🤔 Weekly Witchy CHALLENGE - Witch Stereotypes

I think that this can be funny, but it’s also super interesting to witness! Seeing the personal growth of the people we know and love, watching them come to accept something we hold sacred, and learning the truth about these practices - I think that’s an amazing thing for a witch’s family. I’m glad your family is accepting of you! :heart: Even if the ever-frequent requests for information, cleansing, etc. can be annoying, I’m sure deep down, they truly love and appreciate you.

And your son thinking you ride on a broomstick :broom: is absolutely a plus :joy:

Aww, how wonderful! :smiling_face_with_three_hearts: Our children sure can surprise us! I’m glad you were met with more knowledge rather than negative comments. :people_hugging: It sounds like you and your son have something more to bond over!

I can definitely see how that would be an issue. I wasn’t raised Christian - it was more of a “we go to church during holidays and when we need prayer” type of thing :laughing: but my parents were still against Wicca and paganism. Over the years – I’m in my 30s now – and they’ve come to terms with my beliefs and have even joined in on a spell or two. I have hope that you’ll get there one day, too. Maybe not doing spells with your parents, but at least embracing the spiritual side of yourself after being raised Christian.

I think you should check out one of our previous challenges if you’re looking for more modern witches in media that are balanced and not all negative stereotypes! My favorites include Cassie Nightingale from The Good Witch and the witches in the book/movie Practical Magic.

That challenge was this one → :tv: Weekly Witchy CHALLENGE - Witchy Media

Oh wow, I look forward to reading about your progress! :clap: That’s quite the undertaking!

I think you’re totally right! When we look back through the years, both more recent history and ancient, it’s easy to see the shifting energies and thoughts when it pertains to witchcraft. Everything was good, magic was part of life. Then the demonization started, it become “evil”, and a sin to practice witchcraft and its associated skills. Now, we’re trending more positive, at least in my perception. It’s like riding a wave, almost, the way I picture it in my head :joy: I hope that makes sense!

Witches and magical people have gone by many names in various cultures throughout the years. Not everyone’s practice is the same, and some people see shamanism and Brujeria, for example, as being different than witchcraft. But you’re right - magical people have existed for a very, very long time!

That’s such a narrow-minded thing to deal with, I’m sorry! :people_hugging: I’m glad that you’ve been able to find workarounds for things, though. Wearing a Hekate’s Wheel is a great alternative! Only people that are into history or Paganism are gonna know what it means :laughing: Also - welcome back! :hugs: