🌝 Weekly Witchy CHALLENGE - Strength of the Full Moon

I’m sure a cat can tell the difference, being a creature of night and all! :smile_cat:

It’s been some time since I last made moon water, I’m excited to make some again! And moon oil too, that’s a new one for me. And I think I have just the recipe to combine those two! :white_heart:


A curious question popped into my head… would it make any sense to mix moon water from different moon phases?


Oh that’s a good question! I’m curious as well! :thinking:


Sounds like my cat. I just have the one window in my apartment that gets good light and he’s always jumping up to see what I’m doing in his window. LOL


Full Moon Characteristics :full_moon:

  • Emotions, Creativity, Love, Relationships, Removing Psychic Blocks, Protection, Good Luck, Self-Confidence, Abundance, Energy, Animals

Crystals/Minerals/Gemstones :full_moon:

  • Moonstone, Labradorite, Clear Quartz, Selenite

:full_moon_with_face: :full_moon_with_face: :full_moon_with_face: :full_moon_with_face: :full_moon_with_face: :full_moon_with_face: :full_moon_with_face: :full_moon_with_face: :full_moon_with_face: :full_moon_with_face: :full_moon_with_face: :full_moon_with_face: :full_moon_with_face: :full_moon_with_face: :full_moon_with_face: :full_moon_with_face: :full_moon_with_face: :full_moon_with_face: :full_moon_with_face: :full_moon_with_face: :full_moon_with_face: :full_moon_with_face: :full_moon_with_face: :full_moon_with_face: :full_moon_with_face:

Chaste Moon / March 28th 2021 :full_moon:

  • AKA Seed Moon, Crust Moon, Worm Moon
  • Spring is here!
  • Cleanse spaces, Mental clarity
  • Motivation, Luck, and Power spells
  • Aquamarine, Bloodstone
  • Green, Yellow, and Purple

Seed Moon / April 26th 2021 :full_moon:

  • AKA Pink Moon, Wind Moon, Egg Moon
  • Reflect, evaluate, and keeping track of your path(s) in life
  • New Ideas, Growth, and Changes
  • Career, Power, Money, Love, and Improvement Spells
  • Selenite, Quartz, and Agate
  • Red, Yellow, and Blue

It sounds like you have many exciting things in store for the full moon, @Siofra_Strega! I hope any ritual or spell you choose goes well, and that you have a wonderful time making Moon Water! :full_moon: :droplet:

May your Moon Oil bring you many blessings, @AliceInWonderdab! Enjoy :sparkles:

Ohh noo @Kasandra! Perhaps your kitty thought the Moon Water was much more tasty than the water in her bowl :joy_cat: A good idea to put it up high this month!

Awesome information on this and next month’s full moons, @Missa- thanks so much for sharing your wisdom! :blush:

Ohhh @CelestiaMoon, that sounds exciting! :star_struck: I hadn’t considered combining Moon Water and Moon Oil- would you mind sharing the benefits/properties of that combo? I’m very curious to learn more! :full_moon:

I would say it depends on your purpose and your skill with mixing potions :urn:.

Knowing that each moon phase has different magickal properties, each Moon Water could be considered as a separate ingredient or element of the spell. I don’t see why you couldn’t mix and match to make a blend that suits the purpose of your spell.

For example, for someone hoping to Get rid of the negative energies of an ex, they could consider:

-1/2 bottle of Waning Gibbous Moon Water (banishing, cleansing)
-1/4 bottle of First Quarter Moon Water (healing, dealing with the emotion of love)
-1/4 bottle of Full Moon Water (power boost, spell enhancement)

[Picture from Spells8 Moon Magick]

I’d say the idea of mixing Moon Waters can help fine-tune your blend to exactly suit the needs of your spell! It opens the door to many new possibilities. Thanks for bringing this up, @CelestiaMoon! :grin: :full_moon:


Thanks for putting this together :relaxed: if I can’t remember or don’t have it in my BOS, I google it. So that’s a big help.


Yes thanks @CelestiaMoon I was curious about this as well.


You’re welcome, and thank you @TheTravelWitch_Bry for the detailed explanation! :full_moon_with_face:

I’m intending to mix a smooth and creamy emulsion out of the Moon Water and Moon Oil using an emulsifier, I’ve done it a couple of times before now with regular water and oil and the color and consistency reminds me of the gentle light of the Moon :blush: I have just the essential oils in mind too, I’ll show you some pictures and a recipe when it’s ready! :white_heart:


Oh my goodness it sounds stunning! :heart_eyes: I hope you have a wonderful time making this moon-blessed mixture. Can’t wait to see the pictures and recipe when it’s done! Enjoy :full_moon: :heart:


@CelestiaMoon I’m excited to see what you come up with & the recipe for it! I’m sure you will do a great job! I can’t wait to hear more about it!


Lol well I guess your cat is now a really Witchy Kitty!!


Ohhh lovely :heart_eyes::blue_heart:

I’m posting tomorrow about the full moon in Libra so I’ll use that as my entry if that is OK?



Coven Friends,
For this challenge I will use the full moon oil. I am going to be ready for the next full moon!

I even got some charms for my bottles! You should see my bottle collection! I have a lot of bottles! I go to thrift stores or to the dollar Tree for mines!

Know I just need to get my spell ready for the full moon! Which charm is the best for the full moon oil?


@Jeannie1 , i love it! Great collection of charms.


Thank you, Walter I think it was a trick question in regards to the charm I use. I don’t know yet, because I like them all! Lol I like The Triple Moon charm in regards to the maiden, mother and crone. I like the Pentagram or Penticle used to invoke or banish forces. The Divine Feminine, it’s the creation and power of the Goddess symbol, so maybe I’ll just decide depending on the spell I incorporate. I also like the Triquerta
Sacred Symbols: Triquetra & the Power of “3”
Thanks they are all very nice pagan symbols!
I am a lucky girl with so many blessings in my life! I feel so blessed!


That is a nice collection of charms & I have a ton of bottles & jars as well. I should try thrift stores for them, that’s a great idea! I have a bag of charms too I just can’t put my finger on where they are at right now. I have some things planned for the full moon, but nothing too crazy. I’m more playing catch up from doing the shadow work & not being able to do much the past few. The weather just wasn’t playing nice on the nights of the moon. I’m excited to make some moon water & get my crystals out there though.


@Jeannie1 I’m sure any of the ones you already have in mind will do nicely. Something might still stand out for you and that’s the perfect one! A lovely collection of shinies and I like the bottle too! :sparkles:


Thank you for the wealth of information @TheTravelWitch_Bry , using the link you provided the full moon for me is Sunday at 2:50pm. I will make moon water as I am running low, bathe my crystals in the moonlight while sitting them in the sand I gathered from my getaway, then I’ll do the Worm Moon ritual and meditation.
Looking forward to enjoying the evening.
Blessed Be Infinite Roots!


I’m going to be doing the Worm Moon ritual and journaling from the site, it looks good and I should have everything I need. But I also wanted to share this picture. I got a tapestry for my living room off Amazon for twelve bucks! It makes me feel better because I can’t see the Moon from my apartment.