Weekly Witchy Challenge: Water Magick

I love this challenge! As I’m sure all of you know, water has memory. Water holds energy within it, especially if you charge the water with intention. One of my fave ways to incorporate water into my practice is by performing water affirmations or water manifestation!

How do perform water :droplet: affirmations or manifestations:

*I will start out by saying, both the affirmations and manifestations can be done the same way with this practice, you would just replace the words stated. Here is how I do this:

What will I need?

  1. A clear glass filled at least half way with water.
  2. 5 slips of paper (I only like to focus on 1-5 affirmations or manifestations at a time, because it can be difficult to focus on more than that at a time)
  3. Something to write with
  4. 5 tea candles
  5. Crystals that symbolize manifestation (optional)

What do I do?

  1. Fill glass at least half way with water (add the crystals you chose if you chose to use them in your spell)
  2. Write 1-5 affirmations or manifestations on the slips of paper. I would recommend focusing on either/or. Don’t do half affirmations and half manifestations because our brains cans focus on two things at once like that. This will be most effective if you choose to do affirmations or manifestations but not both at once.
  3. As you write each manifestation or affirmation, light a corresponding tea candle.
  4. Once all of your slips are written and all candles lit, you can start the spell!
  5. Read one of the affirmations or manifestations while staring into the cup of water and imagining the water holding the energy of your wish.
  6. After you read it, burn the slip of paper in its corresponding tea candle, saying “so mote it be!”
  7. Repeat until all slips of paper have been burned
  8. Once done, drink the water, imagining your affirmations or manifestations coming into existence as you drink the water. Say “so mote it be!” Once finishing the water.


  • I wrote this spell as a variation from another spell I had seen on the internet. I just change it to fit to my liking. You can change this spell however you see fit for your cute self! :kissing_cat:

And that is my entry for this weeks witchy challenge!


I really like this - it’s like a physical way to take action towards each affirmation/manifestation. You’re taking the first step to lighting the path and making them come true :candle: :blush:

A beautiful affirmation spell, @Wandering_free - thank you very much for sharing it! :blue_heart: :ocean:


Ohh, I love this! Water holds a lot of power, and as someone mentioned in their challenge entry, it’s magical in the way it takes the shape of everything else. :ocean: I’m gonna hold on to this spell for my personal grimoire - thank you for sharing it!