Natural Ways to Dispose of Spell Remains ♻

:sparkles: Natural Spell Disposal Methods :sparkles:

Your spell is cast – congrats!
But now what do you do with the spell remains? :thinking:

Whether you have ingredients leftover from a spell, offerings about to go bad, need to clean out the contents of an old spell jar, etc – here are a few ideas of how to respectfully dispose of used magickal ingredients.

(A friendly reminder to please be mindful and respectful of nature by only putting organic and decomposable materials back into the wild. The Earth thanks you!)

These spell disposal methods draw on the cleansing power of the magickal elements and are just a few possible ways a witch might handle their post-spellwork leftovers :broom:

For additional ideas, suggestions, and experiences about what to do with old offerings and spell remains, feel free to check out these spell disposal discussions in the forum:

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How do you like to dispose of your leftovers post-spellwork? Have you ever tried any of the methods above?

If you’d like to share your favorite means of disposing of spell remains or any tips you have for fellow witches, feel free to do so in the comments below!

Blessed Be :sparkles:


Thank you for that, it’s one of the things that is completely wiped from my memory. I haven’t done a ton of spellwork since I’ve been back and a couple of things have been easy ones but I have some random little things sitting in my cauldron that I have to do something with. It’s not a lot but it’s starting to muddle up the energy, few candles, a garlic skin along with a few spill overs but once I handle that, I’ll know what to do going forward :smiley:


Actually, I bag 'em and tag’em. Throw them into a ziplock, label it, and wait. If I have to reverse a spell, I’ll want those remains to use in the reversal.

But after a time, I usually bury them. I like the idea of disposing according to elements!


You’re welcome, Nixi! :heart: I do the same thing- I often have leftovers sitting around or tucked away for a few days after a spell. Sometimes I tell myself it’s to “let the spellwork sink in”, but oftentimes it’s because I’m being lazy or I just can’t decide the best way to clean them up (especially the wax- it gets everywhere!) :sweat_smile:

I made this little list to serve as both a reminder and push for me to clean things up- after all, the clean up doesn’t have to be a chore, it can be part of the spell experience! I’m happy if it’s helpful for you too :blush::sparkles: Blessed be!

Ohhhh spell reversals can be tricky and complicated, but having the original spell materials would help a lot to both undo or potentially redo/upgrade a spell too. I’m not surprised that your brilliant mind is one step ahead- for anyone who thinks they might need to alter a spell in the future, that is some next level planning! :grinning: :+1:


I didn’t think of that, at least the now me hasn’t)
And I’m with @TheTravelWitch_Bry with your brilliance and talent, I’m not surprised that you thought of it :magic_wand:


(Searches for an anti-blushing spell) Thank you!


:rofl: you’re welcome