What direction should my altar face?

I am looking for some suggestions. What is the best direction for my altar to face and why? Or does it not matter? Let me know what you think.


For some witches that practice the craft it may not matter the direction , It’s entirely up to the witch creating that space to make the altar that best suits them, their home or where they’re worshiping, and their own personal practice

Lots of rituals are said to start with the practitioner facing North. You can also have your altar facing the direction based on the spell or of your element. So air for east, fire for south, water for west, north for earth and center for spirit.

however for me I would use either north or east direction for the altar.


Honestly when I picked the place for my altar and the arrangement of tools on my altar I closed my eyes and meditated on the question of where and how to set it up. I tried using the tutorial in the spells8 courses but it didn’t “feel” quite right but when I meditated on it and allowed my altar and the tools to tell me where they needed to go I was beyond comfortable with it. My altar now faces S/SW and the tools are placed wherever I felt led to put them. If a ritual calls for them to be in a certain direction then I rearrange them temporarily for my ritual and then during clean up put them back where they told me they belong. But that’s just me.


I agree with @phoenix_dawn. Meditate on it and do what feels right for your personal circumstance.

My whole room is setup that my altar doesn’t touch the wall but is close to the east wall, so that I am facing East which is where the sun rises, as I worship the sun god (Ra).

My door is West and as I travel inside I am travelling East towards the sun and enlightenment. It is setup as the Temple of Solomon with the pillars at its entry too reflecting black and white, yin yang, positive negative, male female. The central pillar being me within the room working on my inner temple, balanced.



I usually go by the rule “when in doubt or unsure, meditate.” And 9/10 times that meditation gives me the answers I’m looking for. Your altar is a reflection of you, your beliefs and practices and just like your belief system and methods of practice it should be unique to you. Listen to your higher self whenever you are unsure of what to do in your practice because that inner voice and your intuition know what is the best solution for your needs and intentions. BUT in the event that meditation doesn’t work and you don’t hear your answer from within your family here in the coven is always ready and willing to provide useful tips, tricks or insight/guidance. Good luck! Blessed be :pray:


I actually just realised i had changed the direction of my altar once again and at the moment is is facing west where previously it faced east… I am pretty new to the craft but to be honest if i had the complete space i would go north but since i don’t i do not feel it makes any difference to my craft when doing spells and rituals… I just start in the east when casting a circle etc…


It’s going to depend, actually. If you’re not in a tradition with specific rules to follow about altars and tools, you can put it in whichever direction you want. If you are in a specific tradition, you’ll need to consult with the Elders or Priests of that tradition for your answer.