🪄 Weekly Witchy CHALLENGE - Tools of the Witch Trade

Witchy Challenge - Mary’s favorite tool

My most favorite tool is my darling cauldron, a 3-footed, 4-1/2 inch diameter black beauty which I got for a bargain price a couple of years ago. I LOVE burning stuff :fire: :fire: :fire: - herbs, papers, I love it. I think I am drawn to fire because I have so much water in my sign. Or maybe it just smells good and it feels like I am doing something.

My sister and I had a discusssion about truth spells. It may be in the area of gray magic, since I am trying to influence the behavior of others. She said, well, what if you wanted to “attract” truth to you rather than compelling others to tell the truth? I thought that sounded all right. But it is still grayish, I admit.

Tonight, I am doing a truth spell to draw truth to me in context of this court case which seems to go on forever but actually will be wrapping up Tuesday.

It is Thursday and I am working with Jupiter to help me. I am seriously crushing on Jupiter these days. We have a thing, I swear :heart_eyes:

DA-YUM. Image from Playbuzz.com

But I digress.

I used a truth spell from Nikki Van de Car which I found in her book, Practical Magic. I added elements of my own, such as the oils and herbs I burned.

The cauldron has bay leaf (justice), rosemary (truth in communication), clove (stop lies), nutmeg (Jupiter likes it) and calamus root chips (luck and well, let us say it motivates others).

I wrote my intention in blue ink on a piece of paper. I just copied the words of this spell and I signed it with my name as a taglock. I put the names of the other parties in this case on the paper as well

I dressed a blue candle with primrose oil (for truth telling) and thyme and lit it. I smoothed the candle toward the center to draw truth to me in this matter

I lit the paper on fire and set it in the cauldron to burn with the herbs.

I held a tiger eye stone in the smoke. Chanted four times (Jupiter is four)

Let the truth be revealed
Clear away all deceit
Let nothing be concealed
So mote it be.

Hey, if it is gray work, let me say this: I am showing GREAT restraint in not hexing the heck out of my ex :slight_smile: who is my least favorite tool right now…


@Amethyst I’m sure there’ll be some fun ideas for you, Amethyst! :blush: Thanks again for such a great theme for a challenge! :heart:

@BrightBear You’re very welcome, BrightBear- I’m looking forward to seeing what you’ll do, have fun with it! :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:

@Ostara It sounds like we were of the same mind, Ostara- that’s perfect timing! Enjoy your wand crafting :magic_wand: :two_hearts:

@Flowing That’s a really clever way to see it, Flowing- the caster themselves is indeed a very important (the most important) tool during spellwork! :grin: :+1: It sounds like you use a wonderful array of physical tools as well, thank you for sharing your favorites! :sparkling_heart:

@Athena You are very welcome, Athena- I can’t wait to see what tools you’ll choose to explore, have fun! :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:

@MeganB It sounds like it is the season to explore magickal tools then- nice timing! :blush: You are very creative, Megan, I’m sure you’ll come with a fun topic- enjoy! :heart:

@Kasandra Words can be really painful, even when we know they aren’t true- I’m so sorry you had to deal with such a nasty customer, Kasandra. May both Tysteal and Davliteau bless your spellwork, cut away those cords of negativity! :scissors: :knot: :sparkles:

@Torista You have a lovely collection of tools, Torista- each with their own special role in your practice. Thank you so much for sharing them, and I hope the energy from the new arrival settles soon! :pray::blush:

@Debra2 May you have fun with it, Debra- good luck! :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:

@Janae_Rochele May your heart (and your pup! :dog:) help lead you to a lovely piece of wood for wand crafting- enjoy making your own wand! :magic_wand: :heart:

@Jessica72 You know it’s a sacred space when you can feel that homey, safe energy while you’re inside- I think your room is charming, Jessica! And the broom is so beautiful protecting the entryway :broom::sparkles: And your mum got your a divination cup!!! :heart_eyes: Oh my goodness, that is so sweet of her- I know she was your accomplice the other week with the tea challenge, and that is so cute that she picked out such a special cup for you to your tea leaf readings :coffee::heart: Please let me know how you like the cup- it can take some getting used to, but they do aid with leaf readings :blush: Enjoy it!

@Jem1 Haha yes, I do write them! One little poem inspired by the challenge theme each week- it makes me really happy that you enjoy them, Jem :smiling_face_with_three_hearts: And I’m glad you’re excited too- have fun working with your magickal tools this week, I look forward to seeing what you’ll do! :star_struck: :two_hearts:

@Garnet You’re doing awesome, Garnet- nice job responding to so many in one post! You pulled it off too- bravo! :clap: As a friendly tip, it may be even easier for you if you use the ‘@’ symbol in front of the name- that is, type @ and then type the username. It will send them a notification that you’re talking to them! Just a little tip- you’re on a roll, my friend :blush::+1:

@mary25 Nothing wrong with having a little taste for fire magick :wink: :fire: Although that’s really funny what you said about it possibly being caused by an abundance of water signs, since that’s me too- I feel called out :joy::+1: Perhaps there is indeed a connection there! :scorpius:

And I like the way your sister thinks, Mary- I’ve often heard that white and black magick are two sides of the same coin. And I like to believe that anything that could be achieved with Baneful Magick could also be achieved with Wholesome Magick by seeing it through a difference lens- just how your sister is putting her spin on it!

Lovely work with your cauldron- may you find the truth you seek with the court case. With Jupiter’s blessing, may it all go in your favor! :raised_hands: :heart:



As a witch who is much more ritualistic in practice, I found this to be one of the hardest challenges as of yet. This is because of the fact that for me every tool has its place and my love for it is different. So for this challenge, I’m going to not pick just one tool but talk about some of my main tools and what makes them special to me.

To start my loved tools, my first would be my athame is a Damascus steel blade with a walnut and bone grip. For me, there is a meditative aspect of wielding it to focus my energies. From its shape and weight to the very texture, it becomes part of me during its use. The way I move with it in either hand depending is I’m projecting or retracting energies.

My next tool would have to be Besom for many reasons this means the world to me. First, is the fact that I designed and crafted her myself. The amount of time and work that went into her and at times still goes into her. This fact gives even more meaningful and powerful energy as I’m sweeping out the house of stale energies from the month before. I can feel the energy flowing with each use.

From there I would have to include my scribe. A simple iron spike twisted and pinged round top used to scribe candles, wood, and more. It is versatile as I can heat it to burn wood or scribe clean lines into candles. Its weight and texture allow me to focus deeper when casting spells of any sort.

Next Would be my wax sealing set. This inexpensive set has been a huge help when it comes to my spell jars and more. From the relaxing and focusing aspect of the pouring of the wax over jars or sealing spell scrolls to choosing the right stamp head for each spell or correspondence. On top of its main function, you can layer spells with it as you can use the wax to all colour spells on top of other spells. this works great for protection spells as you can add an anti-anxiety spell on top of the jar to ease the holder’s anxiety when it comes to what they need protection from. this goes for so many spells.

Lastly, the one most important tool in my craft is myself. Learning to love oneself as a whole is a major aspect of our craft as well as the most difficult. Without self-love, our spells have more of a chance to falter and fail. We are the main tool for the allocation and direction of the universal energies that we use.

While tools are not needed to perform any aspect of magick they like many things they are there to help. So, for me picking just one tool is near impossible. as each one is loved for something different. I could so go on much more and bore you all with my feelings for each tool in my collection but instead this if just a taste of how I see toll in my craft.


I have an old cup I think it was like some thing to do with my christening as a baby I don’t know but it was some thing amongst my baby stuff and that has become my chalice, I didn’t have a atheme so I put a Stanley knife to symbolize that (safetly closed of course), I have a stick which has a sort of two prong fork for the want and to create a pentagram for earth I got a glass stone and drew a pentagram on it.
Besides that my tools I use A LOT are my crystals, candles, incence. I have an incence holder. Otherwise other things that maybe more mundane tools would be like my tea pot diffuser ( I’m not sure that’s what it’s called but it has a cup with holes that sits inside the pot for herbal tea bags to go in), I have spray bottles with sun water in them to water my plants. I use eau de toilette roller (sandlewood) and use it to draw the algriz ( rune for protection) on my arms and even body moisturiser to do the same. I try to live with intention and incorporate different elements into my everyday life. Even choosing body wash or hand soaps etc based on correspondences and what I’m trying to draw in or release. I use my oil diffuser as well with certain essential oils for what I need or if connecting to a particular deity. I’ve even used coloured marbles for a while to represent each days corresponding colours to help draw in that energy and utilise it throughout the day. I use A mist bottle with essential oil infused water to spray around home to bring in certain things or invite a particular deity to join me in that space. They may look like normal things for some items but to me they have meaning most ppl wouldn’t know about or may not understand. I also have a specific white candle that I just add the next candle on top building on the lunar energy and only use for lunar meditations. I wear crystal jewerely everyday and even put them next to bed, I carry others in my bag with a protection spell bottle and a mirrored surface I now use when I need to banish negative energy. I’d like to use the other side for drawing in positive things and it sits in a bag with a couple of crystals. It’s the lid to a candle and had mirrored surface both sides so I see the outside side as reflecting or repelling unwanted things and the inside cam be used to bring things in such as confidence or self love type spells. One side has a rim and the other has writing so I don’t get mixed up which side is used for what purpose. Some times even the little things, simple things have become tools for my practice and to most ppl they wouldn’t even know looking at it that I use it with a magic a l purpose. But they are my tools of my practice and considering how some ppl can be sometimes the subtle tools that someone doesn’t even know is a tool of a magival practice can protect a person from judgement or attack. But I also have candles and incence and other things on my altar that is a lil more obvious but ppl don’t come into my place that often so usually it’s ok to have them on display without worrying too much.


For my First Weekly Witchy Challenge, this turned out to be a great topic close to my heart, thanks @Amethyst!
I consecrated all my tools just a week ago on the full moon! As a beginner witch, it is financially difficult to purchase all of these tools all at once, I did great at the Dollar Store for candles and such, but they really don’t carry cauldrons…LOL! I will accumulate more items as I grow on my path, and I have the patience to wait. But I needed to find something different to represent the element Air, because my father and I get migraines from heavy scents like incense. (I have an apartment in my parent’s house) As I have been reading on correspondences, I have discovered that some witches use wands to represent Air, instead of incense. And so now I have consecrated my treasured “Hermione” wand for that purpose. The great thing is, I have been planning on carving out my own wand this summer, I want to really make it with my own two hands. But this will really make me officially Sophie the Witch with 2 Wands! LOL
I also consecrated my talisman on the full moon, and had to wear it for 5 days, but I only took it off yesterday for a few hours. This one is very dear to my heart. It is a Tiger’s Eye ring that used to belong to my father, back when he was a “hippie” in the 60s. I have always loved this ring, since childhood. He gave it to me years ago, and I have always treasured it, but now it means the world to me! My father was my protector as a child, and now I will always carry that with me.


I love this. I have feelings for my different tools. It’s like a bond. Each tool is different but I use what fe I haveels right at the time. I have a few things that I haven’t used and I think maybe they were waiting to be introduced. Lol. I know that sounds weird but I will introduce them later this weekend. Sorry, cat was trying to help me write!


i get that fully.


Ok, this completely different from what I was going to do. Hubby and I went to a market place today and I found herbs. Talk about tools of the trade! So, I found Peppermint, Thyme, Sage, Aloe Vera, Lavender, Mugwart, a Cinnamon tree, and Rue. I also bought another rose bush.

She had 2 different kinds of rue, male and female. Not sure what the difference is, but she said the female rue (which is what I bought) is a natural antibiotic. If you are sick you make a tea out of it and drink it every 8 hours. Not sure if I’m going to do that, but it was interesting.

I planted the Basil from seed last fall and just let it grow on my kitchen window sill. I have a huge rosemary bush in my yard that I planted 4 years ago so I didn’t get any.

I’m looking forward to playing in the dirt tomorrow!


Since most of everything is packed away, (no, I’m not moving unfortunately just painting) I’ve been working with the basics. So I can say for this challenge I have consecrated my moonstone bracelet that I love wearing. It gives me strength and hope.


That’s a beautiful bracelet @christina4.


@Phoenix_Fire , your altar and it’s symbolism is lovely. I too have items that I symbolically use. Statues, a selenite wand, etc. They’re representative rather than functional. BUT, by seeing them when I even pass my altar, gives me peace.


I asked this question because I wanted to do more than just cast a circle with my wand. Still learning what I can do with it but I realized that I have clear quartz at the end of my wand in the handle. That opened up some possibilities for me.

So I consecrated my wand again after clearing it, and realigned it to my energy while saying this chant:

Wand of oak and crystal clear,
protect my magic and all I hold dear!
Channel my energy as I need,
and help me follow to the Wiccan Rede.

I also have a lovely altar besom I use and some cauldrons and a steel chalice. I have an athame but I use the wand more, it feels better in my hand.

Here’s a picture of my wand too, in case y’all want to see it:


Wow, really love that tea cup. So cool and kind of your mother!


As a green witch, I’ve collected a lot of practical tools to use for my witchcraft such as various hand garden tools, seeds, plant containers, etc. But for the items I have and use for my green witchcraft that I have given special consecration to and that I consider the most magickal, I offer the following tools:

First and foremost, my hands. With my hands, I’m learning to heal, to create, to give warmth and comfort. They are by far my most important and magickal tool.

My Rowan wand, my BOS, my cauldron and candles. I use these just about daily.


My athame (Rosewood handle, Damascus steel blade), my Celtic finger knife (used for foraging and cutting plantings, and my waxed leather foraging bag. I use these items to collect cuttings and other items from nature for use in my craft.

Dried herbs and flowers, anointing oils, and essential oils. I use these items to create natural salves, soaps, tinctures, teas, and many other medicinal/magickal concoctions!

I really like the Green Witch Tarot deck and use it almost daily.

My witch hat! It’s made of felt and has a beautiful dried flower and feather arrangement in the front. I love this hat and love to wear it.

These are just a few things I have and use frequently as my tools. I love finding unique tools as well. I continue to learn about the various tools of witchcraft and find them all fascinating.

Very fun to see what everyone else is using in their craft as well! Thanks for another interesting challenge!


Nice haul! Playing in the dirt is the BEST! Have fun!


Love the wand


@Satu_TheGreenWitch today isn’t a good planting day so I will have to wait until next Sunday. They were a bit droopy yesterday from driving around in the car for 5 hours. We had alot of errands, but they perked up nicely over night. You have alot of beautiful tools!

@Amethyst I love your wand. I just can’t seem to get mine right. I made it for a challenge a few months ago. I have a selonite on one end and I put an Amethyst on the other. I bought some leather for it and I will try to work on it some more today.


Ok, so here are the 2 tools I have never used. The bosom I found in a thrift store! I had walked past it a few times and didn’t notice it. It was standing up against a shelf. I was about to check out and I told the lady that I needed to go back to that area of the store, and there she was. I couldnt believe it. It cost me $8. and the original tag was still on it. From the looks of the tag, it’s pretty old. The lady who made it priced it at $16. I tried to look her up on the internet but couldn’t find anything. The handle is Crepe Myrtle and that is what I made my wand out of, so that’s pretty awesome.

The second thing I haven’t used is the Athame. It’s actually a letter opener that we found at my Father in laws house after he passed away. Not sure what the stamp is on the handle. Knowing my Father in law it’s probably the NRA and that might not be a good thing to use in spellwork. Lol!


Draconic Cord Cutting Spell

It is inevitable that at some point in one’s life, one will be at the receiving end of some hurtful words. They are like cords that are wrapped tightly, that cause further hurt and pain. The purpose of this spell is to “cut them loose”.

You will need:

1 Black Candle
1 Athame/Wand

  1. Perform this spell on a Saturday during the waning moon or whenever you feel that you need to.

  2. Wrap your Athame/Wand in oregano and say the following:
    Great Davliteau, benevolence incarnate,
    I humbly ask thee to bless this athame for my ritual, purify my thoughts,
    may I harbor no ill will for the person that has offended me

  3. After three days have passed and your athame/wand has absorbed oregano’s joyful energies, light a black candle on your altar.

  4. Raise your athame in your dominant hand and say:
    No one can define me
    That right is mine (and mine alone)

  5. Next, think of the words that have hurt you. Close your eyes. Visualize them in your mind’s eye as cords wrapped around your body.
    Say the following:
    Cords of self-hate that have ensnared me,
    who have dared to enter my sacred space

  6. Trace Davliteau’s sigil in the air above your head. Visualize dragon fire raining down upon these cords.
    Say the following until you feel the cords’ hold loosen and fall from your body:
    Burn and fall
    Shrink, grow small
    In Davilteau’s name,
    I send thee away

  7. Blow out the candle and give thanks to Davliteau for his assistance. Perform this ritual as often as you need.

Davliteau’s Sigil

It didn’t take long for this sigil to come to mind. It’s supposed to look a cord of negative energy going up in smoke and flames.


I love that @Kasandra. Now I wish I would have bought an oregano plant yesterday!