Well i ordered two more decks

So i ordered the two decks finally, tho I forgot to change the address on my thing so there being shipped to my moms place. Lol it happens, as i spend sometimes a couple weeks there I sometimes have my orders sent there.


That’s cool. I love getting new decks! I love all the amazing artworks you can find in different styles. I hope you enjoy your new cards when you get them. The supernatural one better have some pie! :crazy_face:


Very cool!


They look lovely :star_struck: I like them both but the Supernatural deck looks interesting! And Alana Fairchild is great at what she does!

Here are my newest decks:
Crystal Medicine by Rachelle Charman. When I saw her last name I immediately thought of Charmander from Pokémon :laughing:

The Crystal Wisdom Healing Oracle by the great Judy Hall

Auset Egyptian Oracle Cards by Elisabeth Jensen


Congrats on your new decks, @Nikita-mikaelson - the Supernatural one looks like a lot of fun to use! :star_struck:

And wow @Christina4, those decks are all gorgeous- the Crystal Medicine and Crystal wisdom Healing both sound like they will be perfect for you :heart::gem: Enjoy them!


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