❤️‍🩹 Weekly Witchy CHALLENGE - Wholesome Healers

@Lori79 Welcome, Lori- I’m so glad the theme resonates with you! :smiling_face_with_three_hearts: And no worries at all about the post location- the forum, like all new things, has a bit of a learning curve! We’re here to help while you learn the ropes. Make yourself at home here! :heart:

@Martje It sounds like your inner circle of friends is growing beautifully, Martje- I know this is your first time working with Them in a healing circle, but I have full faith that it will be a wonderful experience. You have such a loving intention, and it sounds like you are very good company too! :smiling_face_with_three_hearts: Sending many blessings to you and also to your friend- may she be blessed by your generous healing energy :pray::two_hearts:

@Ostara Naming Advil, Ibuprofen, and Tylenol as deities reminds me of Animism- of seeing everything, even inanimate objects, as having a presence and spirit. I’d never considered calling upon pain reliever pill beings, but I’ve learned something new! :smile: :+1: That Book of yours is loaded with amazing things, Ostara! :open_book:

@jan_TheGreenWitch After hearing about how enthusiastic and excited you are on your journey into crystals I had a feeling that might be how you’d approach the challenge, Jan! :blush: I’m not a crystal expert myself, but I can see you’ve chosen some really lovely ones to draw into your healing work- nice choices! :gem::sparkles: And hooray for herbal and natural remedies too! :herb::heart_eyes: The one from your grandmother is so cool to see- even if its not for use, it’s a lovely memory of her :pray: Also, I’m sending positive thoughts to your brother’s family- it sounds like your lovely recipe will help them treat the symptoms- a very generous healing gift! Beautiful work, Jan! :heart:


I found these cards in a book, bought them a few years ago.
thought you might like to look at them.

![HealingGeneralHealth|666x500, 50%]


I like this Challenge as I have been working on well doing energy work working on my energy centres to cultivate healing energies and powers of the mind lately I was doing some courses on Gaia for Torus activation and Grail chalice activation. As well I have been doing tai chi and other energy work practises to cultivate healing energy of the mind intent as well as qi dao Taichi I have added it to my protection rituals which I do each day as well as I’ve been cultivating herbs in my yard I have Horseweed time Rosemary I have wild Yarrow and for some reason I have tons of wild sage springing up everywhere growing sage. but this is not the stage of growing. One thing I’ve learned in what I’ve been doing is how to use a pendulum to check a persons energy flow and chakras for if you hold a pendulum in front of you it will begin to shake and then spin and if it’s spinning in circles that are clockwise it is good if it’s not spinning or if it is spinning counterclockwise or spinning too fast it’s not good I’ve done my own centres mine with everything I’m doing and the spinning in a 1 foot diameter circle in front of me which is quite a bit bigger than move the person. This is to show where work is needed on the body and where healing is needed to improve flow and improve energy flow through the body I don’t know if anybody else is familiar with these practises using a dowsing pendulum for checking your energy flow or checking somebody else’s energy flow but it does work very well teaches you how to put the intent into your hands to shift your energy through to your hands how do you say the mind in between your hands and it’s entirety and you can feel the energy I’ve also been conjuring healing spheres of energy I’ve been trying them all on myself and I’ve been trying to get my kids to let me try them on him while they’re grown now but it’s kind a need to put a colour of intent into the sphere and or yellow blue is for climbing or for creating a thought form and with intent and red is for loving green is the heel if you’re sick and you can’t do these between your hands in front of you in the same manner you collect she with tai chi and then you visualize the colour within the sphere and you push the sphere That is needing healing I haven’t seen this with a clairvoyant to verify it yet but it is said that true clairvoyance can see this energy healing well I visualize myself so I’m visualizing so I don’t know if I’m seeing it or just my visualization seeing it but I’ve also been working on the Brahma cave energy centre within the mind and creating a double octahedrons with the Fyxx Square inside around the head where you put those colours and you you spin the outside one which is blue octahedron clockwise while the inner one is redThat one goes counterclockwise well the green Square isn’t fixed position this is to help with visualization in the future I also pulled a flat surfaces out to other energy points to create stars that are spending with them in my visualization and this is all to help cultivate the healing power of the mind and mind powers I will update more as the week goes on what I’m doing and how it goes so far so good I have been feeling 100 times better myself given all that has happened to me I feel Strong and it’s giving me the strength to persevere and push through all the work that I have to do to get the answers I need with what I’m not going to mention here which everyone here knows because I don’t wanna put any triggers in this I just wanna leave it about the healing thank you Lord keep you guys updated on my progress one really Interesting thing is that this year of hackers calls down within tones and up with in tones the cosmic light in the drakina energy of the earth. It is The same as the Torus activation,And Grail Chalice It is said that these practises have been passed down through the secret societies for thousands of years in one form or another but the dual energy one where you’re doing the drakina energy and the cosmic light or the dove is together simultaneously both directions at once is very obscure and not often talked about unless you’re at the highest levels like a 33° Mason or equivalent


The healing experience. Making a circle calling upon my friends made this healing more sacred as I experienced it. I felt the energy flowing. When I connected with the higher self of my friend I saw a white golden energy, and I was focused on this energy most of the time. I visualized it flowing through her crown, going down via her spine, through all her chakra’s down into the ground, through her roots, going back into her organs, her body cells and through her skin into her aura. I made the energy as big as the circle. I named every step, said it out loud.
Then I asked for the divine source energy. This energy was different, softer and brighter at the same time, loving, soothing. I let it flow just wherever it wanted to go. I asked if I needed to focus on something and I saw a dark energy on her throat. I asked the divine energy to go there, and I was focused on this spot. It began to ease and became more light and spacious. The second focus was on her hips and grounding.

When I spoke to her afterwards and asked if she felt anything she told me that she became very angry at a certain point, that it slowly faded and turned into ease. And she felt that there was worked on her grounding.
Later that day she told me that the healing was intense and it seemed that her cells were bumping into each other. :crazy_face: She felt like a lot of things where in movement. I asked her if this was difficult, but she said no , I trust this, I let it happen.

So that s it. It s hard to tell what effect it is going to have, but I know it does, and I trust that this divine energy knows what is best


Oh yes, thank you!!! I like this, I’m surprised how many I already have! :purple_heart:


Sorry I noticed a lot of errors in my post I’ve been using voice to text as my screen is a little messed up on this phone it was my wife’s phone because I had gotten rid of my cell phone like five years ago and swore never to get one again however I’ll clear up what I was saying the Sphere the colour blue of the sphere is Calming And you add your intent or will to that the colour gives powerIf you’re looking to try this type of visualization try to feel when you add the colour after change the energy within you and how it feels also with practice I do with my practises are as follows I go out on each Phase of the moon to give offerings to both my ancestors and all of the spirits at elemental’s and magical beings of this earth who I call to my circle each week which I wish abundance and give gratitude to you as well as an offering after that to the goddesses who I worship including the goddess of my ancestors Danu I do a ritual shower bath shower before and after my offerings to purify myself before and to wash away any negativity and leave only abundance prosperity and health as well as I bless my body and all the water within my body and consecrate all of the water within my body and fill my body with the infinite love and abundance of the universe for my core beliefs about ourAs above so below as within so without as in the universe so too and the soul for all life is conscious and all life has the entire universe folded within it all life and consciousness is our thought forms immortal souls that are split into three your subconscious , egoconscious and your God consciousness or super Consciousness these any secret geometry visualizations I do with these energy visualizations and the tai chi movements and self massage and cleansing of my meridians which I do daily is one thing I forgot to add which is I asked the son or father sky is weird sometimes call him the son God who is canonized as a son of God as he rises in the morning to lift my burdens as it goes across the sky to ease my day it doesn’t matter what your beliefs are or you can ask your deity of your choice the same but I believe that all religions come from the one and all of us come from the one light that one cosmic thought form that created everything the mother of the universe yes I said I believe God is a woman and a mother the otherGods came after her for she was the first Sofia for all these names we know are merely Characteristics of her for she is the goddess of the a nameless name the unmentionable name Bro she has been called everything every name she is a triple goddess the Trinity the original Trinity or even the Rosicrucians teach this and some of the esoteric teachings of the Kabbalah teach of this even the Bible in the book of kings for she was cast out of the temple her idol was ground up into ashes and spread upon grave of common men by King Josiah the evil one for I believe In balanceFor know that these practice is a mention of the tourist activation of the grail chalice during the energy simultaneously causes a gating effect which allows divine energy to accumulate within you which will give great boon to any effort you’re trying to do and again you notice the holy grail reference this is the true holy grail top by the bought by the Templars after they discovered this when they went to Solomons temple which is passed down to the Rosicrucians and the Masons these ancient traditions have a great healing powers and like I said with the universe folder within less to bless and heal yourself is to bless and heal the universe and everybody around you for the wishes love and abundance even upon your enemies and people who wish you harm it Canbe very freeing I think everything that everybody is posting is excellent I really enjoy everybody’s individual take on things but I believe that tech is tech it doesn’t matter if it’s gnostic Rosicrucian or Wiccan or whatever if it’s meant with love and it’s intent is love is nothing but good for love is the power that that powers the universe the spiralling of creation for even the Christian mystics had their own way of explaining these things even the book of revelations seven seals are the seven chakras everything is connected so all of these practises that we’re all doing here we can really help each other by helping ourselves and know that it is being provenModern quantum science that everything is real that we believe is real for an example is if you’re looking for a photon of light or a wave of light it only becomes a photon or a wave yes the observer which is you determined it to be a photon or a wave. We have much more power than we all know for we have forgotten who we all truly are where we are all celestial‘s that are being reincarnated to experience life from all aspects all of our 22 lives are all being lived simultaneously and experienced simultaneously by the cosmic cell and when we’re done we return to the source the cosmic light to be one with the one so know that what I am trying to explain is to do healing work upon oneself to wish the entire universe within you to be healed whole and balanced is to wish everybody around you to be healed whole and balanced for this through love distance does not matter anything you say think or dream or imagine will become real I congratulate everybody on everybody’s practises and healing in this weekly challenge and say that with all of us doing these practises it’s not just affecting people around us but it actually makes the entire world a better place for we are all connected we are all within each other and without each other and distance does not matter or I have experienced this firsthand this might sound a little nutty but throughout the winter and I was making a magical healing stew which I would bless the meat the vegetables and the water and the dumplings and I would think each ingredient or its contributionI would take the first offer plate out as an offering to the gods they worshipped that it be healing and it be freeing and it is and you are trapped or jeans are bound by any evil magic or seal of Solomon that they be made free the same time same day same minute that I did this offering around the world for me in Japan it was posted that the demon rock broke free from its chain and broke open freeing the trapped goddess within and I looked up the Greek equivalent of the goddess that was of the nine tail fox Japan and what I came up was astareth the star goddess it is actually one of her names a few many of her names including that one who I make my offering to that night some people would say spooky some people would say cool all I know is it happened another thing that happened last year was it was about to rain and I was taking a bed my wife bought without really thinking it through back so that it could make her feel better cause she would have trouble sleeping on it because it was too hard because more pain for her because my wife was disabled so it was about to rain and I focussed on it not raining on my vehicle to ruin the bed I had in my open trailer, A few who hates witches and actually is really stupid about what I my beliefs and everything he’s one of those Christians anyways no negativity here he was trying to be negative to me and I was focussing on it not raining on my trailer and it came down in buckets on him who is standing 2 feet away from me and not a drop came on my trailer or the bed and I’ve drove all the way across the city with that bad and the trailer and the rain stayed away from me I got the new bed in that trailer drove home same thing and it was literally raining behind me while I was driving not on me soon as the bag was in the house it was pouring so belief belief belief you will manifest everything through belief and for the people you are healing they need to believe belief is everything again excellent excellent challenge I really enjoy what everybody’s doing I hope I cleared up my post and that there are getting to be too many energy errors in this one I’mStarting to wonder if this phone thinks I have marbles in my mouth anyways have an excellent night all again you guys are awesome


My biggest contact with others is through work, family n of course now customers with my new side jobs. In thinking of how to do healing for others when most ppl dont know i practice magic or even that im pagan. . I wondered how i could do this. I thought about some of my friends ( some previous workmates so contact is mostly through messenger or now Facebook ( though i struggle with that aspect after my traumatic experiences with the church, which is why i wemt off facebook ages ago. But my side jovs require me to reconnect n post of facebook for my side jobs)… but so there are some whi might not know i am a witch or pagan but know i like crystals n nature based healing like herbal teas and the like which is similar to what im doing. One job has wax melts, scented products and essential oils etc n thr other is body products. Im researching the benifits of ingredients for both on a practical level so i can recomnend products for certain needs. Its not necessarily magic based as body shop is not witchy, its just nature based body products. N scentsy isnt witchy either but it can be useful for emotional wellbeing and used in meditation or just general wellbeing which also includez cleaning, washing and body stuff which has different scents for products. Different scents can promote different benefits like bergemot n mandarine mught be uplifting and lavender and vanilla might be calming. I can put together suggestion posts for certain needs to help customers see what might be helpful for certain needs but it wouldnt be witchy healing specificallky esp as i wouldnt feel right to do any magical healing on others without tgeir knowledge so i just wouldnt go there there. They do however know natural ingredienrs have benifits as proven by science which seems to me to justify witches and wise ppl snd shamans etc using natural products for healing throughout the centuries. So in that i can help ppl without crossing a boundary of unknown magic on another. But perhaps without being magic spell so much for those who are open to crystals and herbs i could do something a bit more witchy for them and include information or even supporting crystals etc. And make a wellbeing range or box with a range of products to suit a need. Like chamomile products and scents along with supporting crystals ans maybe affiemation cards. Its still only a start to trying to figure it out. Now my previous assignment in n work week done for tjis week ive got some days to ger myself sorted with everything after habing to put sone tgings aside till the assignment n work week were done. Ive got to a point thougb that so much to do, i dont know where to start and brain wants to go kaboom boom :joy:my not so adult talk for overloaded brain
Thinking of work, one idea i just had was again not witchy but nature based healing and welbeing like. I could take some products to work for ppl to use that can help during a difficult time. Like a pamper station. In our job we are washing hands constantly n washing n cleaning etc. So something to moisturise hands, a calming scent to help calm nerves or something for positivity n energy like citrus based… maybe could take some of scented products to put in staff room as well for nice n pleasent atmosphere to help staff recharge while on break. The scented flower may be a good one, it comes in a few scents. Could have a look at which one might fit that need. Ive seen some things put in rhe staff room, i can see if its ok to add some herbal teas as well.
For those know my path or what im into on a surface basis i can even put togetger a healing kit of sorts. Ooh i could make them into gifts box/baskets with a range of healing products in it. Hollistic wellbeing all the way. :grin::joy::grin:yes my brain is doing the lots of ideas all at once thing.


Thank you for sharing your BOS!! My boyfriend has a lot of headaches, and this can help him a lot!! Blessed be!


For my weekly challenge entry I am going to do a heal the earth from drought spell. Yesterday it rained all over Texas except on me! I kept looking at the radar and it looked like the rain was coming right at us then it would fizzle out. I have lost 1 big oak tree and a few smaller oaks. All 3 of the rose bushes I planted in the Spring died.

Heal Earth From Drought

Purpose of spell-This spell helps heal areas of Earth affected by drought.

Suggested Timing-Waxing moon

Items needed-

Sphere shaped rock or clear quartz crystal

Small bowl

Magickal ingredients

1/2 cup dried chamomile

3 drops bergamot oil

Start the spell during the waxing moon period. Place your chamomile in the small bowl. With your finger draw the water symbol in the herb to charge its water properties to the forefront. Select your spherical rock or clear quartz to represent Earth. Hold it in your hands gently, cupping it in a closed fashion, and say:

“Mother Earth, you are suffering from thirst
I impart you healing love to bear the worst.
Send healing rains to your parched plains
Your ground refreshed, your fauna nursed.”

Place the rock in the chamomile bowl and cover it with the chamomile. Anoint the mixture the mixture with 3 drops of the bergamot oil to seal the water drawing intentions. Let the bowl sit by a moonlit window until the night of the full moon.

During the full moon, take the rock out of it’s bed of chamomile and bring it to running water. Throw the rock in running water and let the water carry it’s energy to the drought afflicted region. If an ocean, lake, brook, or river is not readily accessible for you, throwing the rock in a storm drain or washing it out of your yard with a garden hose will work just as well. The intention is to let the power of water you have manifested be sent on its healing way.

From the book The Healing Power of Witch Craft by Meg Rosenbriar


I apologize if the following is T.M.I.

I am healing myself and in turn I have information to share.
I highly recommend this tea ritual if you deal with menstrual cramps. (I ran out of my usual pills so I am highly motivated to try something natural.)

Ginger is one of the top recommended “herb” for cramps.

(Find the printable here)

And I think the lemon doesn’t just make it tasty - it boosts your spirits and helps support iron absorption.

(Find the printable here)

I will research honey and get back to you.
Edit: Honey is an anti-inflammatory. It is good for helping with cramps. health benefits of honey and menstruation - Google Search
My plan for the future is prevention. I am going to try this tea. The Herbal CommitTea Women's Wellness Organic Herbal Tea


I am one who suffers from social anxiety, panic attacks and depression and relaxing through meditation has been helping me so much. I have also been doing the daily candle ritual meditations in Spells8 using crystals, defusing oils and using the candles and working on focusing and calming my mind. I don’t know if there are other trans sisters who are members here but being a trans woman, being my authentic self can be challenging at times especially in the public eye and with all these bills being written by government officials it can be scary and filled with worry if these are going to pass and they allow people to miss treat, misgender and spread hate. So i meditate, chant an affirmation to help me feel less anxiety and give me strength in the morning or throughout my day. I also my cast or carry a crystal or a protection bag with me as well. Hope this helps and what the challenge calls for.


My vote @destinee2 is that yes, this counts for the challenge.

There are witches here that will relate to your situation and I personally know those in transition and identify as trans in my life, and my work has an open policy and LGBTQ+ employee resource group where we are all involved regardless of how we identify. Protection, positive self talk, practicing (actual role playing) how to respond to situations you fear where you feel good about your response, along with seeking therapy or a group so that you can vent, have camaraderie and learn not to value anything incoming that is negative or negative perceived is a huge start to what you can control since there are so many other things out of our control. And, if they are out of our control, then use your gift of witchcraft to mediate as much as you can the negative effect on you. Light and love. :green_heart:


Here’s one, much love to you beautiful :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:

I’ve been called into doing some pretty deep inner work recently, it hasn’t been gentle at all :sweat_smile: Taking off the masks and beliefs I’ve been accumulating, one by one, stripping it down to the core of: who am I really, what drives me, what is my soul’s purpose. Many things come and go, but love always stays. Wanting to heal myself and others. Soothing the soul with gentleness and beauty :smiling_face_with_three_hearts: :white_heart:

Our Earth has an immense power of healing. There’s a beautiful book I’ve been reading, Mirrors in the Earth by Asia Suler of One Willow Apotecharies. Reading it has been medicine in itself, how she describes in her stories, how deeply we belong here and how loved we are. How there’s gentle and loving life all around us, from the small glimmering piece of mica to a mighty old, wise oak tree, and all the tiny saplings that believe in us :relaxed: :green_heart:

Last week a beautiful set of synchronicities led me on a forest trail with my therapist. We had a wonderful time walking, talking about our respective life plans, the nature around us, blueberries, sexuality, you name it :grin: We got to experience all the elements, sitting by a beautiful lake, feeling a refreshing wind on our skin, even lighting a fire and enjoying some fire cooked food while staring into the dancing flames, in spoken recognition of a long line of ancestors whose presence we could almost feel :relaxed: A fellow witchy soul, maybe. Or just two little girls enjoying a sunny day with their Earth mother and wishing they had brought their swimsuits :fire: :two_women_holding_hands: :ocean:


As many of you know, cryatals are healing for me in many ways. I decided to use them and the Eye of Ra for this challenge.

The Eye of Ra:

Link: https://images.app.goo.gl/zwHf8dwhXgDtBYnF7

For me, The Eye Of Ra is a protective symbol and it’s helped me on my healing journey. But for this challenge, I used it as a distraction. I woke up due to a horrible nightmare. So, I decided to distract my mind. And I thought about the challenge. I created this masterpiece (lol)

Mind you, this was at 3:00 am. But it helped me heal my mind, even for the short while ut took me to create this symbol.

Thank you for reading and I hope you all enjoy this.


Oh, you clever girl.


Thanks :heart: :blush:


I agree that what you said was challenge worthy. And I hope and pray that this stupid bill never gets passed!!! I fall on the lgbtq+ spectrum. And i have many friends who are too. I worry as well!! One things for sure, we’re safe here!!


That’s a great spell!! Thank you for sharing this!! I might have to do this!!


Just as many natural remedies can be toxic or deadly, others like the Gila monster saliva (foundation for GLP-1 diabetes agents) or cinnamon (may reduce insulin resistance), impart a certain level of medical effect in diseases such as diabetes. Finding solutions to ailments from our environment, removing impurities and perfecting them, is a truly healing “alchemical” art.
We can each attest to the deeply wholesome healing powers of homecooked food and the kindness of others.


@christina4 That’s beautiful and creative, I love it! :blush: