Where's all my empaths at?

Thanks so much @barbara13 :heart: I can do that!


@barbara13 What works for me is something very similar, and I am not able to use the physical manifestations purely in the way that @Amaris_Bane described, although I know those who do have success with them. I can use physical items to enhance my intent but the intent and magical energy leads.

Observe only and keep from absorbing only works with my tuning into auras around me. Protect (I have a private mantra for this), shield (I wear something gold and something white and have a lead piece of jewelry or something on me and envision it around my body), invoke my intent towards the person’s auras as they manifest in their chakras and ground myself (whether it be like @Amaris_Bane said, or thinking about a grounding event).

I have to practice this a lot to get it right, it’s hard for me to shield, but I do it to the best of my ability and know it’s a place I need to focus.

@marsha I need golden light, gotta think more on that!!! I think because I don’t shield well enough maybe that’s why I got sick, idk. @barbara13 as far as the ultra violet shield, I didn’t think about it until Marsha mentioned it, but could you explain more? I thought that it was like conjuring a colorful violet like crown chakra? See picture (it’s from my personal iPhoto library I’ve had a while although I’m sure I got it somewhere since I didn’t create it.).


@Amaris_Bane the moving protection bubble - that is one I need to practice YES!