Where do you start

I am curious on how to start. Do you just pick something or is there a list of what you should do first. Sorry if that is a dumb question.


Hiya @jackie2!
Totally not a dumb question :sweat_smile: there is so much to learn it can be really overwhelming!
If something specific is calling to you go for it, otherwise I’d recommend getting stuck into this stuff:

I hope that helps! :heart:

So it doesn’t matter what lesson is first just do them all. Thank you for answering me.


Hello @jackie2 and welcome! :blush:

Not a dumb question at all- there is so much information on the site I know it can be overwhelming at first! The courses @limeBerry shared are a fantastic place to start, and yes! Do any that calls out to you- there is no specific way to go through them.

If you still feel like you would like a basic foundation, the Self-Initiation is a great way to build yourself up and develop some base skills and knowledge which will then help you venture into specific aspects.


However you go about it, you are on the right path and are doing great! If you have any questions, feel free to give a shout- we are happy to help :blush:

Good luck and blessed be, Jackie! :heart: