🌝 Weekly Witchy CHALLENGE - Strength of the Full Moon

Looking good @Siofra and a neat project for the family too!


@Jeannie1 I had to check, safflower (Carthamus tinctorius) and sunflower (Helianthus annuus) are close relatives even if they aren’t the same flower! :sunflower: The namer of the former must have been a lover of puns. Both of them produce two kinds of oil, one that’s good for the skin (containing more linoleic acid) and one that’s better suited for cooking (containing more oleic acid). I’d like to do a separate topic about carrier oils at some point. Usually they’re not given very much attention when it comes to correspondences? More like “use what’s available” I’d guess. Either way I know Hekate is very pleased with those who take time to learn about herbal lore especially :herb:

(Sorry if I sound like an insufferable know-it-all without feelings sometimes, I tend to be like this when I don’t know people very well yet and I know it doesn’t help…)


I was excited to take part in this challenge because it gave me the motivation I needed to do my first full-on Full Moon ritual. Up until this point, I’ve been super nervous for some unknown reason. I guess it was just my typical anxiety around new situations that was getting the better me :sweat_smile: I feel that the Worm Moon ritual went really well, and I will definitely be making much more of an effort to do more rituals moving forward!

I didn’t do the journaling prompts, but I did use them to set my intention for my goals moving forward from this full Moon to the next. My intention was to plant the seed of not caring so much about what other people think about me. Up until this point, I have been someone who lives his life in a way that puts more emphasis on the needs of others before himself. My intention moving forward between this full Moon and the next is to experiment with saying “no” and to learn to prioritize myself, even if just a little. I also want to plant the seed of not caring so much about what other people think of me.

I also didn’t do the suggested pentagram tarot spread.

After dinner the day I decided to do the ritual, I had two fortune cookies whose fortunes I feel like were good messages to go along with my goal of learning to live for myself. The first one said “If you wait too long for the perfect moment, the perfect moment will pass you by.” The other said “Have a vision. Be demanding.” I used these fortunes as motivational statements to begin shifting my mental and physical energies to take more care of myself.

I began by casting a circle. Next, I charged my green seven-day candle with energies of growth, potential, and my Will to flourish and be successful in whatever goals I set at any given time. I chose to use a seven-day candle because I figured I could use it moving forward when I want to release my Will as described above out into the universe. (Plus, I didn’t have any smaller green candles… :sweat_smile:)

This was also my first time using a crystal grid. I found five stones on my driveway that I felt represented the different Elements. I put the crystal grid on label paper and stuck it in my Book of Shadows/grimoire. I set a piece of Chrysocolla (which is supposedly helpful in meditation) in the center with the intention of charging it with the Elements for when I meditate with it.

My favorite part of my experience with my first full moon ritual was that right before I started it, coyotes started howling and yipping. As soon as I snuffed out the candle, they started howling and yipping again — I found that to be a truly magical experience!


Thank you! I got it off Amazon so you might be able to pick it too!

Thanks, @Rowan! I was originally going to get a picture but it was like, sixty bucks. I’m glad I got this instead!

Sounds like you did a great job @wade! The suggestions are just that, suggestions. When you do something like that for yourself, you make it special and unique to only you! Glad you got up the courage to do it!


I’d like to point out something I think is quite important but it may be a thought anomaly~if you’re not “feeling” it on the nite of whichever moon (for example tonite’s worm moon) you don’t HAVE to perform your spells… you don’t want to bring your low juju to the party as it’ll inevitably infuse said spells with unintended emotions. Which can be quite confusing to the universe as it likes specificity. So if your head or heart aren’t meeting up save it for when you ARE feeling “it” and call in the power of the full moon and her glory. Call in the goddess of the said moons or however you see her and so mote it shall be :black_heart:


Also on that note I’m doing a hair growing spell working with the God Anubis (Anpu) where I’ll require a few strands of my hair and five rose petals and then under the power of the full moon tonite I’ll invoke his spirit and beg for his blessings and help in making my hair grow long. I’ll light a white dressed candle, recite a prayer and then release the hair and rose petals to the winds. I’ll be using a small birthday candle so I can be sure to let ir go out on it’s own! Super excited!


Crystals are soaking in the Worm Moon’s energy. Getting ready to complete the Worm Moon Ritual!! I got everything printed out!! I am new here and I am excited to get a chance to know everyone!


So Beautiful Hearther28
I like the way it looks very natural in the outdoors. I have done that before and had a wonderful experience with the energies outside. There is so many different things going on outside! I hope you have have a happy (worm moon spell) moonshine tonight!


My Weekly Witchy Challenge- Strength of the Full Moon
Today started off in a good slow easy way. Coffee was perfect this morning, chores were light, house was calm, and I had enough time to just dedicate today to myself and the lovely lady moon. I cleansed all my crystals/stones with my Selenite wand, cleaned up my altar, and printed all the papers and grid for the Worm Moon Ritual.
After I started dinner, I turned to the Moon Oracle cards and lit my tiki torches out back.
It was just after sunset when I gathered my water for the moon to soak with its wisdom and beauty and placed it out front on the porch.
Dinner turned out good and we all ate at the table tonight…usually we spread out and do our own thing. But tonight, I turned on a moon/ocean video to enjoy while we ate dinner.
I took a shower with this new Sea Salt soap by Olay (its awesome btw).
I had to clear a space on my altar for the grid, I think I need a bigger table… :rofl:
But it turned out great and I went through the ritual with a grateful heart for all I have learned, an open mind for all I have yet to learn, and a determined demeanor for my goals.
After doing the grid I put some Spearmint in my diffuser and I did the guided meditation. Each time “past” was mentioned I would see images of a black box outlined in blue, not sure what, if anything that means but I made a note of it in my Book of Mirrors because it just felt significant in some way.
I haven’t seen our glorious moon tonight due to rain and clouds, but I feel her presence and tonight just feels good!
I like the feeling of things coming to an end and the excitement of new beginnings and that is the energy tonight.
Blessed Be Witches!
Merry Worm Moon!


Unfortunately, I can’t see the Full Worm Moon because it’s windy, cloudy and rainy tonight.


I had to cleanse myself and my space beforehand because my sister brought a cloud of negativity when she came to visit this weekend. Let’s just say, she’s not a very supportive person and tends to find fault with me on… a lot (and she wonders why I don’t talk to her that much).

Today, she upset me when she said that I shouldn’t be caring so much for my cat because it’s just “a stupid animal”.

Um, excuse me, my cat gives me unconditional love. She’s not “a stupid animal” to me. Maybe the reason she doesn’t like my sister that much because she sense the negative energies surrounding her.

Anyway, I altered the Full Worm Moon ritual to call on the Elemental Dragons. I’ve set a goal to drink less soda and to make more progress on writing my first novel.

I then cast the Cord Cutting Spell, as suggested by @TheTravelWitch in order to achieve these goals (choose tea or flavored water instead and to stop procrastinating my evening writing session).

I then said a prayer for my sister to become more empathetic and less judgmental towards me.

Have a blessed Full Worm Moon, Infinite Roots! :full_moon_with_face:


Yuck! I had two of those sisters! Nothing could be mended in those relationships unless I wanted to be the one to conform to change. Change is nothing I fear but I prefer to change in my own way not forced by others. So I send much support to you in the situation. Maybe your sister is jelly of your fur baby??? :rofl:
We also are alike in the sense of writing, I am or have been in the process of writing my first novel as well, but I am at the moment at an impasse, hopefully Ill get past soon.
Blessed Worm Moon to you as well,


So for my intention I want to generate ambition in my life. Fight negative self talk and be a happy living being. I also want to stay grounded and do self-care the main thing is to love myself.
I turned to the goddess oracle deck and books set by Amie Sophia’s MARASHINSKY and illustrated by HRANA Janto.

There was a poem and a mythology and the meaning of the card and some ritual suggestions for Hecate’s journey of perspective and this help me because then I decided to go deeper and learned all about Hecates correspondences. I am glad to learn more about her she keeps coming up.com, and thought about kristamoon and how she said she likes sunflower :sunflower: oil. Thank You for that.
Here is a list of Hecate Herbs By Cunningham’s encyclopedia of magical herbs. Berry Witches Berry It ruled by Saturn and the element is water and for the ritual used to aid her in worshiping.

Cyclamen-Planet Venus element water deity Hecate powers fertility protection happiness list helps protect the sleeper and no obnoxious spells that can have an effect on one. It is also said to remove grief from the heart.

Dandelion masculine planet Jupiter element air Hecate powers divination wishes calling spirits.

:garlic: Garlic Gender masculine planet mars element fire Didi Hecate powers protection healing exorcism lust anti-theft ritual uses garlic was eaten on a festival days to Hecate and was left at the cross roads as a sacrifice in her name. It is said to be extremely protective. When evil spirits are about bite into garlic to send them away or sprinkle powdered garlic on the floor.
Hecate-hemlock gender feminine planet Saturn element water magical uses another poisonous plant hemlock was once used in a magic to induce astral projection and in spells to destroy sexual drives. It’s juice was rubbed onto magical knives and swords to empower and purify them before use.
Mandrake-poison gender masculine planet mercury element fire powers protection fertility money love and health magical uses house protection fertility and prosperity when there is mandrake demons cannot reside in so the route is used in an exorcism to activate a droid mandrake root to bring its powers out of hibernation place it in some prominent Location in the house and leave it there undisturbed for 3 Days Then put it in a warm water and leave overnight afterwards the route is activated and may be used in any magical practice the water in which the route has bathed can be sprinkled at the windows and doors of the house to protect it onto people to purify them the mandrake has also long served as a puppet in image magic but it’s extreme scarcity and high cost usually forces the magician and the witch to look for substitutes ash roots Apple.
There are like four more but that’s what I found.
For the cross roads I asked Hecate to help me make a decision inspire me to drop all my bad habits.
I used these stones
Turquoise for health and well-being. To promote happiness!
Goldstone- Ensures a good future and being realistic ambition stone which was perfect for my intention.
Obsidian Hecate stone sulfur flexion protection growth the good the ugly and the bad. I accept myself but always want to do better I see my negative patterns in my life but I just have a hard time with commitment.
Onyx- Let it all go protection, release, calm
Tourmaline- Gives me strength from feeling drained. Helps with my self sabotage mode helps me to remove energy that is negative and helps me recharge myself.
I also use pussy willow because I know Hecate likes pussy willow I know it’s good for divination purposes. I will charge my full moon oil and decided to go with the triple moon for my lucky charm. I also took a bath :bathtub: and used Relax Witch! :bath:

Blessed be


I think your alter looks great not only that your writing is getting much better! I don’t know if you been doing your journal entries every day or what but I am seeing a lot of change in your writing lately. Being able to express your self is so important and I think you have a lovely talent for that. I mean I think you may not see it but I see so much growth in your craft. I just wanted you to know that!

I was listening to this guy I think you might be interested because I have always wanted to channel energy and didn’t know exactly how to do it. This would be something I am going to do soon here’s a little video if you like to check it out. [Witch in the workings invocations ] (https://youtu.be/tDqr3Mj9Uv8)
Blessed be!:sparkles:


Let me know how it goes, I hope your spell works! My hair is very frizzy! It’s a pain I’m not sure what kind of oil to use for it!
FYI I got my nail decals! All pagan symbols I can’t wait to show off my nails!
I love that book you recommended too! It’s so good I could not stop reading it! Yoga for witches!
Adrienne did a moon yoga session it was fun I incorporated it before my bath ritual!
Moon ritual for Yogi Witches
Love :heart: & :candle:


Absolutely @Abs53! Your informative Full Moon in Libra post is a wonderful entry to this challenge. Thanks again for sharing your wisdom! :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:

Beautiful moon oil, @Jeannie1! You have such a lovely charm collection too. Really well done! :heart:

What a great find, @Amethyst- everything about the tapestry is perfect! :heart_eyes: Now you can see the moon and its many phases whenever you want :first_quarter_moon_with_face:

Looking good in the greenhouse, @Siofra! May spring come soon so your gardens can thrive :seedling:

Can’t wait to see your full moon magick, @steph! :blush:

Nicely done, @CelestiaMoon! I hope the moon water and moon oil came out well- may they bring you many blessings! :heart_decoration:

Uh-oh! Perhaps there’s something not quite right with that moon calculator, @praecog29! Apologies- maybe best to stick with the one on your phone :+1: And wow, that is quite the candle collection! And such a lovely gift from your wife. She is so supportive! :relaxed:

Congrats on your first full moon ritual and first crystal grid, @wade! :partying_face: I’m so glad to hear it went well for you and helped bring more confidence into your practice- great job! It sounds like the coyotes were cheering you on too :blush:

Wise advice, @AliceInWonderdab! It is a good idea to care for ourselves and be sure of where we are in our headspace before beginning rituals. Emotions and energy within us definitely affect our spellwork! :sparkles: Wishing you the best of luck with the hair growing spell- may Anubis grant you His blessing! :pray:

A very warm welcome to you, @heather28! :hearts: Such a beautiful crystal grid- you did a really great job! Thanks for sharing and I hope you had a blessed full moon :grin:

You really thrived on the full moon energy, @Rowan- I am in awe of all the wonderful things you accomplished! Great job with the cleansing and cleaning. It sounds like both dinner and the meditation went wonderfully- I’m happy for you! :blush: May the blessings of the full moon and Her energy continue to fuel and inspire you over the coming days. Blessed be!

Oh dear, so sorry about your sister’s negativity @Kasandra. You are strong for sticking with what you feel is right and not letting her heavy energy bring you down. I don’t know them personally, but I am sure your kitty is wonderful! :cat: :two_hearts: I hope both the Cord Cutting Spell and Prayer work well and bring you the results you seek. Wishing you the best of luck with your soda goal and novel- love and light to you! :sparkling_heart:

Gorgeous, @Jeannie1! :heart_eyes: May negativity leave you be and may ambition flourish for you- so mote it be! Thank you for all of that wonderful information as well. It sounds like you had a great full moon! :full_moon_with_face:


For the first time since moving here, we had some clear skies and I was finally able to catch the Full Moon from the apartment window! :star_struck:

My partner and I sat and watched it for a long while. I only realized this morning that I forgot to snap a picture of it! Oh well, the city lights make it tough to catch the moon’s beauty anyways :sweat_smile: :city_sunset:

Despite feeling a bit of Moon Exhuastion, I decided to set out some Moon Water before I went to bed last night. I could have sworn I had a nice little container with a cork, but alas- it was nowhere to be found :woman_shrugging: Luckily I’m planning to have a nice Full Moon bath soak with this water this evening, so it won’t have to wait open on the altar for long :grin::bathtub:

I have this big circle mirror that I decided on a whim to place behind the moon water last night. With minimal direct light, I imagined the mirror would help to capture the moon’s glow and focus it into the moon water. We’ll see if this batch turns out stronger than previous batches! :grin:

Hope everyone had a lovely weekend, a delightful Full Moon, and that the coven is doing well!

Blessed be! :full_moon_with_face: :sparkles:


Well done to all Full Moon enthusiasts who have shared their lovely entries so far! :sparkles:

Friendly reminder time!

:exclamation: This challenge will close TOMORROW :exclamation:

If you would like to participate and haven’t done so already, please post about your challenge experience(s) by the deadline: Tomorrow: March 30th, 7:00 AM CET (Central European Time Zone)

Blessed be! :full_moon: :heart:


That’s beautiful :heart: I love it . Maybe I should look into getting one bc I can’t see the moon from mine either I have to go outside grr


I did an Aries Super Moon tarot spread from Zenned Out and with the deck, Native American Oracle Cards:

Then I inscribed I’m a fierce warrior and used my warrior goddess oil and light a red candle to represent the warrior in me. And I journaled about why I’m a warrior and how that became. I then wrote my intent and burnt it to send it out into the universe.


I actually used the moon on Saturday night to cleanse and charge my crystals & to make moon water because the weather here wasn’t going to be good for Sunday night. So I made moon water & cleansed/charged my crystals on Saturday night then on Sunday night I made it an evening. We can see the moon starting around 7pm in my backyard & it lights up around the house. I did a resurrection ritual with a Rose of Jericho & an Agate egg. I put water and springtime flowers/herbs in a larger bowl. I put the Rose of Jericho in a pie pan. After I bathed the agate egg & massaged the egg with the intent of shedding that which doesn’t serve me any more & setting my intent for friendship & love to come surround me I used a couple of cups of the bathwater & put it into the pie pan to encourage the Rose of Jericho to open. As it was sitting in the water I thought about what it was that I wanted to bring to the new season & what I wanted in my life. I dried off my egg & placed it on my altar then put the rest of that water into a sealed jar to keep feeding the Rose of Jericho over the next week or so. Then it gets a day of rest from water next Sunday.
(Ritual from Tamed Wild at Tamed Wild Subscription Boxes