even waning moon was connected to this challenhr, i think it probably was on the challenge page tbh lol now that i think of it. I thought it was cool that the time of that challenge was leading up to a new moon and wednesday right now is a new moon and its a eaning cresent.

  2. Powerful protection:
    To continue the use of the mirror for use of protection and calling on deity (Fenrir)as well as adding cleansing. I placed selenite, clear quartz, black tourmaline and hemitite on the mirror. And i lit a sandlewood incence stick which i asdociate to Fenrir on my wolf inscence stand which as black crystals in it too and i did this saturday which is asdociated to black and protection and it was a day i had associatef to Fenrir for that reason.

    One specific time i really engaged with the sandle wood incence for protection was before i wrnt to shop and was struggling to feel ok yo go. I was burnung the incence stick amd then taking the incence stick around the house for protection i found mysrlf also drawing the rune algriz for protection over the doors and windows which is the rune for protection. I also kept the crystals and mirror next to it. Tjis is the mirror i carry with me when i go to work. Its a lid to a candle tgat is reflective so i yse it for the protection spell to reflect back eevil that may come far away. Leaving the crystals and burbing tge uncence next to ir i figure its like charging the mirror for when i need to carry it and also cleansing it while acting as a sort of protection and cleanse at home as well.

  3. Holistic magic:
    I have been looking at making little pouches for intentions and include anxiety or sleep, mediation etc and include what crystals, herbs, runes and cards etc. So i started this week so i can create pouches for all needs might have. Like spell pouches but that can be cleanses and restocked ie restock teas or herbs and cleanse crystala to be reused. I am also lookijg at trying a side gig to help finances as i build buisness but just careful of burn out but i was looking at the body shop and scentsy maybe something else just to earn a lil more income as with study and work i cant work full time in job where i am esp with 3hours travel a day to and fron work on public transport. But being low incone does make it hard, so as the body shop and scentsy are looking at wellbeing and self care and they both incorporate herbal producys which i love i thought seeing as id like to use the oils and scents that scentsy have, plus they have homewares n body stuff too. And body shop well i need tgings like body wash, sjamppo n conditioners makeup or moustouriser esp wiyh my skin always eadjing hands and saniters or cleaning products my poor hands dry out alot. So its sonetging i can utilise myself but also sell to others and maybe can suppliment income a bit so not struggling. I want to look at what products each of thrse have n what herbal componenys or scent rhat they hace and i can incorporate these in my own holistic wellbeing ecploration. Plus earning a bit more helps my financial wellveing so thats good too. Also say it i do like a product party it would also help get out a bit more and socialise a bit. Ive become quite isolated lately, plus i can share the love and benifits i find by making some of tgese a part of presents for ppl. I want to try like a gift baskey with all of the aspects of teas and herbs, crystals, body products ect like a pamper or self care basket. Lol. Its all exciting esp if it helps me focus my learning and the side buisness helps financially since im stuck working part time and then the travel also costs a bit too just to get to work. So even just a job i can do on days off which can help a little both having 2nd job i can do from home but also allows study and still some rest time but helps not be so tight. I think it will help. Im thinking positive its also a lil empowering to have an option that can help me to fix a problem that seemed to not have a way out of. And it covers many areas of the holistic wellbeing aspects.

  4. Symbols and sigils:
    There was two for this one. I do a daily rune readings. I had stopped for a while when my practice slipped but i started it up again and ive found it helpful. I also researched which runes to use for particular needs particularly for the pouches for the other challenge.

    Another use of the runes i found useful was with the trip to the shop, as i was getting ready and doing a protection spell and meditation i was waitibg for incence to burn before left house. So i decided to move around home and out of inspiration holdibg the incence stick ( sandlewood which i connect to Fenrir who is one of clan who is a protector for me) i found myself fascinayed by the spoke and then i decided to draw the Algriz ( rune for protection) over each window and door with the smoke from incence. I actualky think that helped to deel the house was protected even more than just taking the incence around the house like a cleanse would happen, but prorection style. I wanr to try that again also even do more runes or symbols using the incence to draw in air. And i foynd myself also drawing a circle around me i realised instead of a wand i could use incence stick to create a protective circle during spell work. Might try it.

  5. Magick of music:
    Ive been getting into meditation and partly because of Cernunnos being associated to shamanic drumming and it can be a way ti connect to him so i gave this a go this week. I have a celtic drum id made previously and also the honest guys put out a recording for shamanic drumming and journeying which i like and decided to do these this week as well as using my bodran drum. I also used the recording by the honest guys in one particular much needed time. Id done incense burn for protection with the shamic drumming on phone with earphones as i got ready to go to shop to get food. I was really anxious n exhausted n already exhausted any food had including tge stuff got from petrol station. My coffee long gone was desperate but struggled to go to shops. But aftet the sandlewood incence meditation etc which i explain more in the powerful protection challenge and the sgamic drum wgich i had going all tge eay to shop and back and i kept calm n felt protected. I got food n got home and felt good. Unpacked food n took a moment to reflect on how the shamanic drumming really had been helpful for me. I also enjoy drumming, not like full drum kit but i think thats why i liked the bodran drum, it was tribal and like bongos on at work i was doing drumming with the kids on a simple cardboard box and they loved it and i loved it. It was good fun and expressive. I think thats why i like the shamanic drumming. They use it in the other one i like by the honest guys called the shamanic journey.

Divination based challnges:

  1. Peek into past life:
    I have a oracle deck that is about past lives. I did some readings about influences from past lives. One card i got was to a question i ask alot of this deck " what lesson or message from a past life do i need to know now?"

