What to do with “used” stones, herbs, etc

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I am not sure what to search for so I’m just gonna ask…

After you do a ritual or spell, and if you use specific stones, herbs, etc., assuming they aren’t put somewhere specific, or given to someone, or burned, or buried…

What do you do with them?

Can you use the same amethyst for two spells? Or do you have to “clean” it? Cause like… I know you wouldn’t reuse herbs, or liquids, or incense, it just doesn’t make sense. But what about salt? I don’t want to mess up any ground by burying it like I might with an offering of water or an acorn or something. Also purchasing multiple stones of certain kinds might get spendy, right?

I’m still in the Wicca theory lessons so I’m sure it’ll come up eventually in my studies, but just in case, and also cause I’m wanting to participate in the forum, here I am. :joy::heart:

I am grateful beyond measure for this website, as I’ve said before. I have learned already so much about who I am end when I fit in with my practice and my place in the universe. Thanks again for everyone and everything here. It’s just the best. :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:

If this is already answered I’m happy to just go read it, if one might point me in that direction?

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You should cleanse your stones every time you are finished using them for something. I personally like to use a separate piece of Amethyst for each spell or ritual, but that’s because I use Amethyst chips in my spell jars. Otherwise, I have used the same Black Tourmaline for an offering then for on my person but cleansed in between the two uses.


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That’s a great question, and one that will likely depend on the type of spell and the materials used! Usually, for materials used in general spellwork, I’d say absolutely go ahead and reuse them! :recycle: :+1:

Like Siofra said, it’s a good idea to cleanse tools to refresh them in between spellwork. This can not only purify any lingering energies and prevent intention leakage between spells, it can also help to recharge and energize your tools to further enhance your spellwork. Think charging tools under moonlight- this is both cleansing and charging for your magickal tools :sparkles::full_moon:

As for organic materials, well- it depends. In herbalism and kitchen witchery, you wouldn’t want to reuse raw materials that had been soaking in a concoction for months. The liquid would have absorbed all beneficial properties- the used leaves/plants/fruits/etc themselves have been completely drained. They wouldn’t have any worth in another blend, and would be quite frankly disgusting in any food! :laughing:

Additionally, I would strongly advise against re-using any materials that were used in Baneful Magick :x:

Every witch will decide for themselves when it is okay to reuse things and when it is better to respectfully dispose of things- rather than try to reuse drained materials. On that note, for disposal ideas, I recommend visiting the spell disposal discussions:

How to dispose of spell remains
Disposal of spell remains
Water disposal after spell or ritual

My best advice for you would be to take a look at your tools and materials- what is easy to replace? What things are difficult or irreplaceable? You can also experiment with recycling materials and see how that manifests in your spellwork :+1:

I’m sure you will find what works best for you, Keri! Good luck and blessed be! :sparkling_heart:

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Thank you both so much!! I will read those as well! :smiling_face_with_three_hearts::heart::heart_eyes:


You’re very welcome- blessed spellwork, Keri! :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:


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