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Yes the green witch channel is one ive come across . As well as the hearth witch channel. They were two of my first ones discovered. I find it interesting how while hearth witch and cottage witch are both seen as names for similar type of practice how the energy from one witch can be different to another even if practice similar things and what they focus on or how they share information. Its really interesting.


Challenge Entry

What a great topic @Kasandra!!


There are so many great podcasts over witchcraft and pagan/Wicca beliefs. Here are a few of my favorite:

  • Salty Witches (Google Podcasts, Apple Podcasts): Entertaining discussions on all topics related to witchcraft, from trending to taboo. Last week’s episode is a particular favorite as it discusses witchcraft and the neurodivergent.
  • Witchcraft and Wellness (Google, Apple): Tips, tools, and interviews to use witchcraft for self-love and health. Nikki has 10+ years experience in witchcraft and a background in Nutrition and Health & Wellness.
  • The Cottage Witch (Google, Apple): Hester works with Mother and Crone energy and focuses on kitchen and hearth magick. A variety of topics are covered throughout the series.


There are way too many for me to list here so I am going to highlight a few that I love.

  • Fiction: The Raven’s Spell (Amazon); The Fortune Teller (Amazon)
  • Reference: Llewellyn’s Complete Book of Correspondences (Amazon)
  • Practice Specific: Of Blood and Bones: Working with Shadow Magick & the Dark Moon (Amazon); Encountering the Dark Goddess: A Journey into the Shadow Realms (Amazon); Honoring Your Ancestors: A Guide to Ancestral Veneration (Amazon)
  • Tarot: All of Biddy Tarot’s books! Ultimate Guide to Tarot Card Meanings (Amazon); Intuitive Tarot: 31 Days to Learn to Read Tarot Cards and Develop Your Intuition (Amazon); Everyday Tarot: Unlock Your Inner Wisdom and Manifest Your Future (Amazon)

Websites/ Articles

Again, way too many to list out! Here are a few bloggers I follow plus a page that I reference daily for affirmations.


I’m in love with the first game. While extremely dark and gritty at times, it’s not all that all the time, there’s a full spectrum, I like it. The potion brewing and meditating in front of campfires and fireplaces stole my heart :heart_eyes: And the atmosphere of the cities and the countryside, the day and night and weather patterns, the routes and routines people have, so much love put into it and it shows :blush:

And I like how when you get tired of people and their nonsense you can literally run into the forest or the swamp to fight monsters deep into the night, and when you’ve got that energy out, all mud spattered and covered in blood and tree sap, you can find a nice campsite sit down, make a fire, meditate into the dawn hours, letting your body recover and spending your hard earned experience points :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:

I love this idea, I’ve been thinking about making myself a pretty skill tree too but I’m nowhere as good with drawing as I’m with words! :smile_cat:


Oh wow! This is a great challenge!!! I don’t even know where to begin in finding my favorite witch/magic themed anything!! lol Ya gotta love the Harry Potter books and Lord of the Rings too. But then there’s so many movies and shows, from scary to goofy and everywhere in between! OMG!!
I guess I’ll go with “Supernatural”! I really liked learning about creatures and their “lore” and what brought them into the modern world from long ago and whatnot. Magic and biblical remedies were really interesting too! I think that’s part of what got me back into wanting to learn more on Wicca.
I love that Witchcraft and Witches are becoming more “main stream” now and you can find all sorts of info and perspectives on social media. Ya still gotta take that with a grain of salt and do your own research though, because there are “vampires” everywhere ready to pounce on ignorant victims. I’m teaching my daughter some things and asking what she is interested in and we’ve been doing spells and taking lessons together, and she’s even sharing with her school friends!!
I absolutely hate that there is still that stereotype that it’s all “satanic and dark and evil”, but that’s not how I feel when I’m partaking in the elements and communing with the universe!
I wish I had the great creative mind to come up with a story or poem or something, but I’ll have to try a little harder… or get some “help”!


Challenge Entry
My challenge goes all the way back to Charmed tv show. Me and my sisters watched it everyday and would even pretend we had powers just like them.

Fast forward a little later I get introduced to America Horror Story and as an entry above season three is about witches and this really got me interested especially the characters Marie Laveau played by Angela Bassett. This season really got me interested into magic and how it really works. Marie Laveau used her magic to help others but she didn’t use the “harm none” as we do but I wanted to help others with magic like her. And her room is just :heart_eyes:

Go forward a little bit more and my husband introduces me to Skyrim video game and it had magic, dragons, alchemy, vampires, werewolves it had everything I’m into and after crafting on the alchemy lab in this game I was like yep I want an alchemy lab I want to do this. And it’s rune magic drew me more interested into Runes so I began research on those.

When I finally decided to find something to help me learn more about my magical interest I just started googling and Spells8 came up and that’s how I found all you wonderful people so the Media helped me find my own Coven.


Challenge Entry

Oh my goodness! I consume so much witchy media! First and foremost, I have to go to my beloved Harry Potter. I’ve read the series more times than I can count. My baby nursery was even Harry Potter themed. However, my witchy media obsession has stretched across my whole life. I grew up watching shows like Bewitched and Charmed and Buffy the Vampire Slayer (which isn’t super witchy, per se… but Willow did her thing!). I love movies like The Craft. I love movies with magic in them period… like Willow (the original), anything with Merlin, etc. etc. So much great stuff!

I’m a book nerd, so be assured my reading tastes are also witchy. The absolute most wonderful witch series that I have read is the Discovery of Witches trilogy… If you haven’t read it, you should. The t.v. series does it a horrible injustice.

I share witchy books with my kids: we love to read about the adventures of Strega Nona and Baba Yaga. One of our current favorites is Precious and the Boohag (who is not a very nice witch, but we love her anyway).

I’d be remiss if I didn’t mention the Sanderson sisters in Hocus Pocus. My mom and I watched the new one on Halloween and it was so much fun!

I’ve enjoyed so much media from Spells8 and our amazing coven! @SilverBear’s videos are always a delight and I’ve found myself venturing to many youtube channels from coven member recomendations.

Magic is, indeed, all around us and represented by so much media (albeit, not always accurately). It’s so much fun to explore!


I can’t believe I forgot to mention LOTR!!
I also like Star Wars and the Jedi.

@AileyGrey - yes! Willow and Merlin!!!


–Challenge Entry–

I am gonna show my age here and say Sabrina the Teenaged witch. I loved that show and still do. I mean, come on, Salem the cat…

Not witchy but it was pagen. For those that read Phillipa Gregory books, Jaquetta of Bourgandy. She is Lady River in the books and says she is from a line that traces back to a goddess. She use spells in the series, though in secret as it is the time of Tudors and witchcraft is a no-no.

For me that is what drew me to witchcraft. It seemed so interesting. Not so much the version of Sabrina but the books, yes. Another one that drew me in to the workings of witchcraft-- Mists of Avalon and any of the books before that one (Lady of River, Forest House, others). They were so interesting and shone a light on witchcraft in a way that made me want to learn more about it. And this was as a teen. Only now have I finally followed through on it.


Challenge entry-

Im a 90s kid so I would say it started with Teen Witch for me a spell that could make you the most popular girl in school lol that spoke to me.:laughing: Teen Witch (3/12) Movie CLIP - Louise's Palm Reading (1989) HD - YouTube
Moving forward a couple years later the craft came out and that was an extremely inspiring movie that became a cult classic I feel like it was the intro for allot of young witches. The Craft (1/10) Movie CLIP - Blessed Be (1996) HD - YouTube
And last but not least The chilling adventures of sabrina when they invoked Hecate it was one of the most authentic and powerful scene’s I’ve ever seen of an invocation truly beautiful. Resurrection of Hilda Spellman | Chilling Adventures of Sabrina Finale - YouTube :crystal_ball:


We couch adventurers, dreamers, and nerds are a special breed. We shall overcome!


We should make an app for that! That way the computer is doing the imagery and you just have to click on your tasks and get rewarded along the way with badges, quotes, new secret levels of wisdom obtained. Could be witchy and mundane! Might help some people with adulting! :joy::joy:


@Francisco, hello, you seem pretty tecky- is there a good way to start an app? I am feeling inspired.


Weekly Witchy Challenge Entry - Witchy Media

The Witching Hour -Anne Rice
Lives of the Mayfair Witches - Wikipedia

I was a young woman when this novel first came out. Although I’ve said this before, it needs be said again. I had never read (fictional of course) an anthology of witches, going back hundreds of years, before and the sheer scope of imagination amazed me. Then came the exceptional writing and plot development. This was at a time when I was delving into witchcraft for the first time, so it definitely had an impact.

So, yeah, I blame Anne Rice for the whole thing! :rofl: :joy: :face_with_hand_over_mouth:


I read her vampire series. I am going to read this one!


Weekly Witchy Challenge Entry for Amethyst:

I’m going far into left field here and talking about a book by Whitley Striber called Cat Magic. It’s a witchy horror book about a zealot preacher and a Circle of witches and a new leader being called to protect the Circle. It was a pretty good book, not great but good, but it was the comments from the author that got to me.

See, Mr. Striber had done his research and based his witches on Circle Sanctuary. And talked about how lovely the people were and how accepting they were. And even left an address for them that you could write to for more information.

And I was like, Mom, witches are real!

Until that time I had thought that witches were all fairy tales. Things from the Mists of Avalon. Yes, I read that book too. LOL! But I hadn’t known that witchcraft was a life choice till then. We really need some better PR people! LOL!

So while shows like Buffy and Charmed, and my various witchy fantasy books got me thinking about witchcraft, it was Cat Magic that let me know it was real.


Challenge Entry: Witchy Media
The first thing I thought of when I read this challenge was The Mists of Avalon by Marion Zimmer Bradley published in 1982. I was likely 14 or 15 years old when I purchased this copy based solely off the cover art.

I was captivated by the retelling of the Arthurian legend from the perspective of Morgaine. It absolutely changed my perspective of witches, paganism, and those who follow the Goddess. Honestly, just picking up the book again and flipping through it brings back such fond and profound memories.

I didn’t come to the practice until 8 years later but the feelings I had when I read the books and where I was in my life when I heard Her voice were profoundly linked.

I have read and own the other 2 in the Bradley Avalon series as well as the first after Bradley’s passing in 1999. I remember feeling that the magic from Marion had left the book with the new author, Diane L Paxson. I may have to look into the other 2 written by Diane and see what I think of them now.:full_moon: :cup_tarot: :sword_tarot:


Omg, you have all the book I used to have. To be honest, I am contemplating buying them again and reading the whole series.

My name Nimue is one of the goddesses mentioned. But loved the name Cailliean and Dierna as well.

Such good reads


Challenge Entry

This is oddly a good time for this challenge! I had accidentally come across media related witchcraft themes that I was trying to figure out how to set up a topic for as kind of a thought provoking post on how movies & shows around certain themes have been “banned” in some way at least in the United States. I came across an entire list dating back to 1915.

  • Haxan Swedish translation: “The Witch”, English translation: “The Witches”, released in the United States in 1968 as, “Witchcraft through the Ages” (Swedish Movie) 1917 was banned in the United States from 1922 - 1929. Listed as banned for, “Use of torture & nudity. It’s themes of Witchcraft & Satanism & anti-clericalism; may also have had an effect” At that time, it was released as a silent horror film in an essay/documentary style with dramatic narrative sequences charting historical roots & superstitions of Witchcraft from the beginning of the Middle Ages through the 20th Century. The movie makes a theory that what was being called or known as witchcraft & leading to witch hunts, was actually misunderstandings of mental or neurological disorders that had triggered mass hysteria over the years covered. In 1968 Metro Pictures Corporation edited & re-released the movie under the name, “Witchcraft Through the Ages”

The original film was written & directed by Benjamin Christensen after his own study of Malleus Malifecarium (translated as Hammer of Witches) which is known as the best commentary on witchcraft. It was written by a German Catholic clergyman (Heinrich Kramer; Latinized as Henricus Institor) & first published in 1486. It was a collection of literature on demonolgy during the 15th century. The book was condemned, “As recommending unethical & illegal procedures as well as being inconsistent with Catholic doctrines of demonolgy.” by the top theologians of the Faculty of Cologne.