    This card, if its a part of a past life may explain why id been both drawn to ocean but also have in past had extreme phobia. Id had near miss drownings before but the intensity of the phobia i once had, i wonder if maybe some of that may have carried on from a past life, ive had nightmares about tge ocean before a few times that recall but ive never travelled on boat in ocean except to rottnest. Otherwise ive not travelled much at all. But now i am wondering about connections there to past life to the nightmares esp since ive never been in a hurricane or near one but that was a prominant thing in one of those dreams. I might explore that more.

  2. A touch of tarot:
    I have a few tarot decks of different themes but i wanted to learn the tarot system so that i can traslate easily between decks. I made a table in my divination book to reference yhe different major arcana and minor arcana as well as cross overs between decks.

  3. Dragon magic:
    I have a dragon deck which looks at dragons from different dimentions and uses elements and colours. I wanted to learn more about different magical creatures and spirits like the dragons so this gave me a chance to do that and use the deck in readings
    One of reading asking advice for tje next day i got this

  4. Many colours of magic:
    Colour correspondances can br used in a variety of ways. This week i used them in choosing crystals for intentions and also candle meditations which i use each day based on the day n its colour correspondences and also i explored the use and making note of colours used in card decks. Ive also when felt the need did a candle tgat was relecant to intention like wgen needed protection i lit the Fenrir candle ( saturdays candle - black) even when wasnt saturday cause it was based on intention in that instance, though i did utilise this on saturday to amplify connection to the energy of the day and colour.

  5. Kitchen witchery:
    Explored herbs and herbal tea not only for intentions. Also looked at herbs and herbal teas could include in the pouches for the intention the pouch us for. I also like using tge magickal herbs oracle and green witch oracle decks in my readings especially when asking what i might need. When i ask what i need in a crysyal or herb reading i have been doing them together but sometimes i do the green witch and magickal herb oracle together to see if there is a common theme. Or extension on previous card. This is what i got in one of those readings

    Id like to say all readings fit neatly to make sense but not all do and i think its what i found recently that the more diverse questions asked and decks i consult the more rounded and full answer or wisdom i get. This gave good points to think about but id need to consult more decks to find out more but i hadnt got a chance night i did this reading as it was late but thought id include a sample of something ive been trying out. I did figure out that i like finding connections abd patterns, a realisation id had once long ago but had forgotten, but this week its been a realisation ive rediscovered.
    Ive also discovered happy herb co and im lookung at furthering my reaearch into herbs so i can start to order n try loose leaf tea ans making herbal remedies as well as using my plant clinic book more.

Wow i did 10 challenges that less than half than planned but that ok. Im actually ok with that xause the challenges some where naturally occurring and others fit into what i needed and the challenges reminded me i had options to help the situation. It was great to do this weeks catch up chalkenge. Sorry for the long message. Hopefully the adjustments to post make it ok to read.


Thank you very much @Ostara xxx I think I’ll be a little better tomorrow when i have his ashes home.


May I please submit 3 more entries. I was looking back through my saved pins on Pinterest and I would like to share a few that I have done and still do in my practice that I think fit a few challenges.

:salt:Salty Spellwork – Imperium salis

Image source: Pinterest

:black_cat: Cat Magick – Amicus felium

Image source: Pinterest

:dragon_face: Dragon Magick – Blessed by Dragons

Image source: Pinterest Credit: dragondreaming.wordpress.com

I’m sorry in advance @TheTravelWitch_Bry. I don’t want to give you badge giving overload. Other entries and ideas can wait for another catch up day. Thank you very much for everything that you do for each and every one of us. I really do look forward to new challenge days :blush::hugs:


That’s awesome @Phoenix_Fire! I enjoyed reading all of your challenge entries.


Thrifty Witchy challenge entry (#5 I think :thinking:):

I’m currently in my parents’ small town visiting for my baby brother’s 30th (:scream::scream::older_woman:) birthday. We won’t talk about how that makes me feel, lol. I love coming to visit as my mom is always giving me things or I find things on their land (5ish acres) that I can use in my practice. She has many herbs and plants growing, find of different trees to collect bark from, and chickens so lots of feathers!

Since I work with the Queen of the Underworld and her husband (Persephone and Hades), I’ve been looking for bones to add to my altars. I refuse to purchase them as I don’t know how they were obtained. Well, yesterday my mom goes “I just found this pile of bones if you want to pick through them.” She always knows what I need!

Here is what I was called to select:


Sets of vertebrae

I have no idea what animal(s) they belonged to but felt a very strong call to select them. If you know what they might be, please feel free to share! The skull is a smidge smaller than my hand and there wasn’t a mandible (although she looked).

Editing to add that after some research, I think it many be a juvenile red fox skull (it’s roughly 10 cm but the very end is broken so was likely 12 cm).

I’m addition to the bones, I discovered the campground we’re staying in has a wild elderberry bush!! While they are not ready yet, they are lots of flowers and the start of berries. I’m hoping that we can come visit at a time when it’s ready for harvesting. Elderberries are amazing for so many things.

I’ll also add in that I LOVE the dollar stores for getting supplies. I have a few Dollar Trees near me and I rotate them as they all have different stock. You can find seasonal items, spices, jars, vials, fake flowers, etc. all at super cheap prices (usually $1.25 +tax now thanks to inflation).


For my fourth challenge, Heed the Call of Crystals :gem:, I cleansed my collection of clear quartz by the light of a sage and eucalyptus candle. I then placed three of them on top of my tools (tarot and oracle cards, book of shadows, altar) and said,
With this clear quartz,
by the power of three,
thou negative energy is no more
So mote it be.

Simple cleansing ritual. I plan to leave the clear quartz on my tools until the new moon. :new_moon_with_face: