What have you been Reusing or Recycling this season?

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:recycle:I save packing paper for multiple uses. I iron it if I need it to draw on or make a pattern with. I use it for a cover on my work surface when crafting. It can be used for wrapping paper too! So many uses :wink:

:recycle:I re-use the air bags for shipping items or I ‘POP’ them and recycle them with my grocery bags.

:recycle:I re-use shipping boxes or recycle them. I make things with cardboard sometimes too. I have saved several boxes to make witchy for storing my supplies. So many uses! :wink:

:recycle:What have you been recycling or re-using this season? :recycle:



This year I have only be making gifts for friends and family (with the exception of books and toys for those 10 and younger). This means that I have been re-purposing a lot of items for my crafting. I have taken left over napkins from gatherings throughout the year and created “rice paper” with them to make a paper lantern craft for my father in law. I have also created faux leather and suede using brown paper bags to make notebooks for my notebook loving husband. Throughout the year I am always saving paper bags and cardboard boxes as I have two young children, so we often need surfaces to paint on or come up with fun cardboard crafts. I’ve also turned toilet paper rolls into ornaments :joy:


Those are awesome projects. I like to make notebooks too! Sounds like you have great ideas for gifts and helping :recycle:Mother Nature :wink:
Crafting is very fun with little ones. It makes great memories :heart:
Happy :recycle: crafting


This is such a great discussion!

I tend to recycle or reuse most things within my practice and daily life. The less I have to throw away the better :clap: One thing I like to do is take my leftover wax from burnt tealights and other miscellaneous candles and create new ones!


right now seems to be boxes and not just for gifts. I have 2 on my desk as monitor risers. I’m sorry but I won’t pay for something like that when a box will do. I plan to doctor them up so they are boldly a ramen box and Canada Post box lol.

Other than that, not much else but that may change as I am starting to be aware of what can be reused more.

I try to recycle even before I changed to Pagan but it also is hit or miss


Yes, just realized that I do that too!


Great question (with some great ideas too!) :heart:

We have a handful of gift bags that get passed around- we see the same ones year after year, it’s just a question of who is getting which one this year :laughing:

I like to keep bottles, jars, and containers (whenever I have the room to store them), although I’m not as good at reusing them as I am at squirrelling them away lol :chipmunk:

Food is re-used, which sounds weird, but hear me out- I like to buy a whole chicken and roast it for dinner. Then we use any leftover chicken meat to make sandwiches, chicken salad, curries, etc. The chicken bones are used to make a hearty soup or stew- one bird goes a long way, and none of it goes to waste! :poultry_leg: :bowl_with_spoon: :sparkles:

The holidays are a great time to be more mindful of waste and of making good use of limited resources- thank you for opening up this discussion, @Sarafeena_Sage- it’s a great topic! :heart::recycle:


:grin: Awesome replies! Thanks for the participation :recycle: I love these ideas :green_heart:

Yes, food too! I do the same thing with chickens and any leftovers I have. I try to make fried rice or stew. MMMM today its going to be chicken pot pie for dinner :poultry_leg: :stew: :pie:

We also re-use gift bags and gift boxes. A lot of them already have name tags so we get the same wrappers every year until they wear out and get recycled :recycle:

@Dierna_Nimue_Selene Theres so many things you can do to dress up boxes. You can cover them with fabric, mod podge a design on them, use foam paper and tissue paper on them for a leather look, paint them, draw on them, stickers or even shelf paper! I love a decorated re-used box!

Even the smallest things help the planet in a huge way. Thank you for helping the planet survive :earth_americas:


This season is when I make gifts, I reused shipping boxes for mailing along with shredded paper and bubble wrap, I like to save things like that. I also used bits of scrap yarn to decorate gifts with. I did have to buy new yarn colors for some gifts, but I plan on using the excess and knitting scarves for our local shelters. :heart: My husband is the one who works, so I try to reuse, repurpose, or gift what we have / need rather than asking for more. It always fills me with joy when I can do that.

We love doing this! Especially when I have leftover meal ingredients, I make mixed stews or casseroles… at thanksgiving and Christmas when we get a little ham, we always have extra that I use for soups and sandwiches! Homemade creamy potato soup with chopped ham… yummy :yum:


Chicken pot pie is a favorite! Any leftovers? I’m on my way~ :laughing: :airplane: :two_hearts:

Ohhh ham is a great one too! My aunt usually claims the ham bone to make split pea soup, but there are a lot of fun possibilities with the leftover meat! Tasty, tasty! :yum::heart:


We also have quite the jar collection at my house. Our single stream recycling doesn’t take glass, so we have everything from baby food jars to sauce jars and every size in between reused as storage for my husband’s nuts, bolts, etc.

We also reuse food, I didn’t even think of that. I grow what I can and my husband hunts, so we practice using the whole plant (eat, compost, save bits for stock) and the whole animal (meat, fat, bone broth). If left on my own, I’d have to be a vegetarian so it also keeps my grateful for different people having different interests/skills and knowledge to bring to the table.


I hadn’t thought of reusing packaging materials, though we are fortunate to be able to hand deliver most gifts. I am currently using scraps of wire and yarn to make God’s Eye earrings.


Oh MY Taste BUDS!!! This is turning into a Yummy discussion! Love it :heart:
Split Pea soup and Potato and Ham soup mmmmmmmm Broths make so many things delicious too.

A sweet lady here in Utah takes vegatable cans (tin cans) and turns them into little heaters for the homeless. She puts holes for air in the cans and adds a candle and a rock. I believe it takes two sizes of cans. She does a lot of good and recycles too :wink: I don’t remember her name but she is a caring soul. :green_heart:


I did some research and work with adopting a minimal waste lifestyle. Before it became mandatory in my state, I’ve brought my own shopping bags. I have my reusable bottles, but if I have to buy a drink from outside, make sure I can recycle it in one of those recycle centers at the supermarkets. I recycle bottles and cans from my household. My partner protests doing it, it’s time consuming, big and bulky, just leave it out for the recycles, but I tell him it’s the principle, recycling the cans/bottles at those centers in the supermarket puts it to better use, it’s much better, or we are not getting these drinks anymore if we can’t recycle them.

If I have something a possession in fairly good shape, but I don’t need it anymore, instead of throwing it out (used to do that), I post the item for free, pick up in the Facebook marketplace or one of the groups in my area. Clothes, if in fairly good condition, take it to a drop off center.

I’m crossing my fingers for a market close by (don’t think it’s going to happen though) where I can bring my own Mason jars, use them as containers, and fill up with food: like dry beans, cereal, liquids, etc close by. These no waste type markets are more out West. There’s a natural market a bit further away from me, for the beans and dry goods in the back, they allow us to bring in our own jar, but they provide containers also.

There are items I passed on buying because the packaging is excessive. I keep away from styrofoam. Shops that offer only styrofoam for coffee, I don’t go to. If I need to grab a paper cup for a drink and am sitting down, I don’t put a lid on it. I’ve done a good amount of environmental conservation volunteer work years ago, it was super fantastic. Learned a lot and I’d like to resume some of that work again.

Shipping boxes, yes I do reuse them, and I do need some table coverings for projects, was going to buy one, but @Sarafeena_Sage gave me a great idea to use the shipping boxes instead. That I will do!

For my spell work, early into it, I bought a bunch of candles from Michaels and Homegoods, then I realized two things, need them shorter and it would be better/more appropriate to buy and use from a spiritual store instead of a Homegoods or Michaels. I thought about throwing them out, it was bothering me using them, but then that’s very wasteful, feel would be even more of an offense to throw them out. So I stated my intent, my intent in using these candles for spellwork because now I have them, but moving forward getting them from a spiritual store, I shaved them down to the size needed, and my candle purchase moving forward comes from a spiritual shop, this goes for most stuff I get for my practice. To support my local spiritual, yes, but also the intent too. The candles from the spiritual store have a very different feel and look than the ones from other sources for me.


Reuse food. Definitely! If I feel my kitchen, especially the pantry, when it gets over crowded, I would not buy any food for that week or even next, so to force myself to use what I have. I have A LOT of oatmeal, cranberries, nuts, so I made oatmeal cookies for breakfast or snack bars. A lot of dried beans to, so I rehydrate them, sprout them, make a stew, use for salads, and just see what I can put together with what I have. My husband, he’s amazed with what meals I’m able to put together because he feels like we have no food. By the end of the week, or the next, the kitchen empties out and it feels nice. Ask my husband, want to try to go for another week, and he looks at me wide-eyed and a little scared.


Wow! @Eliza_01 you are a Super Recycler!!! :clap: :clap: :clap: If everyone just thought about and stopped buying the products with lots of packaging then retailers and manufacturers might change their ways :wink:

@BryWisteria my chicken pot pie was excellent. I make it with baking powder biscuits on top.



I think that is a very beautiful and grounded practice- not to mention great teamwork too! :heart::blush:

That is so thoughtful- she is not only helping to reduce waste by reusing and repurposing materials, but is also giving a very thoughtful and useful gift that helps those in need. It is kind and very creative and smart too! She sounds like a really wonderful person :pray::heart:

Beans are a great staple for sure- and it sounds like you’ve found some very clever ways to make the most of them! :beans: :sparkles: I understand your husband’s point of view- it can be scary to open the pantry and not see much there haha! But it sounds like you’re able to make magic out of a few key items- I’m sure you’d be able to pull through another week with what you have! :blush:

Look at that beauty! :yum: I love the baking powder biscuits in a chicken stew- they are so good, I can never seem to make enough! The idea of putting them on top the pie is a great one, I’ll have to try that. Enjoy your very tasty treat, Sarall! :heart::blush:


I reuse jars. Lots and lots of jars.


:+1: :+1:I reuse lots of jars too :wink: I’m not a fan of plastics but I get these little plastic tubs with sauces in them when I get food delivery and they are very handy for many things. I put herbs, dried samples of plants, bugs, rocks, crystals, etc.

Some are deeper than others but I’m sure I will find something I want to protect. I have a moth I found on my door step after a cold night in the spring. Its white, a very pretty moth. I have no idea what I’m going to do with it but I wanted to save it :woman_shrugging:



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