What do my fellow Tarot readers think of this?

Well, what do my fellow Tarot Readers think of this?


A bit conflicted on this one.

On one hand, the article makes some great points. It presents tarot in a positive and unbiased light that looks at the current trend from a variety of perspectives.

There’s a great quote about using tarot mindfully:

“it’s important for people to seek out practitioners “with an eye on educating and informing”—people who will teach you how to honor the rich history and culture behind any practice.”

I also have to admit that I LOVE tarot aesthetic. The cards and my own personal readings have been sources of creative inspiration in my life.

The “Tarot Garden” mentioned in the article is an example of this- tarot being used to inspire art. The garden looks wild- I’d love to go back to Tuscany and check it out some day!

It’s clear to me that here in the garden, the original tarot cards were used to inspire these creative pieces of artwork- the park isn’t a copy or cheap imitation of the cards. They were the fuel that fed a creative mind into building something unique.

What I do worry about (as is the case when any cultural or spiritual topic becomes a “trend”) is that it may be monetized and promoted purely to increase business for corporations.

As a spiritual tool, I believe tarot should be presented and used with respect. I fear that with it’s recent rise in popularity, it may be taken advantage of in a way that can be mass-produced for profit.

Just my thoughts while reading a very interesting article- thanks so much for sharing, @john4! Can’t wait to hear what others think about this one :grin:

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