🤔 Weekly Witchy CHALLENGE - Witch Stereotypes

Ohhh I love her! I went to see the movie right when it came out, I don’t do that often but I had a feeling there :blush: :black_heart: :sparkles: I definitely have a thing for dark and powerful female villains too, their passion and complete disregard for whatever anyone thinks of them is really inspiring. They do what lights them up and wear what they feel like, even if it’s *gasp* black leather :joy: And somehow it’s really satisfying watching people who try to get in their way get crushed :smiling_imp: :innocent:

Oh dear, that sounds like a terrifying call, I’m glad he’s okay though and that no one else got hurt :relieved:

I like this, and the new version of Maleficent was very much this :black_heart:

Dark =/= evil (and same goes for witch), but also I can see, if you really want a villain in your story… I may just humor you :joy: :smiling_imp:


That gave me a chuckle- oh, Dean! :laughing: I wonder if Supernatural is still running- they have a lot of seasons!

And jars! And herbs! And rocks! :joy: :+1:

I think you’re right about the stereotypes being attached to time and place- there certainly is a great diversity in the types of witches out there! :mage:

It sounds like your witchy talents are well known and that your skills are in high demand, Tracy- I’m sure they appreciate all you do for them! :grinning: :heart:

That’s great, Heav3n- congrats to you! :pendulum: :sparkles: And I think it is so sweet that your “mini mini me” is so interested in what you do- when she’s ready, she’s lucky to have such a great teacher nearby! :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:

If a reference is proving difficult, feel free to tackle it like a journal entry or share your thoughts about it instead- the doors are open to interpretation! :grinning:

Go, Artemisia, go- you’ve got this! :partying_face:

I think this is a great way to approach the challenge- the stereotypes really do boil down to identity: things like what makes a witch, and the expectations that sets both from others and from oneself. And there sure is a lot of possibilities there to unpack! :grinning: I really enjoyed reading your thoughts and responses to the prompts, Celestia- you put a lot of care into your exploration of stereotypes and the identity of a witch, it really shines through in your words! :star2: :blush::heart:

That sounds absolutely perfect- I’m going to have give this a watch! :eyes: Thanks for sharing it, Crystal!

No need to apologize at all, Phoenix (not for talking, either- you have a lot of wonderful thoughts on the theme, and I’m grateful you share them! :heart:)- I’m so sorry to hear about the accident and I’m very glad your dad is okay! :pray: :heart:

The lyrics are really powerful! I was curious, so I listened to the song and liked it. I’m going to add the video here for anyone else who wants to listen along too :notes:

It is sad when a positive symbol gets caught up in hatred, but I think it is people like you, those ready to set things right with kindness and understanding, who right the wrong an help to lay false stereotypes to rest in the past :heart: :hugs:

I am so proud of you for embracing who you are and wearing your pentacles with pride, Amethyst! For those that do notice, I hope it helps encourage other witches and magickal souls to also embrace their passions and beliefs as well. It’s a better world when everyone feels safe and accepted :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:


@Amethyst How beautiful. I’m glad you’re enjoying your pentacle. It’s so true we reflect our fears back on ourselves. When we embrace them, we realize the shadows aren’t so scary afterall. Lovely :sparkling_heart:


Wow. As usual you covered the subject so well. :pray: I can’t help but think anything I do for this challenge will be so much less. :purple_heart: I am constantly amazed at your wisdom and overall knowledge. :people_hugging:


@Shadeweaver It will never be less. I love your contributions. :sparkling_heart:


Challenge entry

I am at a loss. You Ladies have done such a wonderful job on this challenge I have little of any value to add.

I am obviously not your stereotypical witch. Most people see me and may think of me a pagan, but think it’s on the back of a Harley wearing leather and chains. My whole life people have tried to put me in “boxes” that I don’t fit well.

Stereotypes are just a form of judgement/discrimination. A way of explaining to oneself the difference. Not good or bad unless taken to extremes. It depends on the persons education and perspective often prejudiced by their environment.

My 2 cents, and it may not be worth that much. May I become the witch you all have already become. Love and Light


@Shadeweaver This is lovely, and really there isn’t such a thing as a stereotypical witch, we are a diverse bunch, although a Harley Davidson, now that would be nice. :sparkling_heart::joy:


Challenge Entry

I can think of a few examples of Wicca/Wiccans being represented in media.

I enjoyed watching Charmed when I was younger, but the writers once had Piper say that using spells for personal gain would “break the basic of most Wiccan rules.”

Umm, last time I checked, Wiccans are allowed to cast spells for personal gain as long as they don’t break the Wiccan rede.

Scooby Doo and The Witch’s Ghost was one of my favorite Scooby Doo movies growing up. When I showed it to my former best friend, whose family took Christianity very seriously, her mom freaked out and told me her children “were not allowed to watch that Satanic stuff”. One of the most common stereotypes surrounding witches.

Anyway in the movie, Sarah Ravencroft who lived in the 17th century Massachusetts was said to be a Wiccan healer “who helped many people who could not afford medical treatment.”

Wicca, as we know it today, was not around in 17th century Massachusetts.

Sarah was actually an evil witch and that the Wiccans, who are called virtuous souls, imprisoned her within her own spell book.

The lead singer of the Hex Girls, who imprisons Sarah once again, is said to be “part Wiccan”, “one sixteenth blood” on her mother’s side.

Being Wiccan is not something that’s genetically passed down.

I have to wonder if the writer’s used the term Wiccan to mean a “good witch”.


@Kasandra Very interesting, the media portrayal of Wiccan is very unbalanced. I remember watching Housewives of Beverly Hills, and they had a Wiccan lady in the show. She was portrayed as the wicked witch of the west. Yet in the movie Practical Magic, my absolute favourite (book and film) Sandra bullock says, "there’s no devil in the craft). This is interesting. :sparkling_heart:


Oh, this one should be interesting! I have something that immediately came to my mind so I think I might explore that in an entry :laughing:

The witches in TV shows always get a bad reputation :laughing: it’s funny sometimes, but other times it can be frustrating! Supernatural is a fun show, though.

I love all of these :joy: I have caught myself saying some of these, especially anything about Mercury Retrograde. I even made a comment one time when a hospital I worked at upgraded their EMR (electronic medical record) during the height of Mercury Retrograde… if there was a problem, it definitely went wrong! :clap: My manager laughed when I mentioned the retrograde because she knew, too!

That’s so funny :laughing: I love how accepting they are, and that your son doesn’t like to go in because of the energy.

I think this is beautiful, @Heav3n :heart: One of my goals in the near future is to setup a community spell once a month for anyone that needs it. :candle: I think being a helper is one way that witches can be seen in a more positive light in both the media and the world!

I loved reading your answers to these questions! It’s interesting to me to see how these perceptions differ in people that are in other parts of the world. I really liked your take on the aesthetic part of witchcraft. :revolving_hearts: I used to be of the opinion that focusing on the aesthetics of the craft was harmful, but I believe differently now. I agree with you - if the way things look affects a witch in such a way that it makes them more connected to their practice? Well, then that’s none of my business :joy:

This was interesting to watch! I’ve seen Griffin before and actually reacted to a Buzzfeed video that he was in. I think his take on witchcraft in the media was interesting. He’s right, I think! A lot of witchcraft is portrayed in a fun way - sparkles and flashy spells, flying on brooms, and other fun things. Some ways that witches are portrayed can be harmful, but for the most part, I think he’s right!

Thanks for sharing this!

Oh wow, @Phoenix_Fire – I’m sorry to hear about your dad’s accident but I’m really glad he’s okay! That could have been very scary!

I’ve never heard that song you shared, so I’m gonna have to go give it a listen. I really like the lyrics! :musical_note: I appreciate your thoughts on witches in media, too. And there’s no being carried away :laughing: all of your thoughts and opinions are appreciated!

I used to be the same way. I’ve had experiences where I’ve had to explain it or I’ve gotten weird looks, but that hasn’t happened in a really long time!

Your two cents is always valuable here, @Shadeweaver – and you’re already an amazing witch. Own it! :clap: :blush:

You’re absolutely right! :clap: While many Wiccans find that tracing their lineage through their coven is important, witchcraft and Wicca are not in the blood, they’re in the spirit :sparkles:


I absolutely love this outlook and so relate to pretty much all of that list lol :laughing:


@MeganB I watched that buzz feed video too lol it was the first time I had ever heard the witches ladder chant. Griffin is very intelligent when it comes too witchcraft and I love hearing his perspective.


It was one of the first times I had heard the chant spoken, so it was interesting! I loved their approach to witchcraft and magick, and how open they were about everything!


Well I think this challenge has a billion answers lol. I figured I would do a little thought processing on it.

I like to think I go against the stereotypes, atleast the old tales of witches. Now that I thought about this challenge maybe I only partly go against the grain lol I def have a cauldron all though it isn’t huge and filled with green goo. I have many crystal even a mini crystal ball lol. I def have signs and symbol and Sigil ms everywhere and my home smells like some combo of herbs and flowers lol :joy:

I def have an animal that I swear has a human soul and yes she talks to me (just not words like Sabrina’s cat) lol I do have crazy dreads and tons of jewelry in them. :woman_mage::herb:

I asked a couple of my friends how they knew I was a witch. It seems that my meditation music choices, my herbs, my cards, and they all said my magical sick tea lol :joy: some said my tattoos of symbols and my vibe but not sure lol

I’m not sure how I feel about it becoming so “in and cool” I think a lot of people are getting into the natural healing and the crystals. Meditation has lead to a lot of open minds about herbs and healing power. There’s a big BUT though. A lot of people are practicing and do not know it. They don’t do research or necessarily want to be a witch but they heard this is the new trend and so for that I feel like you get a lot of people that don’t really understand or want to understand. I’m not sure if this is coming out where u can understand it. I just def think if people are going to practice they should educate themselves. I believe the actual term “witch” is still looked as a negative thing but the use of “witchy” things are cool. I think it’s super bad ass though lol


@Jessica_Zee This is so true. I like your observations. People do like “witchy”, but the stigma for a real witch is still there. Your point on research is sooo true. I had a friend, who when she found out I love tarot, said," oh great we should get together and do a seance." At first I thought well if she’s an experienced psychic, sure. But then when I found out she “a beginner, dabbles”, I thought, no way!:flushed::joy:. Your dreads are cool.:sparkling_heart:


lol ty and yes my best friend is loterally my friend since pre k and she is also a witch. We were just talking about this yesterday and we both said the same thing… when we first started we just thought it was super awesome and we loved being different from everyone else. We were in elementary school when we first “dabbled” in magic. We didn’t have any one to teach us or any really cool stores that I remember. Google and internet was not around. We would find spells and print them out in the library computer lol :joy: I can tell u now we did some stuff we def shouldn’t have. But we really didn’t understand what we were doing at the time.


challenge entry
I grew up in a place where Witchcraft is a mortal sin and of course Witches go to hell…Ok…But they spit on them if they see a black cat, they don’t go down stairs and turn around if they see a priest…If they see an open window when someone has died they say…the spirit of the deceased has come…they burn incense to drive away the evil eye what we call bad energy and so on. They are magicians without knowing it…After years I accidentally learned that my grandfather was a Magician secretly…but he never admitted it maybe out of fear…People worship Magic inside their Soul but outwardly they condemn it and let them do magic every day without knowing it…


@AIRAM Very deep. Yes, the condemers practice the things they condemn. Many people still believe salt is for good luck, and if you break a mirror you get 7 years bad luck, but they don’t believe in magic.
This is beautifully written my dear. :sparkling_heart:


just like that, my sister!


Yes you are very right… I will keep you all posted :blush: