What can you tell me about tree magic?

May 16 is Love a Tree Day :slight_smile: I would love to hear what you know or have experienced with trees and magic. I really don’t know much about it but I’m interested!


This is an awesome question :heart_eyes: I don’t know a lot about tree magic other than it can be quite powerful. I found this Website though ands it’s got loads of links related to tree magic and energies :heart:


That’s an awesome resource. Thanks for sharing, Liisa! Lots of information in there :evergreen_tree:

There’s a traditional folk belief of pressing a coin into a tree for healing.


It is possible that those were offerings to the spirit that lives in the tree. Other traditional gifts include tobacco, wassail, cider, cornmeal, milk, honey, beer, pollen, and bread.

Trees are some of the oldest and wisest beings on the planet. Different parts of the tree can be used in Green Magick to harness this wisdom, such as bark, leaves, branches.

I suggest getting a book or guide about the local trees in your area so you get to know them. Go out for hikes and try to identify them and either leave offerings (as long as it’s legal to do) and bring back a piece that has fallen off the tree.

Each has different associations. The book I typically check for that (Llewellyn’s Complete Book of Correspondences) has about 30 entries on different trees and their uses from acacia to willow.

For example:


Thank you for this! It is a very interesting site. I really like the Druid tree workings. I am definitely going to experiment with this!


Thank you so much! Learning about the tree kinds and correspondences sounds like a fun spring project for me. At my apartments, we have oaks, pine, maples, magnolia, dogwood and cherry, and there are beeches and poplar trees around here. There are others I don’t know and it wll be fun to learn what they are. I also like the idea of the offering and connectng with trees (or the spirit of the tree) as a being. I will have to compete with the 17 year cicadas who are supposed to come out any day now! :slight_smile: