Where The Dragons Went…🐉 📦

The YouTube algorithm recommended this video to me. It’s approximately twenty minutes long, but if you have enough free time please try to watch it.

The story was sad, especially for me, but I think it can remind us that even as we grow older and learn more about the world around us, we should never let our fantasies or rather our imaginations fester like the dragon box.

Who says that as an adult we’ll lose our sense of wonder and the world will no longer inspire us to create or find beauty and magic of our own?

This Story Will Hurt Your Soul… (SCP 1762, “ Where The Dragons Went”)

Edit: I feel inspired now to take a shoe box, draw mountains and forests and waterfalls on the sides, write “Here Be Dragons”, and fill it with origami dragons.


I watched it all and, yes, it’s very sad :c

Thank you for sharing!


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Thank you for sharing, but I cried like a baby.
I want a shoebox with Here Be The Dragons inscribed on it, I gotta figure out to make Origami dragons though.


I love the scp’s!!! But the dragon story is sad!!!


@christina4 I couldn’t help crying too! :sob: But I feel it had an important message for us to remember.

@Rowan There are tutorials on YouTube, but some of them are very long (twenty-seven minutes) and can be difficult for beginners. There was one tutorial where the folder assumed you knew what the next step was after a while and didn’t even show you! I knew I was missing a fold but couldn’t figure out what it was!


I always drag my heels when I know a story will be sad, but this sounds like a really valuable and deep video. I’ve saved it to watch later (and I’ll remember to keep a box of tissues close :sob:)

Thanks for sharing it, @Kasandra! :dragon_face: :heart: