Where to get your magical item

Still learning everything so where does everyone get all their magical items?


Hi @stacey14
Let me start by welcoming you with joy and love.
When starting your practice, you can send away for anything you want but it is usually very pricey.
Starting out, as you walk, look for a small branch fallen from a tree, strip the bark and sand it. stain the wood if you wish and decorate as your fancy takes you. TaDa! Once consecrated and blessed your new magick wand.
Don’t be afraid of lawn sales, you can find many of the items you need there for very little, GoodWill or any of the 2nd hand stores also offer treasures for you.

Our wonderful members will give you some simple and amazing ideas. One of our members has limited space and made her deities like a joined paper doll.
Some of the statues can cost $$$. Use air dry clay to sculpt anything you need.

This is a simple jointed doll. but you can find a pic. of whichever God/Goddess you choose and make one.
Good luck!

Don’t break the bank, witchcraft need not be a money pit. We have many articles on how to be a thrifty witch.
Many blessings


Hello @stacey14,

That’s a great question! And it looks like Garnet already gave some great resources and suggestions- I agree that there are many ways to be a clever and thrifty witch! While it can certainly be fun to splurge on beautiful items, being a witch doesn’t have to equal being broke haha.

I’ve found some great things at our local Dollar Store- everything from cute mini spell jars (with corks to seal them with!) to candles to cheap herbs and spices for casting :magic_wand:

Amazon has pretty much anything you can imagine and can ship in from around the world, although the prices aren’t always the cheapest. When buying from Amazon, definitely check around and look at multiple sellers to find the best deal- and always check the reviews to make sure of the quality and authenticity :mag:

For food-grade herbs for eating and teas, there are numerous online herbal shops. I like Mountain Rose Herbs and Herb Pharm (for tinctures and extracts), although the best place to get herbs is from a local herbalist or apothecary if you’re lucky enough to have them nearby :herb:

Around Halloween pretty much any decorative or craft store (think Michaels or JoAnn Fabrics) is worth a shop- the seasonal decor can make amazing altar decorations! And even places like Walmart can surprise a witch with a great find- like these gorgeous altar statues @anon87969570 found the other day :sparkles:

With a sharp eye and an open mind, you’ll be spotting potential Craft items pretty much wherever you go! :grinning:

Good luck and happy shopping, @stacey14! :heart:


Thank you all for the advice an options I love crafts an diy so making a lot will probable be my go to also on tight budget since i lost job when daughter got cancer but we know things will be back to normal soon thank you all so much fr!!!


Oh no! I’m so sorry to hear about your daughter! As a parent I know what a nightmare that must be for you.

Tight budgets make life difficult, but don’t feel the need to rush to have all the “right stuff.” In no time you will have more than you know what to do with. Work with what you have - there’s all kinds of substitutions you can make, just like cooking. White candles sub for all colors.

Sometimes, it is actually best to be creative and find ways to use what you have. If you like to diy you can make tools as well. I made my wands, a pendulum and pentacle. The things you make will have your own energy to them. Also Goodwill and thrift stores often have items that can be inexpensively repurposed. Sculpey is an air dry clay that can be used to make things as well. My package was $7 at Walmart.

Even when the budget loosens up, shop around. There’s nothing magickal about overpaying.

I wish you the best for your daughter and your magickal journey. If you have any questions, large or small, please ask! There is always someone here to help!


My advice is simple! You can absolutely make due with just about anything you have in your home already. As many others have said - there’s no sense in overpaying for a tool or going out and getting every tool that’s advertised. I’m not sure where you are on your path, but I feel like finding things you really connect to is just as important as anything else!


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