👼 Weekly Witchy CHALLENGE - Working With Higher Powers

My calling on the Lord and Lady and the Elements for cleansing of items purchased at the Pagan Pride festival I feel completes this challenge. My wife and I purchased a few crystals, a mortar & pestle, new charcoal and incense while at the festival. Here is the ritual I used…

Cleansing Consecration - Google Slides

As time goes on, I’ve realize I still continue to change my rituals to fit my beliefs. Even this time I changed my ingredients to only list “incense” instead of “sage”. The real sage leaves I picked up at the festival were vastly different from the Wal-Mart sage sticks. Very pungent. In the future I may use another incense, lol. I also discovered the charcoal I previously purchased from an online source wasn’t fresh as it never fully burned. The salesperson at the festival recommended after I open the foil charcoal container I bought from her, the remaining pieces need to be placed in a zip-lock bag or other sealed container. She suspects I previously purchased a stale batch of charcoal or one that absorbed too much moisture.

Another change I’ve made was I have the option to use real soil instead of salt as my Earth element. A Norwegian shaman/witch I watch occasionally uses real dirt. Anyone having differing thoughts on that feel free to express that here please because I’m still learning. :slightly_smiling_face: