What are your Thoughts on This?

Vogue is getting Witchy all of a sudden. https://www.teenvogue.com/story/fate-the-winx-saga-magic


I mean…I haven’t watched the reboot of Winx yet. I used to watch it when I was a kid and my daughter has watched it too. This article seems very…childish? That isn’t the right word but the word is escaping me right now. I’d like to know the friends she has that identifies as fairies, though.

But, as a practicing witch myself, who knows many magical people that identify as fairies, I was surprised by some of the inaccuracies of the series.

Also, why would they be surprised at inaccuracies of a fictional series based on a cartoon? We know fairies don’t exist like this and to point these things out makes it seem like the layperson is going to be taken advantage of in thinking that these fairies actually exist. Don’t get me wrong, I’m a Celtic Pagan and have a heavy belief in the Good Neighbors, but these are not Them.

Faeries can ONLY use the energy of air. They cannot take on other elemental magic. This is where the show falls flat.

This is a weird statement, too.

Also, this was written by someone who goes by the name of Lisa Stardust and when I clicked on their name, it didn’t take me to an author page so I don’t even know who wrote it.

Overall? Hard pass.


Ohhhh it looks like Netflix has a new magic-based show! :star_struck: If I remember correctly, I think Winx used to be a cartoon. That’s neat that an old classic is getting a live-action remake! :tv:

The author says that she is a practicing witch- it’d be interesting to learn more about her path! She said a few things I personally agree with:

“Everyone who practices magic has different strengths.”

“There is no one size fits all when it comes to magic.”

And some things that I don’t personally agree with:

“Not many have more than one skill that they excel in.”

For myself and all those who practice different aspects/consider themselves to be eclectic- I wouldn’t be able to choose one skill that I’m better at than others. Kitchen witchery, green witchery, bath rituals- I feel like the edges of each aspect blur together to form my own unique and multi-disciplinary practice. From what I’ve seen, it’s pretty common to practice eclectic magic without sticking to just one skill.

“Witches use their strength and ingredients from the physical world”

As someone who considers lucid dreaming, astral travel/projection, inner mental temple, meditation, and other non-physcial manifestations to be magic- I personally see this statement as not being entirely true.

She talks a lot about fairies and their limitations :fairy: . While not something I delve into with my own practice, from my knowledge of fae-folk, I know that different cultures and different practices may disagree with what the author states is true in this article.

It is an interesting article, but it is clear to me that the author is talking strictly from her own personal beliefs and not as a representative of the overarching magickal community. While it is absolutely fine to compare the fantasy show to your own magickal practice- the way the author does so is more of a lecture of what she believes is right/wrong.

I guess I would appreciate if she left the door a bit more open- mentioning that not all witches believe the same things and practice in the same set way.

But all-in-all an interesting piece and a presentation of real-life magickal beliefs in a positive and encouraging way :+1:

Thanks for sharing, @john4! I may have to check out this show :laughing: :fairy: