🔔 Bell Spell to Summon a Spirit

Ring, ring!

When your phone goes off or the alarm rings, what do you usually feel? If you’re like many people, modern digital sounds of phones ringing, alarms blaring, and pagers buzzing can cause a rush of anxiety or a wave of stress :tired_face:

It’s a shame that is rather ironic too - because the original, natural sound of bells ringing invokes emotions that are completely the opposite! :relieved: :wind_chime:

The gentle yet powerful ringing of bells is a pure sound that echoes into our very cores - it permeates through the mundane and into the world of the spiritual. As such, it’s no surprise that bells have found a treasured spot in many spiritual and religious practices around the world! :earth_asia:

The Spiritual Power of Bells :bell:

Natural bells and chimes come in a variety of forms and can be crafted from a wide range of materials. From elegant glass windchimes that sway in the breeze to the massive metal bells used by temples, bells are a vertsitle tool that can serve many purposes and needs.

In Japan, the sound of windchimes is believed to be cooling and refreshing :wind_chime: . I remember seeing them hanging on houses and on the street in the summer months to help combat the heat.

Picture from Canva: Japanese Furin Windchimes

In Shinto temples, clusters of sacred bells hang from the ceiling near the prayer boxes. Visitors to the temple perform a small ritual that involves an offering of money into the box, clapping, and ringing the shrine bells. The ringing of the bells is believed to draw the attention of the divine - the kami (gods and spirits) will then hear out the worshipper’s wishes :ear:

Picture from Canva: Shinto Prayer Bell

Bells are also prevalent in Buddhism. Massive metal bonshō bells hang in Buddhist temples and ring 108 times to welcome in the new year. Smaller ritual bells and gongs are also used in practice.

Tibetan singing bowls are another form of bell that has become popular in spiritual practices. By striking the bowl with the mallet, the player can create soothing sound waves at various pitches for a range of healing properties and to assist with meditation :person_in_lotus_position:

Picture from Canva: Tibetan Singing Bowl

Pagans and witches may be familiar with Witch Bells. These enchanted bells are prepared for magickal use and most often used for protection. In particular, bells crafted of iron are believed to ward off troublesome fairies or trickster spirits :fairy:

If you’re interested in using bells magickally, don’t forget to print your copy of the free Witch’s Bells Printable Page and add it to your Book of Shadows or Grimoire! :open_book:

Witch Bells Printable Page from Spells8: Witches Bells

Bell Spell to Summon a Spirit

Use the magickal sound of a spiritual bell to call the attention of a spirit of your choice

Throughout history and into the modern day, bells and ringers have been used to draw attention, summon, and call.

This spell draws on the historic uses of bells along with their rich spiritual significance to allow the caster to summon a spiritual entity of their choice. This may be an ancestor spirit, a spirit guide, a deity, a demon, an angel, or other higher being :angel:

You will need:

  • :bell: A bell or chime
  • :incense: Incense
  • :gem: A crystal
  • :candle: A candle
  • :bowl_with_spoon: An offering (Something you feel the spirit may enjoy- learn more in Making Magickal Offerings)

(Optional) if you are using a bell for the first time in your practice, you may wish to consecrate it to prepare it for magickal use and/or enchant your bell to increase its spiritual power

:warning: Please be aware that this spell involves summoning a spirit into your space - it is strongly advised to only call upon entities you trust. It is also recommended that you are comfortable with opening and closing a magickal circle :o:

~ * ~ * ~ * ~ * ~ * ~ * ~ * ~ * ~

Pre-Ritual Prep:

  1. Before the ritual, it is a good idea to cleanse yourself - this purifies the mind and body for spirit work. This may be done with a spiritual bath or shower or with a simple sound cleansing or smoke cleansing.

  2. Clear the space you wish to use for the spirit summoning. Remove any mess or clutter and try to limit distractions (such as your devices, other people, or loud noises).

  3. Gather all of the items you need for the spell and put them in front of you. Once you draw your magickal circle it can be tedious and distracting to cut and then close a temporary opening, so it is best to have everything you need already inside.

Begin the Ritual:

  1. Start the ritual by taking three deep breaths. This grounds you within the present moment. Gather your focus and allow yourself to become immersed in the ritual.

  2. Draw your magickal circle. There are many methods to create magickal circles- you might Call the Quarters, do a Simple Protective Circle, visualize your circle, or follow another tradition. Use whichever type of circle you are most comfortable with.

  3. With your circle drawn, you are ready to call out to your chosen spirit. Picture them clearly in your mind. Think about them - their traits, their stories, their appearance.

  4. Light the candle. Say:

I light this candle for you, [name of spirit] - so that you may clearly see the path to me.

  1. Hold your incense stick into the candle flame, lighting it. Blow it out. Into the smoke, say:

I waft this incense for you, [name of spirit] - so that you may clearly sense the path to me.

  1. Pick up your crystal. Say:

I place this rock for you, [name of spirit] - so that your path is stable and steady back to me.

  1. Pick up your offering. Say:

I offer this present for you, [name of spirit] - so that you feel welcome here with me.

  1. With your candle, incense, crystal, and offering directly in front of you, pick up your bell. Using a firm but gentle hand, ring it loudly and confidently one time. Say:

I ring this bell for you, [name of spirit] - hear it and come to me.

  1. Ring the bell again. Say:

I ring this bell for you, [name of spirit] - come to me.

  1. Ring the bell a third and final time. Hold the bell until the vibrations have completely faded into silence.

  2. Take three deep breaths and slowly send out your awareness into the echoing silence. In the empty space left by your words and the bell, your visitor has arrived.

  3. Say:

Welcome, [name of spirit].

  1. You may talk to your spirit or simply sit and enjoy their presence. During this time you can relax and be at ease, but do not leave your magickal circle.

  2. The spirit may leave on their own. If they stay until you are ready to end the ritual, you can thank them for their visit and let them know you must go. You can ring the bell once again to open their pathway back. Wait three deep breaths after the bell has rung to make sure they have left.

  3. When you no longer sense the spirit, respectfully snuff out your candle and incense if they are still lit. You are free to take down your circle.

  4. Leave the offering on your altar or sacred space for three days. After this time has passed, respectfully dispose of the offering in whichever way feels right to you.

~ * ~ * ~ * ~ * ~ * ~ * ~ * ~ * ~

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Do you use bells in your spiritual practice?

Feel free to share your bell magick experiences, advice, and wisdom with fellow coven members in the comments below.

Blessed be!

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I love this. I’m going to do this. :green_heart:


Looks like I’m really going to have to get a bell now. :laughing:


I bet they have beautiful bells on Etsy. I get mine from charity shops, I like the previous energy old things have. :sparkling_heart:


I found a nice one in Australia. :black_heart:

Only one in stock from a vintage store sounds legit vintage. Probably. :laughing:


It’s gorgeous. Here’s mine.

I paid £1 for it. :rofl: People get rid of the most beautiful things


They really do. It’s confusing. :laughing:

Your bell is beautiful. One could almost name it Belle. :drum: :wink:

It’s a shame I can’t put “maker of terrible puns” up front an centre on my resume… Actually, I can. I’m gonna do that.


It’s a gift. :rofl:


I have a crystal bell my grandmother gave to me. I’ll get a picture soon!

Also, I’ve had it on my list for some time now to make witch’s bells.

My list is at least a mile long! It’s about time I start crossing some off!


I know that feeling. Everytime my phone rings my heart beats start skipping and I get anxious. I dread when I hear a text due to the texts bf used to send. The only time he ever used to say anything was to complain about something I did

It really messed me up. Then I check the fridge and garage door are closed multiple times before I leave because I’ve forgotten then got complained at. Even though I just checked I’ll keep checking like five times or so before I go Made me develop OCD about it. It’s not like it used to be our interactions. But they do have a lasting mark


That overabundance of crappiness on you isn’t nice at all. :people_hugging: :black_heart: I’m sorry you had to go through that.

I used to have the same. People calling me to threaten harming themselves if I didn’t do what they wanted really messed me up for years. Especially when one made a serious attempt at going through with it. I’m grateful that my phone ringing doesn’t make me anxious anymore, unless it’s certain people. But you’re right – these things can stick with us for a long time.


@tracyS let’s do this I’m down for it


@john1 I’ll be doing mine tomorrow, midnight. Might see if the Baron wants to join me for drinks and cake :grin:. You any idea who’ll you’ll call?


I think I may try this one with Isis. May be a good way to connect with her and see if she really was the one in my dream.


Me my friend who passed on and hecate


@tracyS Hooray! I’m glad you like the spell and I love your bell - the flower design is so pretty and perfect for spring :bouquet: (Also £1? Heck yeah - that’s a bargain! :partying_face:)

@starborn Don’t mind me out here enabling the purchase of more magickal tools :laughing: :shopping: :bell: (That bell you found is beautiful! :sparkles:)

@Sivonnah It sounds like a very special bell from your grandmother! :heart:

@Devenne I’m sorry, Devenne - those are some very difficult and painful emotions to associate with your phone ringing. Do you think you’d have the same associations with a physical bell (maybe a metal, glass, or crystal one?). If so, then there’s nothing wrong with choosing not to use this type of magickal tool. Use the ones that make you feel strong and empowered! :sparkles: :heart:

@Mystique Wishing you all the best - may Isis hear your call! :bell: :two_hearts:


No but it’s a good question. Thanks for asking. I’m ok with a bell I actually have one I use to clear energy at my altar or to clear the space of any energy or spirit if I’m doing something specific I don’t want mettled in
Thankyou for your kind words xo

@starborn also thankyou for understanding me I appreciate you too


This is my life to this day. Phone rings, a text comes in… I panic and the first thing I think of is “What did I #$@% up now?” I’m always sure it’s something bad, that someone is mad at me, every time.


:thinking: I don’t think I have a proper bell but would like one, I think, Either a crystal one or brass.

I love reading about your time in Japan. It’s a place very high on my want to visit list, but I haven’t taken the next step to looking into it yet. I feel like it could be a very moving trip for me.

I might have to stop by a couple of thrift stores on my way home from errands today and see if a bell is waiting for me! :bell:


I’m sorry you also suffer of this. It’s not a good feeling. That’s exactly what I think what did I do or not do now. I hope relief for us both. :people_hugging: