What does my tarot draws mean?

Hi everyone, so I have been having a hard time lately and fights and a loss of my beloved pet had occurred. So this morning I drew 3 tarot cards (situation, obstacle and outcome) and this is what I got:

From what I have noted in my grimoire this is what it means:

9 of wands reversed:

9 of cups:

Queen of wands reversed:

Reflecting my unfortunate situation and from my reflection I think is means:

Situation: I should I should have faith in the situation

Obstacle: I should be grateful of the situation

Outcome: Our passion is dying due to lack of care and angry energy.

What would you interpret the tarots as a whole? What advice is it giving me? I am not sure I am grateful of the situation that is for sure…


Greetings @TheMuslimWitch!

When it comes to divination interpretations, I always encourage fellow readers to trust their own instincts about the cards- you are the closest person to your situation and thus know all of its unique nuances better than anyone else.

That being said, I’m happy to take a look at the cards and offer how I would interpret them as an outsider- I do so in the hopes that it might spark or inspire your own interpretations :handshake: :heart:

It sounds like the intention here was to examine and gain insight on an overall unfortunate situation. The first card (Nine of Wands Reversed) is looking at the situation as a whole.

→ An Upright Nine of Wands signals the approaching end of a period of hard work. Reversed, it can hint that something is preventing this cycle from ending- you are stuck in what seems to be a never-ending situation. I have the Anima Mundi guidebook next to me and it lists the following adjectives for this card reversed: defensiveness, paranoia, feeling hesitant

The main obstacle in this situation you are facing came out as the Nine of Cups.

→ Another nine- the Nine of Cups is usually a pretty positive card, so it is interesting to see it here- but if we relate it back to the inquiry and the intention of this reading, it is a card of indulgence- of luxury, enjoying the finer things. There’s nothing wrong with some indulgence (I could be the poster girl for “treat yo self” at times :laughing:) but it appears here as an obstacle- the theme of luxury, indulgence or the appearance of these things may be presenting itself as the main obstacle.

The outcome of the situation if things are left as they currently are appeared as the Queen of Wands Reversed

→ I read the court cards as symbolic of strong figures (usually people) related to the situation. In this outcome, a woman who is strong, fiery (suit of Wands), and independent at heart has been turned on her head by the situation. Like this, her fiery energy is liable to burn herself and others. The Anima Mundi guidebook has the following adjectives for this card reversed: Pettiness, selfishness, anger, jealousy, lost confidence

It’s clearly a tough situation- but this reading looks to me like it’s just a snapshot picture of what is going on. Remember that the cards point to only one potential path- I would suggest doing a follow-up reading asking for advice on how to best avoid the main obstacle, changing the course and avoiding this potential outcome.

Just my thoughts offered up- I’m sure others will have some advice and potential interpretations as well! :heart:

Blessed be and Happy Beltane! :sparkles:


I’m just popping in to say I agree with @BryWisteria’s interpretation. It’s a really unfortunate situation that doesn’t seem like it’s going to get better any time soon – that is, not until you break the cycles that need breaking!


I think i am in the same boat as you. In saying that i do work my butt off here at home with all the kids and hubby (and pets not to mention) as well as full time studying, so having a treat to me every now and again is a must or i will go insane and feel i am not loved (self-love)

This is a great idea and thank you so much for taking a look. Most times i get a clear answer but this one left me really confused. :heart:


This is sad news. However i am a very bubbly bright person and if someone around me will not help (cough Husband cough) I will just have to brighten my own day and maybe my personality or at least the happiness will catch on :blush:


These sound like words out of my own mouth- I empathize 100% with treating yourself every now and then! Taking the time to focus on oneself and attend to your needs can be a very wholesome form of self care :blush: I do think the Nine of Cups is a pretty positive card in most readings- it’s just how it falls in relation to the inquiry that made me think it may be a warning, perhaps of temptation or of over-indulgence.

But the best thing about Tarot (and divination as a whole) is that it brings these possibilities and potential future paths into our awareness and gives us the opportunity to turn the wheel and take another road- I feel certain that whatever this card was pointing to can be avoided or negated with mindfulness :sunrise_over_mountains: :heart:

It is my pleasure, @TheMuslimWitch! :heart: I’m really happy if my input could help you. I know the feeling when we do a reading and parts (or all of it lol) don’t make sense- it can really help to get a second pair of eyes on the cards!

Blessed be! :sparkles:


This is part of an affirmation that my therapist is having me say regularly :sweat_smile:“I create my own happiness.”

Sometimes we just have to do what it takes to be happy in the moment!


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