Other productions banned for other religious reasons are:

  • Scarlet Street (1945) & also banned for 1945 with one of the reasons being sacrilegious themes.
  • The Miracle (1948) banned from 1950 - 1952: It was actually the 2nd part of the movie that was banned as being, “anti-Catholic & sacrilegious”
  • Bitter Rice (1949) bamned for 1951: partly for bitter Catholic oppositions
  • Monty Python’s Life of Brian (1979) banned in several towns for 1979 due to controversial themes around Christianity

List of Banned Films in the United States

There have been books surrounding witchcraft or the occult that have been banned most notably The Harry Potter Series was challenged in the 2000s for themes of witchcraft. Other titles include:

  • Bayou Magic
  • Magic to Brew
  • The Lost Book of the White (The Eldest Curses Series)
  • The Red Scrolls of Magic
  • The Witch Boy (The Witch Boy series)
  • The Witch King (The Witch King series)
  • The Witch Owl Parliament
  • The Witch’s Hand (The Montague Twins)
  • These Witches Don’t Burn (These Witches Don’t Burn series)
  • Wayward Witch (Brooklyn Bruja Series)
  • When We were Magic
  • Witchlight

Banned Books Include Regular List of Witchcraft Titles


I am going to try and complete this week’s Challenge. I get 80% completed and then something pulls my attention away and I do not get my Challenge posted.

Weekly Witchy Challenge: Witchy Media - ENTRY

I have been noticing the word Magick in so many places. Especially when I turn on the TV. I see the word Magick in (Vehicle) advertisements, children’s cartoons, Billboards and so on…It takes time to "break people in" to a different way of thinking. I have thought about Magick for a very long. As a little girl, I would watch Bewitched. Now as an adult Witch, I watch Charmed.

This is where I will probably begin; how watching TV as a child introduced me to Magick.

Blessed Be to my Wonderful Witch family :infinite_roots:


challenge entry
So for this challenge im looking at non fiction media for witchy resources and id realised there are a variety of types and :joy:my list also relates to this forum and site.

I did a brainstorm of the ones ive used, watched or looked at read etc and though i could make a HUGE list :joy: i figured id try condense a bit. Lol famous last words im terible at short and sweet :rofl:

Magical/witchy/pagan youtube channnels
( not all out there bit just ones ive discovered).

  • hearthwitch
  • spells8
  • Megan Black - around the cauldron
    (@MeganB :grin:yes im subscrived to your channel)
  • The witches cookery
  • magical crafting
  • the green witch
  • witch of wonderlust
  • Harmony nice
  • Owlvine Green
  • Annabel Margaret ( green witches other channel)
  • mint Faery
  • scarlet ravenswood
    -Alwyn Oak
  • OBOD
  • cyber warrior studios ( norse pagan)

Divination youtube chanels

  • gem goddess
  • cardgeek
  • truth in story
  • james Himm mitchel
  • tarot biz mentor

Ambience /meditation
( theres more but these are a few of those that i found recently that have a range that can play on tv to create atmosphere in home abd for meditation)

  • cozyrain
  • the dead of night
  • relation by nature
  • cosmic resort

Other media

  • Pinterest ( has a great range of images for a variety of witch topics and can be a way of interation or getting ideas or even learning

Scribd/kindle books/ audible/physical books
Can get a huge range of witch books that cover a range of tops

And as media can be something you watch, read or look at in a wider definition… though if i go too wide i could get carried away with art and matierials use for that lol but i also thoight be useful to note divination apps/cards
the main sources for apps i have is

  • fools dog
  • ocean media
  • rockpool oracles
  • indie goes oracles
  • runic domination
    Have used
  • golden tarot
    But seems to be an issue at the moment that the app disappeared from app store so it doesnt update. Its happened before bit theyd seemed to fix issue. Its a grrat app when works with a range of card decks to try use and even buy. The only problem when this issue has occured in past and now is cant buy new decks or watch ads to do reading of a deck have in trial version of. But if have trial version of deck can still see cards and if have credit on app can use credit to do reading on app. But mostly atm esp with issue with app im using the cards as meditation focus. Hopefully theyll fix the issue so can be used fully again. Not sure if amyone has app or used in past but i mention it just incase it is someyhinh ppl mighy be interested in when the app does resolve issue.

Media is defined as a way to communicate ideas and there are probably more things that could be added to this list such as specific books or decks and other things but i think my list here was long enough :joy::joy::joy: so ill leace it here. Hopefully some of these might be helpful to others. Ive listed the ones discovered. Each may have different perspectives or views on things so some may find one more helpful than another or connect more to one channel or even media than another. I am the same, but thats why ive included as much as i could without going overboard just so maybe could provide a range of resources and perspectives for people yo explore and maybe might find sometging tbey can connect with :grin: