Weekly Witchy Challenge Wholsome Healers

I decided to concentrate my bowl that I made and call out to the elements North, East, South and West to protect me! I call to the North to Nourish me! East is Air allows me to have a clear sound mind. South Fire :fire: to kindle creation in my mind and soul! Most of all I call to the element of Water :droplet: to nurish and heal me!
First I used all ss to to concentrate my bowl :tea: and cleanse it of any negative energy!
I opened my circle and I am protected! I protect everyone around me!
I decided to use a prayer :place_of_worship: bowl to elaborate a prayer :place_of_worship: that has been weighing on my heart :heart:!
I pray for strength for my voice I pray my anger would leave in the bitterness could be gone and banished. I pray for confidence throughout the day. I pray my trauma will not be my story. And I pray for my truth. I pray shame would fall and I would be shameless. I pray that I will not be shamed and I pray for wisdom and courage and compassion and peace and love! I pray for forgiveness and I pray for peace and healing! I pray for it compassion towards my children! I am growing tired!

I have a son who attempted suicide and now it has been really hard to find balance. My other son is back on fentenol! My reality is very blank!

So I call out to Enodia The Queen of all Witches to grant me peace :v:
She is the Guardian of Children and she is in my liminal space :milky_way:! I call to Persephone Queen of Hell! I call to Demeter her mother! I call to Circe to help me with my sorcery and my pharmakaia! I call to Atimis and Diana! I call to Cernnonos! I them her in my sacred space and invite them to my sacred altar!
I made a dish for her and also put some more offerings in the bowl! Lemon :lemon:, mint, thyme, basil!
My offering is my pain that resides in my soul!
This hym
She is the gateway and she opens the door and hands me my key :key: to the next steps :walking_man:
Persephone crowns me while I work on my shadow aspects! I call to Demeter and ask you
To help me and aid me while I hand out in nature!
I believe I can be happy
I believe I can ride on a chariot and fly in the sky!
I believe this pain can be turned into honey!
I believe In the God and Goddesses
I have faith there will be some light
I turn the bowl three times counter-clockwise to Get rid of all the na negative energies and then three times I bring forth all of the wholeness!
I am a queen :princess: who deserves my heart to be healed!


So more it be!


Everything is beautiful, as always! I love your words!! So may it be :raised_hands:


You’re getting better and better!


This sounds like such a powerful ritual, Jeannie! :heart: The fierceness of your motherhood really shines through in your words here. From one mom to another, you are right – you are a queen who deserves your heart to be healed! :pray: :sparkles:


Thank you, I am honoring myself and if the boys want to shame me for there unrealistic expectations. Then fine they need to take responsibility for there actions and take care of themselves.
I am The Queen of Swords
I am The Queen of Chalice- I bring forth healing
The Queen of Fire :fire: - I call forth to have action when it co.es to discipline
Hail Hecate!


I am getting better and thank you for acknowledging it when we honor ourselves we honor others!Thats some wisdom!


Thank you I was a young mom who made some horrible mistakes but I was young and Naïve but that was such a long time ago! I’d don’t deserve to be punished anymore!
For some reason kids like to blame the parents!
I do deserve to be Queened with my Swords :dagger:
I do deserve my Queen to have her Chalice
I do deserve some Action on there part!



You are a Queen, @Jeannie1! :heart::crown: :sparkles: This is beautifully written and it takes my breath away how much emotion and care you put into your spellwork. I pray your deities continue to watch over and guide you forward- may Their strength be yours! :raised_hands:

Lots of love on your healing journey- many blessings to you! :two_hearts:


What a beautiful ritual. You will be healed. I have faith.