When writing intentions, does burning help?

So I was writing up an intention on paper and wondered, does burning it after meditating with it help in any way?

I know that we are talking spiritually and all that but it was something I decided to ask you find folks.


Merry Meet

Yes, I believe it does. The intention is carried on the smoke into the universe, or to the deitie(s).

Bright Blessings.


I think it depends on what you’re doing. Sometimes carrying the intention with you is better than burning it. For example, if my intention had to do with money I would carry it in my wallet. If the intention had to do with a long-term manifestation, I would put it in my manifestation box. For me, I burn my intentions when the need is immediate and does not necessarily connect with something I can physically carry with me or keep around, if that makes sense.


thanks, I actually feel both of your explanations were good. Thanks for answering


I’m a bit late to this but this 100% is what I was going to say. I also burn it because I don’t have many other places to put things, and burning it kind of helps put it out of my mind.

Sometimes my daughter folds the paper up and adds a wax seal in a color that feels right. She does that for things that need to take time, like a healing spell.

Go with your intuition and what feels right!


You’re welcome! :smiling_face_with_three_hearts: