Where To Put An Altar

when we moved here almost a year ago, not all of our stuff made it (all my Wicca stuff did!)
But now I am trying to find a space for an alter and this apartment just isn’t that big, with three adults in it. My bedroom would allow that my items did not get moved or touched as they would in the living/dining area. But I have worked hard to not keep too much in here so it doesn’t feel claustrophobic. Right now I stand on the patio and enjoy nature and thank the God and Goddess for all things. Any ideas/suggestions on a small alter?


Hey Kathryn :wave:

Many of us here in the forum have struggled with finding spaces for our altars. You’re not alone! There are many things to consider when setting up an altar space. Since you said you don’t have a lot of space, you might want to consider setting up a travel altar!

A travel altar can be the perfect substitution for a lack of space because when you’re not actively using it, the altar gets put away. You can store your items in an ornate box, a tote, or little bins – whatever works for you!

You can even create an altar on the top of your dresser, a bookshelf, or add some shelves to your wall to create an altar there.

It also depends on what your altar is for. If it’s for a deity, usually a small space with room for a candle and a figurine is plenty. If it’s a working altar then you will definitely need more space.

So, which of these options sounds more like you?


@kathryn24 Lack of dedicated space is something so many of us have struggled with - I have dedicated spaces now, but I have at many times dealt with having no space. I like what @MeganB recommended about a travel altar or her other ideas about using ornate boxes/bins or add a shelf to a wall, maybe in your bedroom?

What about dedicating one of your drawers in your bedroom to an altar, have it completely set up and just open it and use it as is from there, or bring things out of it. Else, go ‘back into the closet’ - does your master bedroom have a space inside the closet you can keep a bin with a lid to house everything in it, and just bring out what you desire to use each time and sit it on top of the bin’s lid - you can put an altar cloth over the top first so that you are more tuned into to your ritualistic altar.

Let us know what you do!! :brown_heart:


Both you and @MeganB have given me a wonderful idea: the travel alter. I can always ‘upgrade’ as I find more room but for now, this is the perfect answer. I also do not want to become to overly crowded in here so it becomes unwelcoming. You guys are awsome!!! :heartbeat:


This may sound selfish and I don’t mean it to be so, but my altar is private and sacred to me.
I used to keep it out in the open but if anyone touched it? I needed to cleanse and reconsecrate it. Maybe I’m just getting to be a crotchety old lady.
Don’t mind me, I really love everybody… just don’t touch my altar.
Blessed be
Garnet, the cranky


@Garnet SAME! That’s why mine is in a private area in my basement. I thought I was the only one! :orange_heart:


@jan_TheGreenWitch i agree wholeheartedly with u. Having and finding a plave is hard. I have a table in a corner. And thats ALL mine


Maybe you can make a compact altar or one that can be put away like in a suitcase or truck under bed so when you need it you can open it and when you are not using it it can be put away. As me i am the opposite and all my witch things will need a home of their own if i keep collecting lol :laughing:


Oh to me that’s a no no. I can’t stand people touching my witchy things and need to be cleansed. The thing is to know who and what they have touched is hard so i have to sage my space regularly


Since I couldn’t sleep last night, I spent time just looking around my room and visualizing what each area would look like if an altar was there. And I found a place that seemed to tell me it was perfect for me. I will be on top of one of the bookcases in my room, after I find a new home for my genealogy that is on top. Perfect. It is right by the window facing north and now I"m excited to get it ready for use.

Thanks to all of you for the great ideas and thoughts. Blessed be.


Sounds perfect! I’m sorry you couldn’t sleep but hey, you solved a puzzle for yourself. That’s great!


I completely empathize with trying to weave the practice into limited/shared space- it’s a challenge that involves adaption and creativity, but it can be done! :blush: You’ve got some awesome ideas and suggestions from the coven, so just adding in that I’m sharing my support and cheering for you and you make the space work for you and your altar! :sparkles:

Congrats, Kathryn- I’m so excited you found a great spot! I am sure your altar is going to be wonderful, may it serve you well :heart:

(And I hope you don’t mind that I rehomed your new post into this discussion- the update is a very happy conclusion to your situation that those following this thread will likely be happy to see!)

Wishing you and your altar all the best- blessed be! :sparkles:


Exactly that! Travel altars are a great alterative to having a more permanent altar set up, especially when you don’t have space.

How exciting! :partying_face: :tada: I’m glad you were able to find a good space for your altar :heart:


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