What books do you recommend?

Does anyone have suggestions on good books to read on Witchcraft, Paganism, Deities, anything really…I want to learn everything and guidance is always helpful!

Thank you :smiling_face:


That list can get really long, really quick, lol!!

The Spells 8 Book Clubs are a great place to look (most recent one is linked). Coven members read different books and give their feedback/ thoughts on them. This is where I get most of my “must adds” and my list gets longer faster than I can read.

Some that I personally have read and like are:

I have many, many more but this is a good starting place. :slight_smile:


Jessica, you are amazing and I am so grateful for your suggestions! I cannot wait to research and read! Thank you so, so much for answering my question. I will definitely start with the Dusty White Tarot book. I have been slowly learning and practicing with my Light Seer’s deck by Chris-Anne and it is so fascinating how accurate the results have been. What spread is your favorite?

Blessed Be :heart: Steph


I have found reading daily has greatly helped me improve my abilities with the cards. I use a 3-card spread daily. The exact meaning of each position varies depending on my mood that day but here are my most common:

  • Mind/ Body/ Spirit
  • Energy of the day/ Focus on/ Avoid
  • Embrace/ Accept/ Letgo
  • Day as a whole/ Be mindful of/ Embrace
  • Idea/ Process/ Aspiration

I keep a journal where I log my daily reading, my interpretation, and a reflection at the end of the day.

Emerald Lotus has a great selection of different spreads for just about any situation. I use a lot of her spreads, I especially like her ones for connecting with spirits/ deities.

Another great online tarot resource is Biddy Tarot. I love her explanations for each card.


I second what Jessica has said! I good place to start is with the Book Club posts and reviews from other members. Your topic requests are very broad, so it would help to narrow down a bit what you’re interested in. For example, witchcraft encompasses a lot of different practices from folk magic to ceremonial magic. If you’re new to paganism, I recommend Paganism for Beginners by Althaea Sebastiani. It’s definitely a good place to start (and you can find a video review I did here). As for deities, there are literally so many pantheons, deities, and spirits to choose from that you’re gonna need to narrow it down a bit lol


A fun and inspiring book I just read is the beautifully done book called Bohemian Magick by: Veronica Varlow.


Thank you ladies for all your suggestions! I am jotting down every suggestion you give me. I am a multibook reader. As I am a true Sagittarius, my mind jumps from topic to topic. I don’t have the same focus as I did as an adolescent. In those days, I could gobble up 5 to 10 books a day! Currently, I am reading the following:

The Moon Book by Sarah Faith Gottesdiener
The Body Keeps the Score by Bessel van der Kolk
Myths & Legends by Philip Wilkinson ( I love Greek mythology!)

I love them all so far!


Great list of books, @Amaris_Bane :magic_wand: Thank you


"The Modern-Day Witch" series. Currently 11 books… Wiccapedia, The Good Witch’s Guide, The Witch’s Way, Wiccan Kitchen, and many more.

Paganism for Beginners: The Complete Guide to Nature-Based Spirituality for Every New Seeker by Althaea Sebastiani

Currently at Barnes and Noble books on: Dreams, Crystals, Meditation, Astrology, Mindfulness, Tarot, Auras, Chakras, Palmistry

"A Little Bit Of…" series. Currently 28 books over many subjects… Pendulums, Shamanism, Numerology, Intuition, Wicca, Symbols, and much more.


Well, you just opened Pandora’s box! There are so many, and you will get so many suggestions. Cunningham obviously, but I also suggest John Beckett’s Path to Paganism. Not because I liked it, because I didn’t especially. There are some points on which I agree with him, but I mention this book for the points where I disagreed. Some books advance us along our path, and some define the borders of our path - where we go where we do not. For me this was just such a book, and I value it for that (latter) reason.


Thank you @Missa Missa! I love all of your suggestions! I’m a huge Amazon junkie so I will definitely check out the modern day witch page. I actually have a few of the “little bit” series…Tarot, Auras, Crystals…I love them!

Blessed Be beautiful :heart: :rose:


IN this case, I am glad to open Pandora’s box :grinning:
Bring on the suggestions!
Thank you for yours @Undomeher! It is much appreciated!


Haha yes! I could spend hours on Amazon :joy: but for sure check out the modern day witch series! @stephanieanne76


@Undomeher you have a very good point! I have avoided this book because I’ve heard several people say they didn’t like it but taking your point of view, I’m going to add it to my list. I agree that it is necessary to find your boundaries and some times you can only find them if you explore something and determine it’s not for you. Thank you for sharing!


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