Water disposal after spell or ritual

Is it offensive to dispose of the water after a spell or ritual by putting water from Silver goblet after a spell or ritual into a houseplant? I am beginner and would greatly like to learn and any advice or wisdom is greatly appreciated. Thank you and Blessings!


For my perspective, it’s not offensive at all. Specifically to a plant, that is a living thing that share the same energy like us.


What a great question, benjamin!

@pedros10 is correct. If the water is clean from herbs/spices/chemicals, using it to water your plants indoors, or pouring it out at the base of your favorite tree :deciduous_tree: outdoors, will be fine.

I’m sure with every witch’s :mage::woman_mage: practice being different, some may worry about the energy in the water, but I personally believe energy is neither good nor bad. Belief and intention are what is important.


Hello @benjamin!

Great question- and you got some great answers from @pedros10 and @praecog29! :+1: Adding to those, I also agree houseplants (or outdoor gardens) are great places to dispose of biodegradable spell components and the act can even be considered an offering to nature :national_park:

For my personal practice, I would only use spell remains from positive spellwork as an offering or watering for my plant. I would not want to douse my plants (many of which are herbs that I use in cooking as well as spellwork) in negativity! :herb:

However, just like praecog29 mentioned- it all boils down to your personal belief and practice. Do what feels right for you! :raised_hands:


You definitely have some great answers here :heart:

I’d like to add from my perspective that I would ask the plant if it’s okay. I don’t think any plant is going to say no, and as @TheTravelWitch mentioned, it could be seen as an offering to that particular plant. But I’m an animist and everything has the potential for a sentient spirit so :woman_shrugging: ask the plant :blush:


@MeganB Thank you for adding this. I agree with @TheTravelWitch about offering it to my plants… I have been dousing them with blue moon water since Samhain. My aloe seems to really like it. But I did ask first. :slight_smile:

One thing I didn’t see mentioned and I apologize if I missed it… Some practices have you add salt to your chalice to sprinkle over object or to create your circle. I would NOT offer salted water to your plants. I would perhaps take it outside and offer it back to nature but pour it onto rocks or someplace where plants are not going to be disturbed by the salt.


I have a large plant pot outside on my patio with nothing really growing it in that I can freely pour the water into, it feels a little better than just pouring it down the sink sometimes. That being said when it’s colder and its just going to freeze anyway, I don’t think I’m going to think too hard about just pouring it down the drain. I live in a suite so I have to compromise sometimes with my Craft, it’s never been an issue for me though.


@colin there’s always a work around in order to not compromise your Craft. Unless if is with the element of fire involved on it. That’s a different take. Is to make some small changes in our perspective, and take advantage of what’s around us.


I do not add salt to water or like to use…unwelcomed or dark magick. I know some dark magicians and I just like to use protective spells. But my houseplants have been dying after some Satanist magicians contacted me. I do not wish to curse but protect my family first and myself.


Due to the salt content, I wouldn’t put it on plants. I add three pinches of salt to rhe water to create the holy water to cleanse the Ritual space with Water and Earth. What’s left in the bowl I pour into the sink.


That sounds logical.
Perhaps rain water, its from the God’s. You can use other elements also. A simple prayer to your Deity, it my sound familiar, but this goes way back to Draconian’s system of worship in Egypt.


When we get a good snow I shovel some into a large pot and bring it inside to melt. I bottle it in decorative little glass bottles I found at Hobby Lobby and cork it up. When I run out I use distilled water.


I like this @john4… might even motivate me to go out and shovel! (although I am weird that I find shoveling rather meditative and I really don’t mind it unless it is heavy or too deep.) :snowflake: :snowflake: :snowflake: :snowflake: